I got all these drift cars, not very good at drifting. So i started filming a video a few weeks ago and i was just kind of getting my new ta02, the 300 zx there. In the background getting that together, that has a little brushless hobby wing system in it and boy howdy. That thing is fast, so i broke some of one of my wheels smashing it into something. So i thought, okay, i know i don’t know how to drift. I don’t claim to know how to drift or really drive properly for that matter. If you saw me race, the buggy races at usde that thing’s pretty uncontrollable but i’m, not that good um so that rig i’m waiting on more of those tires and wheels. Those are firebrand kind of pricey as far as drift wheels go, but i just ran across them at the hobby shop. They look so good on there and i broke one. So i went ahead and ordered another set. I tried some different wheels on it. It just doesn’t do that body right. They need that deep lip that it has. So that led me to looking at other options. I have my tao i’m kind of tt02. The super here with mst drift wheels. Pretty basic it’s got the uh sport tuned motor lipo. Just a regular hobby wing quick, run brush system, and that was a little bit better, not, but i was getting a hang of it with the uh, the tt02 and um.

It got me to thinking. I had this really nice vintage, tamiya ta03f and i haven’t driven it yet i bought it used on ebay, it had a bunch of pink and blue stuff on it and i was like yeah tamiya and i hadn’t done anything with it. I took the motor out of it and never had any electronics. I replaced it had a broken c hub in the front and replaced all that in some of the uh scale shop, hangout videos i was like – i really really need to get out and drive that so that’s. What we’re going to do today, um i’ve, stolen the i think this hpi camaro body might be proline. I don’t know it’s. One of those trans am series race that we uh number three, but i have that on that low c triple x s, chassis, that’s, laying in the back there i set it up for drift. Still haven’t got to do my drift race, but it’s got a castle. Brushless system in it, so that would be easy to set that up for drift, but yeah that’s going to be fast too, and i need to learn how to drive. So what we’re looking at here is a late 90s tamiya, tio3f, f, being front engine um four wheel drive belt platform. I never had one of these about the time i got to driving real cars back when i was a kid these were out, and i just you know that there’s no money left for rc cars when you turn 16 and start driving and i was lucky, but I got a truck when i was 15 and got the practice driving and do driver’s ed at home and all that so rc cars kind of went by the wayside for a bit but picked this thing up.

I don’t remember what i paid that’s, probably for the best um got frp chassis plates other than that the gear boxes and stuff look stock, we’ve got adjustable upper control, arms we’ve got adjustable aftermarket uh, steering links, we’ve got glue hubs in the front, a lot of Slop and the steering just perfect and uh pretty springs. I’Ve never had one of these. I don’t know much about them. Um. It looks like a good platform having the weight of the motor out front kind of seems like it might be good for drifting had to disassemble some of it, because i run my lipo batteries. My helios 3 cell wouldn’t fit underneath this little doodad and the belt wasn’t touching it until, of course, i start filming. I tried to strap it in with some uh these helios bauhaus straps, so i’ll have to do some adjustment on that these old cars. For me, it’s it’s got the curved bottom in there, so it’s made for a stick pack: nickel, metal, it’s, no bueno um. One thing this car does have sway, bars, front and rear seems like that might be good for drifting um these wheels. I got these wheels. I got for free, kinda bought a couple sets of drift tires and wheels on ebay and the ones i ordered, which were these aluminum, because after i broke a nice plastic one, they were supposed to be black. They came gray and i had another set of wheel and tire that were plastic, and then they sent these as well no tires, but they sent those wheels as a bonus for sending me the wrong color.

I guess they were out of those other ones in black. So they sent me some black wheels, um kind of cool. They don’t look quite the right size for this, but hey you know, they’re actually, yokomo drift tires. I need to figure out the part number on those and order some more, but um yeah threw those on here and um yeah just another. This is my partially malfunctioning quick, run esc and got the lipo and we’re going to run it on the spectrum dx3s. My old trusty, faithful radio, back when spectrum radios were really nice and uh, see how this platform feels. So i wanted to run a bash body, so drift cars for me got to be very nuggety. I love it when they’re zip tied, i had a little. It was a three racing mini conversion for a tt01, and i had some videos on the channel back when i first started of that and i sold it because i didn’t have any money back then, and i needed to do different stuff on the channel. So i sold that car, but i mean it was held together. The the body was zip tied together, the bumper was crooked, the stuff was hanging off of it, it was, it was very nuggety and for me that’s always what drift cars are about. That’S, why? My? My 300z back there, i love it so much because it’s been used. I don’t know for what it had.

Some kind of numbers like it was used in a amusement park, rc little thing where you’d go and race and all the cars are the same and yeah the body is pretty beat up and uh yeah. I already broke one of the headlights, so we have one headlight stuck down just little stuff like that like to keep it authentic and you don’t feel bad when you smash it. So for this i was going to run my alpha romeo gti, whatever v6 btm body. This was the body. This was the very first hobby grade, rc car i ever had, and you can tell me and my dad went crazy with the paint which was not lexan paint, it’s chipping off in a lot of places, but i’ve had that body. Since oh 94, 95, somewhere in there and um yeah found it in storage, got a lot of goofy stickers. Fear of this and hot racing paired paragone racing, i don’t know a novak rooster. I used to have novak electronics. I thought they were these knees, but i don’t have any body mounts that will fit this chassis because again i never had a ta03. All i had was a ta02, so there’s no real way to mount that on the front. I don’t know what kind of body mounts, because this this has got such a massive front gear box, so that led me back to my camaro body and the front the well the mounts that were on the front of this chassis i bolted on the back of The rear instead of the front – and it lined up with some holes that were already in that camaro body, because it has several sets of body holes.

But it sets so low, which the body sets perfectly even with the bottom of the chassis, which is how i like it made a little metal plate, which you saw there in the beginning, just fabbed up one screw there. I had to take my nice ta03f neoprene bumper off, because it wouldn’t clear the camaro body, but we don’t need bumpers and uh yeah i’ve used some industrial velcro. This stuff is really really good. It’S just the same there’s, not two different sides like regular velcro and it clicks in pretty much and it’s pretty stout stuff. So i don’t have to worry about the body coming off with that, but i’ve already bound the esc or the radio. I had an issue with the esc. I was missing one of the little pins, so i moved the pin over on a bind plug so they’re next to each other and plugged it in there, so it’s set for lipo and um no idea what servo’s in this. Actually i’ll tell you it’s a futaba fps one, four, eight, so yeah one of those um the body fits pretty well, we got a lot of room for activities under the fender wells. The rear line up pretty well on the window, the front i have to stretch it over a little bit, get it over that front. Bumper thing make sure eyeball it with my fingers, make sure it’s centered and you push right here in the middle of the hood and it’s locked in so i’m excited about this.

I got to put pins on the back still, but because this chassis feels fantastic, the setup on it, the way the the shocks and stuff are the weight distribution motor in the front battery in the middle sway bars. This thing just feels good. I think we’re gon na get some pretty realistic, lean body lean out of it, so i’ve run out of daylight today, so after work tomorrow, which we just in here in a minute for you, we’ll get it out and uh rip it around the concrete and see What breaks see if it even works? I’Ve just tested it here on the bench it does work, so fingers crossed let’s, not break anything expensive, Music right. Yes, so Music, hey, hey all right guys! Well, that was fun. I still don’t feel any more confident in my drifting skills, but at least this chassis works um it did get pretty hot. Yes, he got a little warm. The battery got a little warm. The motor got really warm still very, very warm, so i don’t know what’s up about that, may just be a little too much juice that 3s for the stock can motor. I don’t know, but overall you can see the tire wear still mainly inside the camber on this is pretty even all around, but it’s still a bit much for drifting. I think we’re not getting good contact having issues with it, um trying to drift, and it sometimes the front would bite.

Sometimes it wouldn’t and i think a lot of that has to do with these aftermarket uh upper control, arms or turn buckles that are on here. Look how much slop is in this front. I mean that’s just a lot. You can see how much it’s sliding on the sway bar link and we’re getting slop in the steering mechanism and stuff so may have to look at some other options. For that i don’t know what brand or anything these are they have all the slop is coming from. The ball end it’s just tons of steering play too, but i don’t know it look cool out there with camaro. That body is pretty hammered already, so i don’t know what we’ll mount on this. It may do some more upgrades to it and um yeah get it some get it its own body um the aluminum drift wheels that concrete’s not perfectly smooth it’s, not like a garage floor, so you could hear it in the video it had a very metal sound, But i’m pretty happy with the car itself. I mean i bought this broken on ebay. I don’t remember what i paid for it, but just replaced the front one missing the front hub, so we swapped them out for some aluminum and threw some drip tires on it and sent it put a motor in it. So not bad frp, chassis and stuff. It looks good so we’ll see what comes with this. I appreciate you guys watching no drifting’s, not the main channel content, but try to encompass all the things i’m interested in and uh yeah.

These drift cars are pretty cool.