It is installed on a 2016 Nissan Rogue that does not have the option for a factory. We won’t start so stay tuned on the video, and we got a good book going with this, alright guys. So today I figured I make this video because it’s gon na be one of the coldest days in the history of Chicago. We are looking at about negative 26 degree weather outside with a windchill of negative 50 to 56. Today, two years ago, my wife ended up purchasing a 2016 Nissan Rogue she’s loved that car, but it did not have an option for a factory remote start. So on my way to work today, I am taking her car. I just remote started it with this. I wasn’t able to show you that I use the app and it’s gon na be parked outside at work. So yes, they’re having a little work today. So after that, you guys will be seeing I’ll. Give you some of the features and how this works and I’ll be showing you how to edit the remote start actually used every more start, alright guys. So now the car is currently in the garage and it’s about, I think, it’s about 37 degrees in the garage. According to the readout, if you can see that 37 degrees in the garage, the other feature I have with this vehicle is with the Ikey itself. I could actually start the car now. This one shows a remote start.

Actually let me take off this panel here. This is actually covering all I’ll show you the actual Ikey, all right, there’s, the actual key right there. So, if you notice, I got the lockunlock trunk and panic button, those are the three four buttons that I have no actual remote start. There was a remote start on the factory key. Would have it up here another button with a little counterclockwise arrow now to start this car with this remote start, I could do it from the remote which again it’s limited to this range, so this can be installed on any other. Nissan remotes push the lock button. One two three and the car starts that’s. One way to start it the other way to start it shut it off, shut off the same way now. The other way to start it with B would be with my phone of course, again I’m close to it and we’re gon na try it here, because I am in the garage but the app on the phone. Is this it’s gon na be the small remote start. Smart start open that up and which is gon na snow. You got, of course you could see the lockunlock buttons there. I got full signals full signal on my phone I’m on I’m in the white fight for the house and we’re gon na just go ahead and slide that up. Not that says, smart start in progress and there you have it just by using your even my phone and I could be done virtually from anywhere anywhere according to Viper so kind of salty here so we’re gon na go ahead.

Go out in this cold weather. Go to work and then we’re gon na try it out, and hopefully the car starts at work and I must start started from work inside the building. When I leave work later today, so let’s get going and go outside for this cold as weather. I was left the garage according to this it’s 23 degrees outside we’re gon na see how quickly this drops it’s 616 in the morning. So we’ll see how quickly this drop for this temperature are we’re at less than two minutes of driving and I’m down to two degrees already, alright, so another. What four minutes? Two minutes: 620 total of four minutes of driving negative eleven and the temperature reads. So I can feel the car I have been kind of rough again, they’re, making us come into work or saying you know. A lot of places are closed. My job I’m, not gon na mention it and making us come into work. I think it’s BS, a lot of things could happen. The car does feel like it’s kind of like shaky a little bit it’s a it’s, a car, it’s that’s, seventy four thousand miles but that’s all Highway, and you know she’s she’s constantly on highway with this thing. So 620 negative twelve and it just keeps dropping and dropping and dropping again this does not include the windchill which the real feel is almost probably out there about negative thirty or so so gas there’s almost falls and a stop, but I said never mind so I’m.

Probably gon na go ahead and just have see if they’ll pull the car into the shop period so I’m, not gon na. Let my car sit outside at this point. It should be okay with, though you know, three quarters full gas tank. There made it to work pulled inside I’m, not leaving my car outside today, uh huh, 654 and we’re at negative 19 is were actually stopped about a minute ago before I pulled in we’re actually the last week. The last redoubt today that’s how cold it is. I’M. Not gon na leave the car outside. It is too cold for this car to be sitting out there and not having a start later. When I leave work so again, I will show you guys the rest of the video on the remote start and starting it from me. I was gon na show it to you while I was outside and starting annecy hours, but way too cold for that today. So I will remote started later on and I might do a another video on from when I’m far away from the vehicle you and just like, I said before – started it about back in the office and the car is now running Music. There you go getting warmed up for me, even though it’s in the shop the whole day getting ready to go love this remote, so I’m in a Walmart doing some shopping after I got out of work. Blending behind the screen will start this car put inside the Walmart we’re, almost all the way in the back of it, so let’s take it out all right.

So we started our we’re gon na go pay for these product and walk outside and see if it worked again we’re inside of the store, so probably a good 100 200 yards away from the car, so let’s see if the car started so walk up to the Car right now to see it exhaust is going, it is running open. The bridge tell the car is going man, it’s, no joke out there. That’S negative living agrees that winters got to feel like negative 30 or so, Oh anyways. So you guys noticed. I started the car inside of the Walmart with the app so that’s this video on showing you the remote start. Something I’ve actually wanted to make a video for awhile, but I hope you guys, like the video hope it is helpful. If you have any questions, go ahead and put them down there, and I will on the comments – and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities, if not I’ll, try to find the answer for you guys. So I hope you guys, like this video again don’t forget to smash that, like button on there subscribe, also share it with with your friends and everybody, especially if you guys need sounds like I said, I’ve done it on. This is the second niece and I’m. Not it on and it works great guys take care.