You know this is the best skill representation of a trophy truck made in mass production by traxxas by anyone, the chassis, the layout, the suspension. Everything is right on point um and you’re gon na see all that in this video, because i’ve got the vidivon upper shock mounts to put on this and take it for a drive. So these right here this right here, i’m gon na pull the body off and you’ll, see why i’m telling you what i’m telling you right now take a look check. These things out right here there mark left and right there’s, your vidavon very nice setup. Now i haven’t broken the stock ones, but i know for sure i’m not going to break these. So now we get to take that body off and i’ll show you guys a little bit what i just talked about i’m gon na get into them things right there. This is why i say it’s so scale now this is the original demo model chassis. I have not been nice to this thing. You can see. It’S got some bends in it and i have a brand new udr chassis in the closet. I just have not had a chance to swap everything over, but i think it’s about time, maybe clean this thing up and have a really nice show truck. What do you guys think um, but the chassis and everything that’s? What makes this thing so legit? So, as far as esc goes, it’s got a max 6 got a tp 2200 kv motor in it.

You can see all the vid avon all over the place. Front, sway bar front arms front, steering uh the bell crank, uh, the links, the sway bars everything it’s. Just pretty much all videvon and it runs great – the b block wheels uh now the tires are pro line, but anyway we’re gon na go ahead and get one of these put onto right here. The way this goes on is pretty simple: got ta. Take this chassis bolt out right here, you can kind of pull the pull the chassis apart, bolt right up top and at the bottom take the shocks loose and the whole piece will actually come right out and swap in the new one here’s the stock piece right Here and as you can see, i have actually flexed this out. This thing has been beat on really hard, wow yeah anyways. This one goes in now. This shock right here at the front, is a techno shock with a piece that i kind of made to squeeze in there. So that’s, not exactly factor. You can see the plastic right there that i made to make that shock work. So this one is a little bit on the tight side, but kind of mowing doing there you know, looks like i’m gon na be this shot. Here is the original the original long shock, and oh look at that perfect. I just got to work on this in a little bit, because that is not a factory piece.

I had to pull the whole piece off to get the technic shock on, but the techno shock is obviously not the original um and i’m having a little bit of a clearance issue right there as much as i hate to do this i’m going to clearance the Mount because you can’t really cut into the shock cap very much, and i really like the techno shocks that are on here so i’m, going to do a little bit of clearancing on the mount and i’ll go ahead and do the other side since obviously i’m running The same shocks on both sides and can’t find the factory shocks so, oh well, i get them clearanced just a few minutes later with a file and a dremel, and i have the clearance that i need well guys. It is in place. Everything has clearance everything moves like it’s supposed to beautiful. It only took just a few minutes and everything fits good, so i’m gon na go ahead and prep the other side get that one done, and then this thing lots of torque on that motor. This thing should be ready to go. Both sides are on. It is ready to go you’re gon na see it with the body on the dirt in three two, so here we are, i probably should have put some weight on the back end of it. Put a little bit on the light side of that back end phenomenal truck. I believe the last time i had this out here.

I actually had it two wheel drive. I had the sand tires on it and uh. I got ta say this thing did really good. Yeah, that back in is definitely a little bit on the light side i’m having to throttle it pretty darn heavy in the air to try to keep that front end up Applause i’m, not gon na do that Applause. That was awesome. Oh, i had a good one going that time. Try the other direction. Oh, not that way, Applause that made me dizzy all right, Music, uh, so yeah been a long time. Since i drove this the pieces they went in perfectly, it was my techno shocks that didn’t really agree with them, but we made things work so other than that uh. They went in perfectly they’re, actually really easy to install taking the body off actually takes about longer than putting those in so long as you’ve got the stock shocks or some other shocks that actually fit better, but regardless nice little product. I like that. I really should have added more weight to the back. I really should have put the spare tires on there, because that vacuum was a little bit springy but still bottomed out pretty well. When i jumped it yeah so, but anyway drive went good um out there. We haven’t had rain in a while so it’s, nice and powdery, nice and powdery, so guys in that description, we’ll put a link to all kinds of videos: there’s a bunch on here, it’s all down below, so make sure you check that out.

Put the pro line tires on there as well uh, the max 5 max 6 esc and then we’ve just got a gt5 radio, see if i can find one of those as well so anyway, guys check that description. Use those links make sure you’re subscribed and thank you all for watching guys if you like what you see hit that like button hit, that subscribe button and ring that bell. So in the description, there’s a link to become a channel. Remember if you want to become a channel member it’s, a very simple two dollars: five dollars, ten dollars or if you really got some money. Twenty five dollars a month it’s a simple way to support the channel so get that and i am doing monthly giveaways for members only so you might want to consider it so guys here’s those links make sure you’re subscribed.