That’S not working or some of the buttons or just hesitant when you press a number two, it takes like a second or two, and then it finally works. Anyways watch very closely, and at least 50 of you guys are gon na be up by the end of this video. So first thing is this: go ahead and take out the battery we’re gon na go ahead and pop the battery out here. Okay, now with the battery out now, the first thing that you may want to do is go ahead and unplug your TV wait one minute and then plug it back in okay, now come to your remote here and first thing: I want you to do with the Batteries out is press and hold the power button press and hold for like 30 seconds after 30. Seconds is up. I want you to let go and now what I want you to do is I want you to press every single button here in and out in and out every single button on here. Okay, because a lot of times, what’s going to happen, is if one of your buttons is stuck or it’s, jammed it’s gon na cause, like other issues with the remote, so go ahead and press everywhere on here just keep going press buttons like numerous times. Every single button: okay: how do you want to do this for like a good like one minute, every single button and now all over now go ahead and turn it over go ahead and put your batteries back in and then don’t put the lid on the back Plate on yet go ahead and see if your remote control is working properly, if not go ahead and take the batteries back out now, and I want you to do the same thing: okay and also remember plug your tea unplug, your TV for one minute, wait one Minute then plug it back in and then go back to your remote press and hold the power button for thirty seconds after thirty seconds is up start pressing.

Every single button on here like crazy, go back up to the power button. All the way down dirt grime hand, lotion can get stuck between the crevices of the buttons as well so push every single button. Again, you may want to even give it a little couple whacks and then go ahead and insert your batteries, of course, obviously make sure that your TV is plugged back in and you should be up and running if you’re not go ahead and try this like three Or four more times and like I said at least 50 of you guys, will have your bisio remote TV back up or running if it work for you guys.