This is chasing cars. This is the volkswagen amarok w580 and in today’s video i’m, going to show you why this walk and shore tuned amarok is the best volkswagen ute that’s ever been available on the australian market. Music. The amarok w580 builds on the foundations of the well known amarok v6, which has really embedded itself in the australian youth segment over the last few years under the bonnet there’s, a three liter turbocharged v6 diesel engine which goes really hard, and while there are never really Any major issues with the amarok’s chassis ride or handling there’s, always room for improvement and over the last few years, we’ve certainly checked out our fair share of flagship, ute special editions, but most of them cars like the ranger raptor, the navara warrior the hilux rugged x. They’Re all off roading specials, the amarok w580 it’s on road focused. That means things like much wider beefier, larger grippier, pirelli scorpion tyres. It means things like body extensions to give it even more stance: a retuned exhaust and performance dampers all introduced by walkenshaw and in today’s video we’re, going to take the w580s as i’ve got here out onto the road to see whether this is the best driving ute. On the blacktop that you can get in australia, but naturally all these improvements come at a cost and the w580s is 80 grand in australia before on road costs, certainly not cheap i’m going to explain exactly what you get for your money and what the outcome is.

Like from behind the wheel in today’s, video we’ll jump inside check out the comfort and the practicality of the amarok w580s we’ll talk about the running costs of this car and then we’ll head out onto the road to see what this walk and shore tuned amarok is. Like to drive just before we talk about the amarok’s cabin let’s speak about where the w580 and w580s fit into the picture, because they’re both high end amarrox. The standard w580 is 71 990. The w580s is 79 990, both before on road costs. So, no doubt about it, this s is a pretty pricey. U, that being said, it still falls under the expense of something like a ford, ranger raptor and, as i mentioned up front, the purpose of this vehicle is quite different. It’S about superior on road handling. I guess, if you are cynical, you could say it’s one for the concrete cowboys, so should be pretty good for me right. But here in the s, life is pretty good and pretty comfortable and that’s, because this specification is effectively based on the nicest amarok that you can buy the aventura. That means that you’re getting things like these 14 way adjustable leather seats with heating, which seriously are comfortable and are rated by the german institute for healthier backs. So you know that means it’s, a seat that you’re going to be able to drive in for hours at a time and i’ve done that several times over the years in amarok v6s with these chairs, and they seriously work well in the w580s they’re trimmed in dark Gray and light gray in a two tone, and you get the walk and shore group logo embossed into the headrest.

Just to remind you, this is a special amarok and you also get that reminder down here with an individually numbered plaque underneath the leather gear. Shifter also are nice to have it doesn’t scream at you, though, it’s still a classy, elegant cabin, which is something that the amarok really scores points for, certainly she’s, an old girl. Now this is a 10 year old design, but because volkswagen have gradually refreshed the amarok as time has gone on it probably doesn’t feel quite its age in the cabin. The design in here is certainly industrial it’s, nothing fancy, but it is attractive to the eye. The plastics are all hard and durable as you’d expect in a ute, but the grain in them is nice, they’re, matte, they’re, not shiny and items like this leather steering wheel, that’s taken from a volkswagen passenger car, is small and feels car like and has paddle shifters In this specification for the 8 speed, auto the basics, in other words, are done right in the volkswagen amarok. Now we’ve got a small 6.5 inch touchscreen here it does have wide apple, carplay and android, auto navigation in the w580s no dab across the range, however, but that screen still works well, software’s, intuitive, no major complaints and then ahead of me. We’Ve got analog gauges, a color screen, digital speedo, nav and media information in that little screen there, but it all just works is what i’m trying to get across there’s, also a good, solid driving position, heaps of adjustment in the seat.

Four way, lumbar we’ve got storage between the seats, but not huge amounts of it. A tray ahead of the shifter. Nothing modern like wireless charging, though, but we do have grab handles about the cabin we’ve, got decent sized cup holders and actually an old volkswagen staple of flockline door bins. So while it is getting on in years, it still feels fundamentally pleasant here in the amarok. In contrast to upfront where it’s, roomy and comfortable the back seat of the volkswagen amarok has never been this youth’s strong suit and it still isn’t, because while this is a flagship package for the amarok, the underlying vehicle is still exactly the same. And that means a small back seat with small rear doors. Don’T get me wrong, it’s, fine for short trips and the comfort factor back here, isn’t too bad. The back rest is not as upright as it is in some utes, and you know i fit at six foot headroom’s no issue, but, as you can see, my knees are jammed right up against my own driving position. That being said, it’s a wide car. So if you need it at a pinch, you’ll get a third adult into the center seat without too much of a problem. Now i say adult because the amarok still doesn’t have rear side airbags, so this isn’t a car i’d, be buying. If i was going to be putting my kids in the back all the time, but given it’s, not a spacious back seat and utes, really don’t make great family cars to start with.

If i was just going to be filling the front seat or two seats on a regular basis, it’d be totally fine. This is actually storage for a gym bag or that sort of thing and the occasional passenger. I don’t think it’s really meant to be used. All the time moving around here to the back of the volkswagen amarok, the fundamental shape hasn’t changed over the last decade, but this is still a pretty good looking vehicle, particularly with the wider stance from the wheel arch extensions that you get on the w580 and w580s Models now i should point out on this car that i’ve got for the video today. There are a few extra accessories, including this tub cover the roof mount and also the tow bar you’ll have to pay extra for those, but everything else you see here is included on the w580s, including really cool touches like the side exit exhaust there’s another one on The other side for the tuning exhaust that walk and shore are responsible for now. Of course, we can’t see under the skin the special dampers that the w580 gets, but we’ll certainly put them to the test in just a couple of minutes time. What we can see here, though, is the adjusted wheel and tire package. Much bigger and broader alloys meant that the tire selection for the w580 was superior, so the wheels themselves are 20 inches by nine inches. So quite beefy and they’re wrapped in pirelli scorpion all terrain tyres measuring 275 mil wide so particularly wide for a vehicle of this sort.

It should give better grip, especially in conditions like today, where it’s really quite changeable we’ll, be checking that out shortly. Just before we take the new amarok w580s for a drive, let’s talk about what it costs to run an amarok first up insurance over the last 12 months, the median budget direct customer paid 1 250 to comprehensively insure a new vw amarok. Of course, your premium will depend on where you live, how you guard the car who drives the car, your driving history, etc. The warranty on this vehicle is five years with unlimited kilometres now servicing is published with cap prices on the volkswagen website and over three years, it’s going to cost you about 2100 to service this car and over five years, it’s going to cost about 3 600. So, while it’s not the cheapest it’s, not the most expensive and given the v6 governs under the bonnet, i guess it’s kind of understandable. Now, in terms of fuel consumption, it really depends on how you drive this vehicle, but actually the v6 turbo diesel used in the amarok can be remarkably economical when you’re grand touring, which is something this car really likes to do. In fact, we’ve managed to see figures in the mid eights now in town you’re, going to see more like 12 liters per 100ks and just on really straight flat highway. You can probably do even better than that eight figure, so the amarok w580 is all about on road prowess.

So let’s see whether or not it lives up to the mission. Now we are out here in regional, new south wales, i’m a very changeable autumn day. So it’s now just started uh lightly, raining but i’m, not too concerned, because the amarok’s chassis has always been good right from the time it was introduced as a four cylinder to when the v6 was fed into the range in late 2016 and now, with the additions On the walking shore versions, in particular the grippier tires, we should be absolutely fine and that in itself is actually something to write home about, because, if we’re honest, most utes are actually a little scary to drive in the rain, most of them don’t feel that controlled. They don’t have particularly suitable tyres for wet australian roads and, most of them run in two wheel. Drive rear wheel, drive uh on tarmac there’s. Only a few utes that run with permanent oil drive. The amarok is one of them. The triton can do it. If you have the super select system on that vehicle and on a day like today, where the roads are really greasy because it’s been dry for a long time and now the rain is bringing out the oil in the road surface. Something like permanent oil drive really makes a difference, and especially when you’re dealing with the kind of outputs that you get on a v6 amarok. Now the v6 motor in this vehicle comes in a variety of tunes, and this one has the most power: 190 kilowatts and 580 newton meters of torque from the three liter single turbo v6 diesel under the bonnet here and it’s, not just the war control version that Gets those outputs you can get them on a non walking shore, but i think it makes total sense, but that for the walking shore version of the? U, you would use the the toughest of the lot and when this version of the v6 launched volkswagen mckeans.

Also point out that you do get 200 kilowatts of power on overboost. All that really matters is that it feels quick and very refined. In fact, probably the bigger deal about this engine is just how lush creamy buttery, smooth and refined. It is compared to the extremely agricultural engines that you typically get in this segment, even though the amarok and even the amarok v6 are far from new. This engine still totally puts paid to ideas of rivals encroaching on the volkswagen’s performance in the powertrain department. This still is the benchmark for this class, all these years on, hopefully you’re able to hear, but the engine itself is hushed and then, when you wake it up, it just has a pleasant sound to it. It’S not really diesely, because with a higher cylinder count than most it just takes the edge off that agricultural sound. It always has power in reserve having driven one of these things on the autobahn. They’Ll do about 210 flat out, but obviously that’s not particularly relevant for australia. What is relevant is that it’s effortless that’s a cliche i know, but compared to something like a 2.8 liter hilux or any of the ranges really. The amarok just feels endowed with strength in the engine department. The eight speed torque converter, auto, is a great partner for the engine, and the oil drive system is just seamless now the amarok is actually pretty capable off road without low range and when the amarok v6 was launched, that was the setting of that car’s initial drive.

But in the w580 it’s very much about on road dynamics, now that sort of clashes with the fact the amarok has a front end, lift the rear, end stays at the same height, but the car does have performance dampers, which is designed to soak up impacts on Australian b roads even better and they really work. I saw a bump before pretty much aimed straight at it, because i thought it was going to be effectively a full compression, but that just never came there’s just so much travel in this suspension and yet body control is really really impressive, controlled and compliant are the Two words i’d use to describe how the amarok, and particularly the w580, get down the road, but i don’t think it’s a night and day difference with the walking shore version. I think it’s, probably 10, better 10 to 20, but really any of the standard. Amarok v6s are just terrific to drive and really well balanced, main area where i did notice a difference, particularly in today’s conditions is in the tyres and naturally that’s a change you could make to any amarok, but in particular the alloy wheels used here are wider themselves And they allow fitment of a wider tyre. In this case, the 275 mil wide pirelli scorpion all terrain and they make a really really big difference. You can turn in harder and faster. The car stays with you and just a little bit of wiggle that you get from the grip of a regular amarok v6 isn’t there.

You can commit much harder than in a standard amarok v6 here in the walking shore. So it rides. You know a touch better. It corners much better and it goes just as hard engine wise, so really it’s a nice package. No doubt 80 grand is expensive, but if you’re really honest with yourself – and you know that the main thing you want to do with a flagship – u is drive it on the road. Then the amarok v6 walking shore versions make much more sense than buying something like a ford ranger raptor, which, at its heart, is about baja driving and extreme off roading and its tyres are not cut out, for this kind of work. Same goes for the hulk’s rugged x, the nevara warrior. You know those sorts of vehicles which are very much targeted at the off roading market. Now i do think volkswagen will have a stab and an off roading special ammo later, but for now it’s all about the on road version. And so all of these modifications team well with the amarok steering single mode, steering one good mode, nice and meaty in weight. But the steering wheel is small, and so it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to turn the car it’s really predictable in the corners you can see over the brow of the bonnet really nicely plotting, a line is good and the ride of the vehicle is Excellent uh for a unit on leaf springs.

The tray is a lot more settled unladen in the amarok than in most rivals i’m. Not going to tell you. It feels like an suv. It doesn’t. If you tune your sensors in you’re, not going to miss the slight sort of scuttly shake from the rear end, but it’s suppressed well on the volkswagen and eventually you just relax into this car comfortable seats. Decent stereo, good visibility, pleasant fixtures in the cabin and a really good ride so there’s little to complain about apart from the obvious, dating elements of the car, the technology is a little outdated. The rear, airbag situation is far from ideal there’s, no aeb, no adaptive crews. No lane keep assist no blind spot monitoring, no 360 degree camera. So there are utes out there now there’s the new d max in bc50 there’s the ranger which have more tech, but none of them can best the amarok’s blend of pleasant on road driving dynamics. So it comes down to what you’re actually going to do, or you actually want from your? U – and i think the w580s is an interesting entrance to the statement, even this late in the amarok’s life. So those are my first impressions of the volkswagen amarok w580s. Certainly an interesting proposition – and i think volkswagen have probably made the right call by aiming for an on road special edition. Now, an off road, special amarok, certainly hasn’t, been ruled out, and i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw one before the current generation.

Amarok reaches the end of its life in late 2022. At that point, the second janamarok, which will be sharing a platform with the next ford ranger, is expected to arrive here in australia. So the current car will still soldier on for another 18 months or so, but soldier on feels a bit unfair, doesn’t it because for most of this car, the amarok still feels remarkably up to date, despite being one of the oldest vehicles in this segment. The fundamentals of this car are pretty much right and the walking shore stuff just adds an extra 10 or 20 percent of capability to an already very, very good vehicle, now i’m keen to know your thoughts.