This is this is going to be my review of the double he hobby uh excavator. There was a lot of hype on this excavator recently on the rc forums, rc, facebook groups etc. So i’m, going to do a honest review of it. As you might know, there is two versions of this excavator, the electric version, which is the one i have and the one. I will review, of course, and there is another one which works with hydraulic pump and with an hydraulic system. This is a replica of a actual excavator, because double he hobby got the license. Uh the volvo license so it’s going to be a replica of the ec 160e model, which is a 16 tons model it’s a rather compact, rather small weight, excavator. What i would say right from the box it’s looking fantastic it’s, really looking fantastic. The details are great. The paint is killing you get. I got a few different opening doors for the drivers for the machine compartments uh i mean yeah it’s, it’s uh, i mean it’s. The first thing you will notice when you purchase this one is the the look of it is absolutely killing, it’s all metal and it’s uh a scale of 1 14, which is great because, like all my models, for example, they they are running at 114 scale, Music. So i’m, going to first review the specs like quickly uh, you can read all the specs on the on the double eob website, but what’s important for us uh is the weight first of all the weight because it’s all metal, like i said, uh it’s a weight About 10 kilograms, a little bit more than 10 kilograms, uh i’ve, measured different sizes and comparing to the real spec sheet for the real machine and it’s, pretty accurate about five percent, accurate, so uh, so it’s great it’s, uh, it’s great.

That it’s very uh nicely made and it’s a really scale scale model. This excavator comes ready to run uh with a radio control and um and a battery it’s a lion uh battery it’s, a three thousand milliampere battery uh with t plug uh and when i was running uh this machine stock with the stock, ready control and the stock Battery i was able to dig for about 45 50 50 to 54 minutes. Like continuously Music. I need to uh tell you: why did i purchase this uh? This excavator? I was looking for uh cheapest as possible 14 scale, excavator, unfortunately, on the market. Today, most excavators are more on the 1 to 16 to 1 to 18 scale and i’m, not interested in this scale. All my other models are 114s and i wanted to uh to keep it on the same scale for for every model. When i heard that this one was would be released, i was very very excited uh, like i said i decided to purchase this one compared to the hydraulic version because of the price. This one is a lot cheaper. You can actually buy it. I bought it from aliexpress for less than 500 bucks, which is pretty cool Music. I will start with the cons of this model, so, first of all, like i said, it’s the electronic on my machine and i’ve read other people at the same experience. There was a lot of loose wires inside, so basically it was one truck was not running and i had many interferences with the stock radio.

So, for example, when i was switching on the lights uh, the turret was moving by itself and sometimes uh. I had some uh some boom working by itself too. So what i’ve decided really quickly? Is i decided to move from the the stock uh electronic to uh open tx, because i had a afrosky taranis radio laying around and i had a receiver x8r i’ve made a video. You can check the video i’m explaining how to move from the stock electronic to uh to open tx it’s. Rather a quick and easy fix, it’s a lot better for different purpose, it’s a lot smoother to operate, it’s, uh, it’s, really great, of course, with opentx. You can also have telemetry so now i have the the onboard voltage for the for the for my lipo, my lipo battery it’s uh, it’s, uh, written on the the radio control and it’s a lot smoother. You can use like different parameters like slow up, slow down to uh kind of get rid of the play there. There is on the turret, as you can see, so i will probably do a separate video about how i’ve set up open tx with this machine. There is some some other minor uh cons. One is like the track: the track, uh or reverse uh it’s in the wrong direction. Uh i have yet to change mine to to the correct direction: uh the tracks – Music, uh it’s, not proportional, uh it’s.

Rather on and off. You cannot move slowly. You see, i don’t know if you can see it but it’s it’s on and off uh with openstacks. I was able to uh slow the the speed down uh. Quite a lot. Actually uh it’s, not it’s, not that big of a deal but like proportional uh tracks would have been great. All other functions are proportional, for example, you can move Music, you can move slowly. I mean it’s, you, you get some control on on the speed of the older these motors, but not for the tracks. Unfortunately, uh. The other thing which is kind of embarrassing, is um the the play i don’t know. If you can see the play uh with the with the with the with the turret, there is too much play, and this is not something you can fix. Uh, i think uh easily. The other thing is the the bucket angle is not uh really good. If you look carefully, this is the max angle you can have. The max is the max angle and when you are trying to load when you’re trying to load a truck for example, what will happen is that the bucket i mean the dirt will come out of the bucket rather quickly. So i think it’s an easy fix, because you just need to uh. You would need to change the these two pieces over here, maybe uh like a few millimeters longer, and then that would make it one of the big big big cons i have with this machine is the noise man, the noise Music? I don’t know if you can hear that, but the noise is very, very loud first of all and it’s very annoying it’s, a very annoying noise, so it’s something you have to take into consideration: it’s, not like a low profile, sound as a same as hydraulic.

For example, so i would say that, even if you add some kind of sound units, servo nut or whatever i mean you probably – will hear a lot of of the the noise from coming from the motors Music. Now, after the cons, let me talk about the pros, because yeah there is lots of pros in this machine. First of all, there is the price: remember, it’s, a less than 500 bucks, excavator uh, which is pretty unique on the market today. So you won’t find any uh piece of equipment like this one like an excavator for that price, which comes with all metal 114 scale, and so much digging power, like i said, big pro is the visual i mean you will have to look at it, but it’s Very very nicely made it’s a very detailed. The paint is great. Like i said you got details the opening doors, etc. It’S, really really really nice it’s a really nice model, uh you! You will have to have it in front of you to really understand what i mean, but trust me, it’s, really beautiful. One of the very good surprise i had with this model is the digging power. The electric motors are really really powerful. I mean i made tons of videos uh. You can dig hard ground, of course, soft ground. You can load trucks. I mean it’s not that fast though, but it’s to me it’s fast enough, and it has a lot of power – all metal 10 kilograms very important to have some power to dig so that’s.

Also one of the big pros of this excavator. Also, it comes with a box with a transport case which is kind of nice, because usually you have to spend like another 100 bucks to get a transport case. Uh it’s, not a a really nice transport case, but it does. The job i’ve been moving. My excavator on my uh on my car for a few occasions now and so far so good, absolutely no worries about the transport box. Even though i had some issues myself, this model comes ready to run, which means you just plug the battery. You start the radio control and you can play Music, so you’re gon na ask me but who’s the target who’s the target for this. For this excavator. I think there is two targets and they can hold on the both ends of the of the audience uh. The first target is like people like myself, who are looking for a cheap ready to run excavator, but with some real digging power, because uh it’s not a machine that i want to have like a behind the glass on a desk or something i want to have. This machine digging with my other models in the garden, so i was like really the target for this one and, on the other end of the spectrum. I think this model can be very, very nice model for like experienced builders, uh people who are trained and are used to do some modification to uh to rc models, because the basis is really nice, it’s very good.

I mean uh even myself as soon as i changed, the electronics and i moved from stock electronic to uh open tx. It was night and day in terms of control and uh and being having fun with the mother. Okay, guys thank you for watching this video uh. If you have any questions, uh use the comment section of this video. Please subscribe. That would be very nice that would be uh. That would help me make other videos uh give the thumbs up and please share.