This thing is so sweet uh. If you’ve seen recently, we did a few car videos, but if you go back to the other uh 18th scale version, we did the truck the brave um, the uh, the high speed this one. The vortex is built on the same chassis as that one, but uh. If you want the more buggy look to it, you’ve got this option and it comes in three colors. So this is the red version here and she is beat up and dirty. Um we’ve been having a lot of fun with these. These are so torquey and and fast, uh, they’re, so fun, but uh. This is the red version. We also have a green and a blue version that you can see here. They all look really good and priced awesomely for all you beginners out there again. These come ready to run so rtr for any beginners means ready to run, and that means you’re getting everything in the box to be able to go out and drive immediately so you’re getting the transmitter you’re getting the car all built up. You don’t have to do anything to it, you’re getting a battery a charger. You do get a little tool to take off your your nuts. If you want to get access inside or take the tires off, you get your manual and again that’s all going to be in the box like this, you just have to snip a couple of zip ties to get the uh.

The car will be sitting up top and then everything else is inside underneath, but moving that aside again, you can see some of the racing footage. She is fast now, if you want uh to jump this model, we didn’t jump this one per se, because again it does have a spoiler on it, and i didn’t want to break that before i did. The video but spoiler is easily removed on this model, with just some body clips same as the body. So if you did wanted to do some uh some jumping and such you can do that um until you get better. Obviously, if you’re a good jumper, it doesn’t matter to you, because you’ll be able to land on your uh tires all the time i’m, not that skilled, yet so uh that’s. Why i didn’t do it, but it’ll do exactly what the uh, what the brave could do, but we were taking it out there, because i love this model. It really hugs the road, so we took it out to a uh to a local parking lot. We were having spun and some gravel. We were having fun just on the regular pavement and that’s, where she really shines, because she’s got a lot of speed. So i could easily imagine having two three four of these you and a couple friends spending a little money and setting up some cones or something and making your own courses or if you got a local rc track uh.

You could take her around there and have a good time. So again she is a 2s powered, uh car, a buggy, so you’re going to get an 1100 milliamp 2 cell pack that comes with a jst connector and then the charger itself again plug you plug it. In via the balance tap and then plug this into either a computer or a wall jack like you charge your cell phone um as far as the manual goes again, as i say in all these other manuals i’m impressed with the uh with the manuals from xk. You get these full blown up. Um exploded views of everything all these different diagrams for all the parts so for you guys getting into it. I think this is great for beginners, say you wanted to fix your shock. You just want to replace a string a spring, not a string. A spring you’d be able to see the exploded view. So if you take it apart, replace the spring you’d know where everything goes when you have to get it back together and i think that’s a that’s, a big help for a lot of uh people, starting out with cars, because car maintenance is something you’re gon na Have to do especially if you plan on bashing these things are gon na break, but let’s uh quickly run through the spec. So, as i said, she’s 18 scale, which uh, which attributes to about 9.6 inches long 6.8 inches wide and she stands about 3.

7 inches. So she’s smaller, obviously than the 14th scale models, but um a great size to jump into cars at a great price. Of course the shocks are oil filled. She has a brush ‘0 motor inside and again, as i said, it comes with a 2s 1100 milliamp. Lipo is what you’re gon na want, and it has a 17 gram servo inside which drives the steering so now back to the model. Again, if you want access to what’s inside because it all comes pre installed, you just have to take off your two body clips. One in the front, one in the back body, pop top top part pops off and you see you do have a switch mine has fallen off. I got ta glue that back down, but uh it’s it’ll be glued there uh before you start bashing it, but you see easy access to your servo. You have your your motor here. Your antenna wires all put together nicely and then you can plug in. But i like you, can you’ll you’re able to plug in the battery and leave it on and then just turn it on and off uh, when the cover’s on by reaching your finger in there, which is fine, but again she is dirty and gross. So i have to do some cleaning and maintenance myself, but uh. I love it. We’Ve had a lot of fun with uh this model and the brave they race together, and they they look good when, when we have fun like that, but, as i said a few guys getting a few different colors of these, these are perfect for that or if You got kids and you want them to get started on cars, that’ll be perfect and the transmitter that comes with it is nice and big nice and simple, too uh all it is it powers on down here and then at the top.

You get steering, trim and it’s all click, so you can center your steering or throttle trims and you could center that um and obviously, and then just turn but that’s. Basically it and the uh transmitter itself you’re, just gon na need to provide four uh. Four: double a batteries that’s the only thing you’re going to need to uh to finish it off. If you will, the double a batteries are not provided, but everything else is here so guys, that’ll about do it for the power sport. You can see some of the dry rounds. She’S got a good speed. I didn’t have a radar gun to uh measure how fast she goes, but she could definitely scoot. She can have fun and we were having fun through some of the water. We were having fun through some dirt. We were just hitting little. You know man made jumps around that we had there and just you know, see how much she can take like you saw with the brave she could take a lot uh when you jump them and stuff they’ll uh they’ll. Last you a good long while and all the spare parts are available at the links in the description below so again, click show me more you’re, gon na get links to this to all different uh, all three different variants of colors of this model. You have a link to the entire xk collection and our entire cars and buggy section, because we have all different types of stuff coming in and we’re always getting more uh as we grow our surface line up here at motion rc.

If you have any questions or uh comments, please drop them in the description below hit the like button. If you can that always helps and uh. Thank you. So much for watching me.