The arf uh model, of course, does not come with retracts and you have to purchase them as aftermarket now vq to sell them. The the code is, vq are 29 and that’s the retracts for the p47. Now the thing is that they are frightfully expensive, like they are really really expensive. Now i was toying with the idea of trying to buy the various components, but by the time i loaded up my shopping cart, uh at the various hobby stores. I was spending about the same amount of money anyway, so i thought that i would just bite the bullet and buy uh by the you know the actual specific retracts and then share every share the measurements with everyone so that you can um buy them yourself. Okay, so this um, this is obviously the uh, the retract motor it’s, exactly the same size as another retract motor that i bought from hobbyking and uh. Here it is on hobbyking, so that’s, the retract size. You need the holes, the mounting holes are let’s, say, 33, mil right, 33, mil by let’s, say 36 mil so that’s the size of the retract. The total plate on top is 4 40 mil by 45, mil that’s the plate on top 45, mil by 40, mil that’s. What you need there’s the strut. The strut is, and it’s dead straight there’s no bend in it that there’s, the strut is 13 and a half centimeters simple, as that now the wheels that they supply.

You in the kit are a three inch wheel and look. Someone else said on the forums: they do look a bit small. You can. I i sort of swapped it out for the a three inch uh. You know one of these wheels. You can buy them on most of the hobby websites. You could. You could go to a i don’t have one in the middle. You could could go to a 3.25 size in the middle there, but i think the three and a half would be pushing it. You would have to do some major work on the actual plane. We itself to get that going in there. So all you need is the servo, a strut that is 13 and a half centimeters long and a three inch wheel and you’re done now. Here is my free wing mustang 1400 mil, and i reckon that these retracts would be pretty close. Let’S take a quick measure now without actually pulling the retract mechanism out. I think we’re, pretty close, that this would fit in you’ve got a three inch wheel check same as the three inch wheel. The strut is identical. Look at that the strut is identical in height, so that’s, fine.