This one is of the vrx spirit: rh1017 uh brushless version uh. I did not unbox it. Yet what you see there is the nitro version of the uh vrx spirit, so i’ll kind of have that in the background – and we can do a electric and nitro comparison once we get this thing opened up, so the box he came in was a pretty small, Very good condition: i’m pretty happy about this. This is one of my uh last orders uh coming in from banggood, i was able to use their 20 off coupon while they still had it um. So i got this at a great deal. I think from the 202 dollars down to like 166. I think it was so awesome deal shipping took a while but it’s here and from the looks of it in great condition, so that’s, pretty cool here’s a shot into the box, go ahead and take out the accessories. So here we have our battery charger. Um eu plug uh, i mentioned uh. These are pretty decent for value, um lipo chargers because they have a port for 2s and a 3s just for options, here’s the spoiler that goes to it as it doesn’t come attached for packaging and shipping reasons. As usual. This does come with a fly sky, gt2 transmitter, um, nothing wrong with these great solid budget transmitter. My only gripe, as i mentioned in a lot of my other videos, is that it takes eight double a batteries.

What i do is, i have a gt gt 3c, which holds multiple memory, uh up to 10 receivers. So i’ll bind that to here to save myself the double a’s and just to keep things clean. Um, yeah, let’s open this one up well very well, packed i’m. Very happy about it, no zip ties, but none needed. It was very secure with the wheels in the packaging let’s look at the manual um. What you get typical with any other vrx um it’s, showing the two or the different models that this spirit, buggy comes in the spirit ebd is brushed. Ebl is brushless. Spirit. N1. Is nitro single speed? Spear n2 is a nitro 2 speed which i have not been able to find. So what i’ve been doing is uh getting the spare two speed gearbox and installing that myself, um, which i have other videos coming up, let’s put this on display. So this buggy i’ll set this down. So this brushless buggy comes with a 3650 3300 kv, brushless motor, this purple guy right here, uh vrx is pretty nice because they do stamp their own motor logo onto it, but yeah 3300 kv so decent speed, it’s a 45 amp esc – and this comes with a 2 cell, so this comes with a uh 7.4 volt 2 cell uh 3300 milliamp lipo battery uh 25c discharge decent it’s good, because this is uh ready to run uh, with the exception of the eight double a batteries for the transmitter, so that’s, something you know ready To run um other than that, this thing looks pretty great uh.

The chassis is more narrow than i anticipated, but um doesn’t mean anything in just an observation uh. So what we can do now is set it next to its nitro cousin, and we can see how they line up. Take the body off of this, and both of these are ready to run rcs. The electric version is a little bit more ready to run in the sense that all you need are the a double a batteries, and you just charge your battery pack and you’re ready to go but um and the nitro. You actually need 12 double a’s. Eight for the transmitter, four for the receiver pack um and then, of course, you’ll need nitro fuel and a nitro starter kit, which includes the glow plug igniter. So, a little bit more that you’ll need to go with the nitro, but out of the box, i probably say that the nitro is faster with that just running on a 2s. But if you popped a 3s in there, um i’d i’d be interested to see and that’s something i will test. The problem is right. Now i don’t can’t find my speed meter, which sucks, but once i do i’ll get some speed runs going again. Here’S, a look of the wheel track width, so you can see that the nitro is a little bit wider uh. I have this wheel lined up so wheels and tires are the same uh, but you can see this track is just a little bit more, which is interesting because that was similar to what i saw on comparing the vrx nitro buggy to the hsp nitro buggy, but I’M, pretty excited about these.

I have another vrx brushless um the rattlesnake, and i have a blast with that thing. It’S it’s, awesome and it’s durable, um it’s got a metal chassis compared to the plastic, but i actually picked this up because i’ve bent metal chassis and i wanted to try out a plastic one and i do plan to run both of these at the track. So um, you know, definitely stay tuned for track, running videos of the nitro um version and the electric version of this uh vrx spirits. Let me put the body covers back on, get another look and yep there.