Locke we’re, going to look at the ex horse V VDI key tool, and this is another tool sent out by China. We all have to talk about China, and this tool here is designed to designers. Do a number of things. First, one is it’s designed to make a remote control, so you can actually generate the frequency that your car works on, so that you can program that remote then into the car. It also does one other feature as well: it’s got more than one, but it also does test frequency and it also does chip generation. So if you’ve got a particular chip you want to generate, it can do a number of chips to generate. So this video is just the D boxing video just to show you before you’ve purchased what you’re actually going to get everything’s coming out of China these days so it’s interesting just to see if you were to buy one, you know there five six hundred bucks. If you were to buy one, what are you going to get so this is what we’re getting here. Let’S have a look there’s, so many tools, it’s interesting to know exactly. Is it worth it? What you’re going to get and how good it’s gon na be for you, so I’ll just tone it down a bit there that’s much nicer! Okay! So it comes in a nice little plastic box here, size, wise you’re, probably talking about a foot or almost a foot.

So about forty by about thirty, is the type of space you’d need for this. In your van opening, the box up, you can see here. You have what’s, basically included I’ll. Take you through the checklist, okay, the vvi tool, so VVD di tool there. It is you’ve, got two little boxes here and it took me a little while to work out why they included these and you know actually how they open here’s. Here it is here when you flick this little thing. They pop up like little bonnets, so that’s actually for your cloning chips. So you could have a couple of chips in here. I believe it’s a particular type of chip that uses this machine and you order them and you can generate a foresee of a four D and some of the other ones you want to generate. It comes with its remote controls. Five of them comes with the USB charger. It is a voltage on this. One is 110 to 240, so you just need the actual travel adapter and you got a USB port, but everybody’s got a USB port, so that’s rubbish, Plus. On top of that, you need the travel adapter that’s, no good! Then you have your USB cable. As you can see it here, that’s, not a very fancy. Usb cable! You can pick them up anywhere. Then you have your one for actually programming the remote controls. As you can see it here, I might give you a close up on that just to okay, so you consider the configuration there so basically that plugs into the base of the machine here and then that then plugs into your remote control.

The same with the USB you plug that in you charge it up, it does have some batteries in here I haven’t looked at them. Have batteries, okay, rechargeable batteries, you plug it in USB and all actually charge up so it’s good. You don’t need to keep putting your batteries in it does have another plug on here as well. I believe this is for different types of cradles when you want to re regenerate different remotes. It also hasn’t a complete another package which was quite expensive to actually unlock standard remotes, so you would buy a whole either standard, secondhand, remotes, unlock them and then reintroduce them to the car. So I believe that is what that is, for I haven’t used that you got two of those cables, so obviously that is your main cable there and you really need them, so you got two of them make sure in your Enfocus here. Okay, now you have the tool itself, a few things I’ve noticed about at RF on the top. So when you want to read a reader remote, you can, on the back, you see first size it’s, just about palm size. It’S, a small little device turn it on by holding in the red button on the side has something fear I’m, not sure what disclaimer push okay. So here we go through here: transponder, clone generate transponder, a remote remote program, remote clone garage, remote, remote, renew frequency test and special function. Let’S go through and see what special function does not actually just bring this up.

So you can see what I’m doing here as well there we are there: okay, so signal detection, special unlock Toyota, smart key, special, 44 C, okay, so there’s some good functions right there. Anything underneath that no so transponder, cloned okay put the transponder in there. Okay, it should fail right now. I heard a little click, no transponder, okay, that’s, because there is none there, so that’s the actual device there. This is just an unboxing. I will actually try and program up a remote control, a Volkswagon, remote control on three different machines. To show you the difference in them, holding it down, turning it off, okay, now what else is in the box? We’Ve got our five remote controls. Looking at it here, we’ve got the tool, the five remote control to programming cables, which are these ones here, two of them USB cable. This one here to charge it and probably to download and to upgrade it as well storage box. Yes, we’ve got a box key blank, key blank storage box, so that’s what this little blank case is here, three key planks, which i think is quite handy there’s about twenty or thirty in the range generally speaking so yeah you could carry twenty or thirty little blades In there – and that would be what you would need for these remote controls – you know this other remote control. Here you can get custom stickers. These two made push the button that’s where you sprung up.

Your blade will go in here and when you push the button bang, it will flick up no roll pins included. Here I don’t see any roll pins. These are the remotes, so you pull the top part off. They do have different remotes for different cars. Generally speaking, a lot of ammo universal, so probably won’t need too many. Ok, no battery included battery included. So you will need your battery cr2032 let’s very carefully. Take that out and here’s our remote control right here. So then we would use our machine. Our cable will plug it together, program it put a battery in it and then see if it actually works from. There would need to actually program it into the car as well for the car to accept it. Okay, what about a transponder chip? So there would be some room in here, probably that hole there, and to allow you to put a transponder chip in here pretty sure that area for a carbon chip just down there because that’s what you need for a remote control. You need the remote control needs to be generated and needs to be programming into the car. Then you need to cut your Keyblade, you need to put the chip in and you need to program the chip so program, the remote program, the chip cut the key, and then you should be on your way and then they just slide together, like so pushing it Together, I don’t want to push it all together, because I want to program it in a second but that’s.

Basically, the X horse V, VDI key key remote sorry car key remote programmer, which also does frequency test also does some chip generation and is a nice little bit of kit.