What is up guys? My name is mark santamaria, welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog guys. The original plan today was to drive more of these guys Music. I wanted to do a comparison. Video driving both of them, because a lot of people were saying you didn’t, drive bullets. It was a continuation off another video, but i wanted to go to a parking lot and actually rip these things. Do some speed tests, but it won’t freaking, stop raining. Look at this Music – oh so frustrating so we’re improvising, guys we’re gon na do something else. It’S gon na be a lot of fun, so let’s head on out all right guys. We are here at walmart and today we are gon na, buy a walmart, rc car and review it um. My son ethan’s with me today, you guys are probably wondering a lot of people were asking what happened to his arm. He actually broke his arm. Sorry i had to lock the car he actually broke his arm at the last big race. We were at in alabama or yeah alabama and uh yeah that’s, actually a long story, and i don’t want to bore you with that, but he did. He broke his arm in the uh, had a big race if you’re new to the channel. My name is mark santamaria i’m, a i won’t, say: i’m, a professional rc driver i’m, an rc enthusiast, sponsored driver i’ve been doing rc for a very long time.

So i’m kind of qualified to review these. These uh walmart rc cars but let’s see what we find i’m gon na. Let ethan pick out the car and then we’ll go home and and do a review on it. All right, ethan has informed me, Music, that he watches other youtubers and they always get kicked out of walmart when they’re recording it we’re not going to be doing anything crazy um. But we are going to be here and we are recording inside and people are probably wondering again. Let me let me put you in on his arm his arm broke. While he was playing not on the track. He was playing like out on the hay bales. He fell off a hay. Bum broke his arm, so it wasn’t racing when he broke his arm all right. Here we are the rc car section. Walmart has figured out the key to getting out vloggers. They are playing music super loud hold on wait, that’s, the one you want. Let me see what’d, you pick there well, these are all have rc remotes, but Music and there’s some over on like an end cap over here, but which one go ahead and grab the one. You think you want to get look there’s a short horse over there. Oh, that does look like a mini z. Should we get that one? I think we need to get this one. You want to get this one ethan here all right, we’re going to test this thing out.

This is, i don’t, even know how much it cost adventure force. It looks like a mini z. This is oh we’re. We are definitely testing out. Look at this remote, the mini. The walmart version of the mini z looks just like the mini z, good, good choice. Ethan let’s do that one for now there’s the one i did before i’ll put a link in the eye above um power, craze that’s, actually, a pretty good car for the price i’m, not gon na lie. I had a lot of fun with it. We did destroy it because we ran it over with an x max, but check that out. Those are pretty cool. I kind of wanted to try some. Oh look, a gravedigger. I saw this one the other day i thought about getting that one um, but i wanted ethan to pick it out. I’M glad you caught the got. The mini z, look like here so let’s go, show us the other ones. At the end cap over there ethan over there, Music there’s some over here, also um yeah. I don’t my god it’s hard to it’s hard to pick these we’re going with the mini z. The minis you want to be all right: got batteries let’s open this thing up, see what it’s all about hold on. I got ta move this. I saw this. We need to make sure you guys can see that in the background i don’t know if you can or not let’s open this thing up see what it’s all about uh.

Okay, so i didn’t know how much it cost, because there was no price tag on it. I was like it can’t be that expensive, so i went ahead and just brought it up to the register and paid for it. That way. Obviously, i paid for it that way, but found out how much it cost that way, and this is only 10. This car only cost me 10 bucks, so let’s open this thing up. You know what’s crazy about this. This car only cost ten dollars. Look at all the different licensings they have licensing, they have. They have shelby ford, dodge gm chevy, mclaren, lamborghini and bugatti, which check out this one. This was the one i really wanted, there’s a bugatti vision gt. I don’t know if you guys can see that they did not have that one in stock that one’s pretty cool. All right, let’s take this off see i got some dang. They have it secured in here pretty good for a 10 rc car there’s a rattling noise inside i mean look at it. It looks pretty freaking good. I don’t know if you guys can see that look. That’S, a pretty cool car, the body doesn’t come off at least i don’t think it’s supposed to come off. We could probably make it come off. Um check out the old trim here. The trim right here at the bottom uh the tires actually don’t feel awful. It takes three double a batteries, so let’s put those double a batteries in actually let’s.

Take the remote out first adventure force that’s what it’s called put some batteries in the old transmitter here, there’s no antenna remember back in the day when they used to have cars that had the wires connected to the car. Tell me in the in the comments below, if you had one of those cars. Oh those were so bad, okay, so there’s, no there’s! No! On button on the remote, you just hit the buttons and i guess it turns on uh. It doesn’t come with double a batteries just so you know it needs three double a batteries in the car and then two in the remote i had four rechargeable double a batteries and three regular alkaline batteries. Regular alkaline batteries actually have more volts than a like rechargeable battery, so we’re gon na put those in there, so we get the full effect. These are fresh batteries all right batteries in everything. Look, the car looks good like if you just like a mclaren, and you want a cool i mean it looks. It looks really good um the steering doesn’t look like it’s, proportional let’s, see when i what i mean by that okay, so the car’s on and the car isn’t working it’s not working. I did not put the batteries in wrong guys i’m. Putting the batteries in correctly i’m gon na show you guys, let’s see there putting it. In correctly. There we go, we got movement, we got movement, i don’t know what happened there.

The batteries were incorrect. I promise it’s on now so check the steering. So basically, you got one there’s, no like uh there’s, no steering curve or linear steering it’s just either full steer or no steer that doesn’t. Look like it’s gon na have Music much um. This actually looks like Music it’s. Actually look like it looks like it could be, but well i actually have this mclaren mini zoo. Let me go get that real, quick, see, here’s the uh mini z, mclaren there’s, the regular mclaren, the uh, the cheap one. I got the scale looks almost exactly the same. Look at that. Let me put it on a mini z. I lost the the wing on that one by the way. Actually, i just realized – i can’t put this body on my mini z’s, because it doesn’t have the right, wheels and front mount so we’re just going to run ethan’s car ethan’s, mini z. Here um, the scale is exactly the same. The size, the same um here is a mini z. This is 200 bucks. This is 10 roughly 200 bucks about 175 let’s put i’m gon na turn. This off let’s put some batteries in the mini z, so real quick. If you’re unaware about the difference between a 200 rc car like a hobby grade rc car in one of these, you saw the steering how it just throws either full steering or no steer on these. You can actually see how you can actually uh.

Basically, you can adjust the steering accordingly, like you, don’t have to go full or or uh no steering there’s like an actual curve uh. I think they call it proportional steering, but it runs on actual servo all right. So we got them running here. There’S, the mini z, um, the mini z, actually has probably too much power like it kind of loses traction whenever you’re on corners here’s, another car it’s, not bad, so the only thing i’ll say is the steering on. It is awful like power, wise, not bad, but the steering radius like go full turn evan like he’s trying to make that turn. He can like that’s that’s full turn there and you basically have to go slow like if you’re going any speed whatsoever. It’S not going to make it so speed, wise it’s, not bad i’m, actually kind of somewhat impressed with the little oh with a little car. Sorry, my my house is a mess guys i’m trying to not get all the junk over there um damn. Let me just pick it up all right, it’s a little bit cleaner, yeah, so the steering on this little car this little 10 car is really bad, but power wise and like control ability, it’s it’s like that’s. Basically as much you can turn like the mini z. Is obviously and granted those batteries in the mini z are old, recharge, rechargeable batteries, so they’re, not the greatest doesn’t have a lot of power, but you can see ethan’s having trouble driving it we’ll try to drive it without uh, spinning out there bud.

It probably needs new tires, but there goes. There goes this little wannabe mini z, honestly, i don’t think it’s half bad for uh, like a cheap car. If you saw many of these i’m actually going to bring it to the track, oh it’s spun out. Actually, you had enough traction spin out all right: we’re gon na do a quick race, three laps mini z versus um. What do they call that thing? It was something crazy, let’s, just call the walmart car adventure force that’s what it is: adventure car the adventure force. So three laps on your mark get set, go and just so you know driver wise skill, wise they’re, almost exactly the same evan and ethan uh, oh i’ve, been stuck, evan can’t seem to get it together, so it’s obvious, the mini z, is a little bit faster. I won’t even say it’s easier to drive. It just turns better um, but even the mini z, spins out. I mean this isn’t the most ideal track situation like i said: we’ll bring him to the track, but for what this little car is i’m gon na give it a thumbs up? What do you think evan? Is it fun? He says it’s, he says it’s fun, but it turns like a dump truck all right. They switched up, they switched uh drivers, let’s see if their race goes out any different line back up boys. I mean look at how much he crap he picked up.

I mean he picked up a lot of dust. Evan was wanting to go, get a mop and like clean it up, they’re getting in race mode we’re, not trying to get in race mode we’re, just trying to drive it. If you take it home and drive it, like, i said i’m sorry that my house floor isn’t as clean as can be, but you know i’ve been out for a while, so all right, another race. Now they switched up drivers uh. This is evan, and this is ethan on your mark. Get set, go oh they’re racing dirty already out of the hole, they’re racing dirty yeah. There goes the mini z it just it just rips the corners so much better, see there’s the difference between evan ethan driving. So he having a little bit more discipline when he drives he uh. He doesn’t try to give full throttle when he knows he can’t handle it. Ethan, on the other hand, is full pin, no matter how you see it hold on, i got ta, add an obstacle. I’Ll be right back obviously, i’m in easy, one that one all right. They switched up again: ethan driving his mini z, evan driving the walmart car. I added a little obstacle, so they’re gon na have to go under the wheels yeah it’s, not little on your mark. Get set: go, oh, the walmart car got the whole shot, the mini z it’s, just when it takes that turn granted guys.

I know i get it. The mini z costs way more but i’m just trying to show the difference between a hobby grade car and a walmart car and the fact that a walmart car is not awful awful. I mean it doesn’t steer but it’s, not awful. I haven’t figured out he’s slamming in reverse, to whip the end of the car around, but the mini z is just ripping oh dang dirty see. If ethan does not carry he’s trying to go as fast, he can that’s not how you drive when it’s super slick mini c’s, not half that i mean the uh that little walmart car is not half bad all right, guys, evan thinks he’s got this car figured Out he basically slams in reverse and it whips the tail end of the car around. He thinks he can take ethan we’re about to find out. We made adjustments to our track. We moved the x maxx up i’m, telling the guys it can go around or through. Obviously, through a little bit faster because it’s shorter distance, you guys ready all right on your mark. Get set, go oh man, the mini z, just turned so much better, but ethan. I can hear him with his nitro finger, even though he’s not driving a nitro car here comes the oh see i didn’t figure it out, but the minis is just so much easier to drive apparently but golly for 109 or okay they’re about 175.

So 165 bucks more that little car you can have plenty of fun, like i said i’m, giving it a thumbs up guys that little car i mean the fact that you get a license almost like a model car, a remote control car for ten dollars and it’s. Not awful, i mean it can still be fun if you have hardwood floors, uh stuck with i mean it turns like an absolute dump truck, but not bad. I like it and look more importantly, look at how happy evan is evan’s actually having fun with it. So double thumbs up Music, but ethan evan could not beat the mini z, even though he thought he’d figure it out all right guys. I hope you liked that video, if you did smash the like button, subscribe to my channel turn on the notification bell, and you guys will see me next time. If this is the first video you’ve ever watched of mine, go check out some of my other videos.