Today were going to talk about 10 cool kits that ive built up here on the channel and im comfortable recommending to you, theres, a variety of kits that were going to check out im going to tell you. You know how they build up if theres anything that you need and ill have links in the description below. If you want to check out those reviews, ill also have affiliate links, or i suggest, checking out your local hobby shop theyre, also a great resource all right. Let me clear off this bench well, start with our first kit, so im going to show you these 10 kits in no particular order, theyre a variety theyre, just cool car, kits that i think you should know about, and i am going to start off with tamiya As our first kit, though, to me, is pretty much the go to company, in my opinion, for kids and uh, they offer some really fun and unique kits and their instruction manuals are fantastic. I often recommend to me kits for new people getting into this hobby, because when you open up the manual, everything is just laid out nice and neat easy to follow. If youre, unsure of what size screw you need to use, you could physically put that screw on the instruction manual to make sure its the right length and the one kit that has stuck out in my recent builds up to me kits has been this comical avanti.

Its kind of a cool spin on the original avanti for those of you that are into the hobby and theyre, just a fun little buggy to run around in the backyard in a baseball field, a dirt lot. A lot covered in wood chips, thats whats great about tomato cars – you could run them pretty much anywhere any of their off road offerings again its easy to build up. They actually give you the motor and the speed controller with this, and then with this particular kit. They even paint the body you just have to apply the decals, but the rest of the kit builds up nice and smooth and its fun to run. The motor out of the box is a little underpowered, but if youre new to rc youre going to get into rc successfully driving it around without crashing it and beating it up too much with that motor. And then you could always upgrade later on down the road and they offer option parts for this. If you do want to go and and customize it yourself, but tamiya kits are awesome and this was just a fun drive. It was a fun build thats. Why? You should check it out if you want to build up something unique, the traxxas slash. This is probably one of the most versatile trucks out there. These come ready to run and, of course, in kit version thats. What were talking about, but theres people that build drag cars out of this eastern dirt, modifieds even sand rails, just a really cool truck and of course you could drive it as a short course, but traxxas offers some great kits the instruction manuals, and these are fantastic.

This one actually comes with the radio system and the electronics. The only thing you have to do is basically provide the tools, the paint and some glue for the tires. I believe i i dont think they glue the tires, but anyway, this is a really cool truck. Uh, just because when you pull this thing out of the box and drive it, the fun factor is totally there with it uh. You know theres plenty of parts support out there, for it is a pretty rugged truck and just really fun to drive. I mean ive built probably 15 20 of these things. Theres another build im doing back there, uh just for fun out of parts. Ive had uh kicking around the workshop thats. Just how many i feel i could pretty much build this thing without instructions. At this point, thats how many ive had, because i just love driving this truck in all different forms – really nice kit from traxxas, so maybe youre looking for something a bit more precision more race, like definitely check out tlr kits ive, built up the tlr 22 ac 5.0 for turf racing – and it was a fun build and a really nicely done kit the fit and finish on tlr parts are absolutely fantastic. The kits go together really well and then, when you hit the track, they are competitive. Now, with a racing kit, you need to provide a lot of the support equipment, tires, uh, speed, controller motor batteries, servo glue, sometimes even oils and greases.

This kit did come with some, but the other tlr kits uh. You know you definitely need to check out the uh the needless on those, but when youre done you have a cool, competitive racing. Machine and dont worry if you never hit the track before youve, never raced before uh this car right out of the box, the setup that they provide is nice and nimble and easy for anyone to pick up and learn how to race with you know, hit up Your local track for some club racing or on a practice day get yourself settled in then. You can go and sign up for an event but tlr. They know what theyre doing theyre a multiple world championship company and they offer some really cool stuff check that out. The axial capra – this is a fun off road crawler, if youre looking for something that could really cling to the rock cross. Im really steep inclines. This is a rig to check out. This is a full build up kit as well. You are going to have to supply pretty much all your all. The electronics actually even tires for this thing. Uh paint the body, but this is a really capable rig that a lot of people are enjoying the instruction manual on this one is pretty decent. There are some hiccups in there if youve never built an rc car kit before you might want to either steer clear of this and check out another axial kit or join a facebook group for this and do a search for issues with the instruction manual theres.

Just a few, i dont want to scare you off from the kit uh. The rest of it does build up really well, but whats cool about this rig beyond its capabilities is its got a huge following so theres tons of information out there for it and tons of parts that you could just take this thing from mild to just totally Wild on its capabilities, if you love off roading, if you love crawl and stuff, this is a kit. You have to check out now. Heres the kyosho two wheel drive off road buggy. This is a re release, vintage kit with some with a twist to it. Its got a few modern touches to it that help it run a lot better than in the past, but uh. If you are looking for a cool kit with that vintage twist to it. This is this is really one to check out. I really enjoyed building this uh one because i had a turbo ultima. Obviously this is just the ultima version, but it really brought me back to the fun i had with my turbo ultima. I love the chassis on this. The aluminum chassis uh the aluminum shocks on here this car actually handles really well. I had a brushless system in there and just enough speed and just kind of that old school driving feel to it, but again full build up on this. The instruction manual is pretty good and you will have to supply all the electronics uh, the paint, glues and i believe it came with the oils.

Dont quote me on that one, but itll take you some time to build it up, maybe a day. If you are into rc, you already know what youre doing, if youve never built a kit before itll. Probably take you two to three days but overall, when its done its fun to drive its its cool to throw up on the shelf just kind of relive the old days if youve been in rc for a long time. I really like kyoshos re releases. They have a couple of them check them out. The g made buffalo gmaid is a company thats been around for a while, probably a little on the smaller side of the crawler group, but they make some really cool stuff and the buffalo is kind of one of those hidden gems. For a couple reasons now this is a builders kit. If you want a challenging build, this is a truck to get when its done its a really cool rig, but you know building its going to take you some time. Youll see that in my review, if you check that out, but when youre done, this kit looks pretty awesome and it runs really well out there on the trails and when youre crawling up off road terrain and such a really nice kit, uh really well done throughout Theyve got some really neat features on the inside. You will need to supply the usual stuff paint, electronics and everything uh, but gmate definitely check out what they have to offer element.

Rc has quickly become a favorite in the off road crawling community and thats, because they got some great ready to runs and some really cool kits as well. One that i just built up that i really enjoyed was the gatekeeper. Now this is a fun build element. Is under the parent company associated electrics team associated? So you know these guys know how to build kits. This went together really well and its fun when youre out outside off roading with it uh again, you need to supply all the electronics paint tools and such uh, and there are lots of option parts and really cool, builds out there to inspire you after you build Up the kit check out some of the groups that are out there. Instagram is loaded with element, rc pictures, and this kit will truly inspire you to build some really cool stuff, the vanquish vs410 pro, if you want just the best of the best crawler kit out there, you definitely need to check this kit out. This is an absolute work of art. I really loved it when i was building it up and actually, when i went out to drive it, i was a little worried because it is just such a work of art. You dont want to scratch it getting that first scratch on this truck is pretty hard, but this is an absolutely beautiful kit. The instruction manual is fantastic. The build was really easy. Following the instructions uh, it is, you know, youre gon na have to supply everything with it.

Obviously uh as far as electronics goes and building tools and such even paint um. The only thing i wasnt too thrilled about was the tires, but they actually performed pretty well. For a kit tire, but let me show you guys, whats under the hood on this, i got ta pop the body off just so you can check it out. Really nice chassis layout and the big feature underneath are the aluminum axles. Just i mean the machine work on those is fantastic, really solid chassis on this thing, nice links on it. The drive, shafts nice shocks on here, theres, just so many cool features about this. This is a little pricey. Definitely check out my review on it, so you can see all of its features, but the the build itself is a lot of fun and it backs it up with some great performance. This awesome looking project right here came out of this box. The trexus trx4 kit is awesome to start with and then to build up over time into something. Absolutely amazing. Now dont get me wrong. This kit is fun in itself right out of the box. Uh, the build is fantastic. The instruction manual is fantastic in here. They do give you all the electronics uh youll just need to supply a battery charger and a body for this. They have a bunch of different bodies that will go right onto this chassis, but this thing just flows together so easily.

Traxxas knows how to offer a build up kit and, like i said there are just so many option, parts out there that you could turn this uh stock truck into something really really wild. This thing has a lift kit on here: a custom body done by rc patina guy, its loaded with led lights. I absolutely love the tx4, so much fun to build and so much fun to drive. The tamiya club monster is a true classic and if youve never been in rc, you may know somebody that actually has one. If you start talking about rc cars, i mean thats. How well known the cloud buster is now. This is the black edition they dont. Have this one available right now they have the super cloud buster back there uh were actually building that up for a project, but uh ive got this one together to show you. This is absolutely a fun build whether youre new to rsc or youve, been in rc. For a long time, just looking for something fun to build kind of kick you back to the old days of when rc started. Just kind of you know a plastic kit, yes, but the way it goes together, its just fun. I mean when i sat down to build this thing. I just could not stop i just like the old school feel of this truck and when its done the old school driving experience you have with it is just an absolute blast.

These tires make a really unique noise. The driveline makes a really unique sound that it just gets your heart pumping and you could just sit there for hours and drive this thing around in a dirt lot in a parking lot, wherever its just a fun truck uh. You know the only thing with tamiya vehicles is they dont come with bearings id say, maybe pick up a bearing kit, but this is a full assemble kit. Tamiya has fantastic instructions and uh. You know you do have to supply the paint, the electronics. Actually they give. You the motors with this kit and the speed controller, but you have to provide the rest of the electronics but uh. You know solid potty on this thing. Uh the chassis is just a big hunk of plastic. Really the gear boxes are really stout on there. You know no oil filled shocks on this. It bounces around a little bit. Thats all part of the fun tamiya kits are just fantastic. I mean for any type of build if youre looking for any type of fun build, definitely check out a tamiya kit. So those are my suggestions for 10 cool rc car kits to build, if youre an rc builder and have a list of your own or maybe just a favorite – that other people should check out put it in the comment section below and while youre down there. Please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell throw the video like and well see you back soon for some more rc driver videos uh hold on a second ive, got a bonus kit for you to check out the xsa kits from tamiya.

These are pre built cars from the factory. However, you have to install the electronics, so if you dont want to do the full build and want to install your own electronics, these are definitely some kits.