He clicked your fingers. It went into storage mode what’s up guys welcome to the channel. Yes, I was joking. This is the hotshot. This is the tam tech hotshot, which is, I think there is it 114th scale, maybe I’m, not sure, but anyway, this video is about this little bad boy. Now I’d already recorded some of the video it had quite a fruity motor in it than a speedrun with it. Whoever put that motor and he built it hadn’t actually mesh the gear up properly and it stripped some of the spare gear. I think of thrown away the broken part, but the M there was a peak race in Hellfire. I’Ll show you the speed running. I mean it actually got quite a good speed on it, but the pinion wasn’t far enough up the shaft on here. So it’s. Only touching half of the spare and it stripped some of the spare off so I’d put a silver Canon gave it another run and it completely stripped it so. It’S now got a new gear set in there and we’re gon na give it a little run in the garden. Take it over my ramp and just have a look at it anyway. This did come out in 1995. It was actually the first shaft driven 4 wheel. Drive buggy tamia is also the first that had a monoshock on the front and on the rear, and it was actually quite ahead of its time, it’s quite advanced when they brought out double wishbone suspension.

All round also had front and rear sway bars as well. So it’s a pretty cool little thing really popular. I never had one back in the day. This is part of the collection I got, and you probably fell out at me telling you this, but you can have a look at the clips and I got just their 34 cars a lot of them pretty rare and sought after as I’ve got rid of I’ve Sold about fourteen or fifteen of them so still about 50 percent left and there’s gon na be a few videos coming up the Toyota once we’re allowed out the house again, we’re gon na get this up and running and take it on a proper trail. Then you got my then over here you got the Ranger got a video coming up as that of some upgrades I’ve done to that, but today just take the hotshot out all I’ve done to it as I’ve swapped. The most put new gear obviously swap the motor over of change of connector to the next e60, so I can run on a lipo it’s all stock. I think I don’t know what pinyin it’s got on. I think it’s a twenty might be a sweaty toothpick I’ve, given it a bit of a cleanup, I’ve put the stickers on it because when it came, they just had the blackbody shelf, so I’ll put all the decals on it and it’s ready to go. I did have a little accident in the garden.

I tried repairing it some kind of made a right mess of it, but I to get a new pump as well anyway, before we have a look at the Bosch in the garden. Let’S just check the speed it done with this peak Racing, nice and quick. It was Applause, Applause Applause, so at a turn of speed with this motor on a 2s like they did speedrun it with nickel metal hydride and you got 30. I want to say 34. It was over 10 kilometers, faster with an allied path. I’M, not sure over that other battery is a bit crap, but anyway, 46 kilometers an hour not as quick with not as quickly the silver can I’m, not gon na speedrun. It we’re just gon na just gon na take it for a bash in the garden. I think we’ll say, might do a separate little video for this mini thing. I’Ve not really looked at yeah taken the body off of it. I’Ve not got there. I’Ve not got a radio for it. I need to remove that tawny, receiver and probably get a new battery, because that was plugged in when I’ve got this and then I think it’s probably ready to go I’m presuming it’s just got friction dampers on it. Little 370. 380 motor, actually I tell you out, let me know in the comments. Do you want me to just run this as it is a little bash video, or do you want to see me, do a brushless conversion on it? Let me know in the comments enjoy the rest of this video let’s.

Take this out get run around the garden jump it over a few things, a little bit of fun, so just a flash in the garden still not allowed out. Well, when this is recorded, we weren’t there restriction being lifted a little bit, but still not really allowed to go out and so for a car that was designed in 1985. Obviously this is a rerelease. It goes really well either for Drive works, perfectly it’s got loads of grip. I mean them ties. Are it hard for the concrete and stuff, but laser grip really good fun, that 4 wheel Drive definitely giving it and an advantage jumps really nice as well. Really, nice and leveraging scene you can control in the air with the throttle, an overall, really nice car to drive. I could bump into a few things and you’ll see in a minute, so we had a little bit of an accident with the front bumper again, I’ve already replaced it once. Luckily, the part – and I broke this time and I despair because it came on the same parts tree as the actual front bumper that I had to replace before during this video anyway, you can see this thing is jumping well driving well and they go that’s where It’S broke but, like I said luckily, I’ve got that spare part at the bumper stayed intact. It seems a bit fragile that bumper I don’t then remember that’s, just the newer plastics, not as good through anyway cheers for watching enjoy the rest of the video.