That is just me, flexing that, with my hand, what’s up guys onto the channel in today’s video we are taking the new wl toys, one 104001, the match excellent racer to the skatepark, to give it a little durability test. Um and it didn’t end too well so before we have a quick look at the video, the um. The issue with this i don’t want to say it was my fault, but it definitely i’m not going to really blame everything on this for being weak. Um you’ll see in the video that there was a slight issue: the ramp we tried to hit, which caused the impact on this, which has caused some problems anyway, let’s go and watch the video and then we’ll come back to the bench. We’Ll talk about what happened and then i’ll tell you what i’m planning to do to this give a bit of a durability test here. I’Ve just finished the initial run, video i’m impressed of it it’s for the money, it’s a decent little buggy and something i didn’t spot or i didn’t really pay much attention to the drive shafts, particularly the front ones. They’Re pretty chunky the front ones actually look bigger than the wrists. The front i think, are cbds cvas the rear dog bones, but yeah. I didn’t notice that so it’s stock out so it’s stuck out the box. All i’ve done. I’Ve um tensioned just increased the preload on the springs. I did know this actually spot that on the uh initial video i’ve, cracked, cracked, the body just there, i did have a couple of poor landings anyway.

Let’S go so not particularly the fastest thing out the box. They do claim 45 kilometers an hour and i’d say it’s about right, jumps pretty level as well. I never recommend bringing anything to the skatepark because you will break it. Well, i say you break it. You don’t have to break it, but sometimes it’s tempting in it to go bigger and bigger. But, as you can see, jumps nice and solid bit of chassis slap. I have tension. The springs i’d suggest maybe a little bit of tuning on the old oil. If you want to really bring it here, relatively controllable as well, so this is just running 2s. It comes with a 2s 2 200 milliamp hour. Lipo gives you about 10 minutes of runtime. I’Ve currently got a 1500 china hobby line 100c, so nice amount of punch, but the run time is probably going to be pretty low. So i need to try and get as many jumps in this video. As i can transition Applause. Oh it jumps, lovely doesn’t. It doesn’t it jump nice. You got ta agree on that, so it is controllable. Like i said you can give it a bit of control in the air with the throttle Music. Oh chassis, very nice, i think, with a brushless setup. This is gon na fly Applause. I don’t know if i got that on camera, that was quite high: very nice, oh noisy, lovely, little buggy, so it’s got a five wire survey bit of visual a bit of a shame.

I’D like to three wise. You could upgrade. No doubt most people will upgrade anyway, the esc Applause if you’ve been following the channel. While you know that i don’t really push this, i don’t do torture tests just a bit of durability. Can you take it to a skate park and the answer is yes, you can hold up wait a minute that did not sound good. What happened there? Oh, i must have hit. I think i ate that yeah i’d say that’s broken. Ah, i hit that that’s. The only thing i can see around here and it’s pushed the motor. Can you see i don’t know you can see the motor is pushed up all right, so i’ve put a new motor in and that impact the motor didn’t overheat, but it’s really stiff now. So i think it’s bent the um bent the shaft on there you’d seen in the video that the moat was sticking up slightly it’s, because um the motor mount also pulled out from the motor slightly and twisted a little bit. This is an adjustable mount, so pretty decent adjustable mount means you can change the gear and stuff on it, but it did pull the motor out. I have put another 550 motor in it it’s one out of an ftx. Everything else is exactly the same in there. It’S, all back together, it’s all nice and free, that is, a metal spur in there. So it’s a metal, spool it’s quite heavy, actually it’s, quite a big heavy metal spool, whether that’s going to be any good, i don’t know it’s, definitely not going to be a good track racing.

You want to try and get a slipper or a center diff in there we’re going to put it next to the lc racing in another video and check that out overall, it actually performed really well. So, apart from that motor mount uh bending and me damaging the motor, it obviously hit the front there. The reason it damaged there is i’m going to show you now. Hopefully you can see it on the camera. The one major problem with this wl toys that chassis is really flexible. Look at that. I can actually get the wheels touching the floor on that right. Keep your eye on the drive shaft. That is just me flexing that, with my hand, that is a major major issue with this normal use. I think you’ll be fine, but i just don’t. I don’t know why there’s no brace i mean there is some bracing on the chassis, but it kind of stops. There and there so you’ve got nothing that actually stops the two ends from bending, and i mean, if you get a good grip on it, you can flex it very very easily other than it not really being a basher it’s, a buggy it’s not designed to be A basher um so other than it being a little weak on the old bendy chassis. It performs all right, it’s got metal gears, metal, diffs and i think it’s going to be a popular buggy for the price. That is it for this video i’m going to stick.

It next to the lc racing for the next one, and then we might go for a bit of a motor upgrade just watching guys.