So when it comes to escs me right now, i am running a brushed motor, so i need a brushed esc. Class 1 does have a regular axial dynamite. Esc thats, fine, just fine other rigs of mine. Do have this hobby wing quick, run 1080 and, of course this is the absolute standard when it comes to stepping up your game in the esc. As far as brush goes program card included multiple adjustment points, this will wake up a stock motor and definitely improve your vehicle without a doubt, just by swapping the speed controller out. This definitely looks like its going to be changing the game for entry level brushed escs. So, with the power of video editing magic, we already got the plastic off and thats what we get: small instruction, booklet and theres the speed controller, and what i assume would be a start, stop button, so first things. First, very nice, packaging thats what she said. So here you go. You got your speed controller and looks like this is plastic. Um very small heatsink so well definitely have to have to see how thats going to hold up to. But everything looks good. Um 16 gauge wire, you know so thatll definitely be able to transfer what we need to have just just fine. It looks like its 2s to 3s compatible. So just a heads up on that and we do have a bec output of 5 volts to 7.5. Now you and i both know – were not going to run.

No 5 volts were going to jump this thing all the way to 7.5, because why not? We need all the power we can get, but definitely you know relatively nice little package. This is pretty comparable to a 1080 actually um. Here we got our power button. This is uh. This is cool. Actually, do i actually dont mind this too much, especially with the slim design uh. This is definitely probably gon na go to a spot where very inconspicuous. You probably wouldnt be able to even see this thing, so i actually like that thats, actually not a not a bad design at all, and then you know, props were done in the heat string to this thing, um thats great right there, so yeah im, actually uh Doing this pretty good thats, a pretty good value for like 25 bucks um, just so far, what you get with just components going through some of the literature right here. Um looks to be all in chinese. I like im gon na, be oh ah, ah there there you go so yeah thats man. It has everything laid out for you. As far as how you wire the system up, um basic calibration. There is a calibration on there. So just a heads up, the 1080 has a calibration also and for you guys, who have a hobbywing 1080 right here. If you guys have not calibrated your or your transmitter to that, esc definitely go. Do it um.

It definitely makes one hell of a difference, but yep looks like theres a calibrating uh program here so yeah everything looks uh, looks good nice and laid out very, very uh, very informative, so yeah pretty impressed so far 25 bucks. I got to keep. I got to keep saying that 25 bucks, because thats a pretty damn good deal now of all the trucks. We can put this thing in class 3 class 2 class 1.. This one right here, probably anything else above here um, were gon na go with a vehicle that currently is running the stock esc does damn good and the reason why im not pitching against a hobby wing 1080 its because you got to look at it right. The hobby 1080 is 50 bucks. This is not 50 bucks. So if this does this does better than this in any which way then immediately were gon na be like oh man, 1080s trash. Let me go with this, but really when you look at it, lets go with a similar esc in price range and thats going to be your typical dynamite, esc and thats going to be your price range right here with what you have here. So if it outperforms the dynamite, esc thats on the same price price range, if it doesnt or it does the same, then you know what youre looking at as far as value goes, and i really think thats kind of how we need to really look at.

This is, this is not twenty five dollars. This is fifty dollars for a reason. Um, i put my 1080s through hell and a half and they have yet to fail. Thats, pretty damn good and i think for 50 thats a hell of a piece of mind. This is untested, well have to wait and see um, but also with the dynamite. Escs ive had great luck with my dynamite esc, so its gon na be hard to change that class one over from a proven setup to something we have here, but were gon na. Go ahead and get that done and this my friends is going to be our guinea pig right here. This is going to be my class one, mostly just a standard axial scx 102, currently right now its running a homes motor, but with a stock esc. So this is going to be our guinea pig. This crawler does very very, very well very good control, very smooth, very accurate modulates, very, very well when it comes to putting power down so, like i said its just going to be hard to really beat that particular setup in here. But lets see if we can do it. I do believe if i put a hobby wing on this thing, i would see tremendous amount of uh performance uh handling just just going through the roof. You know, because of how well it does um, but again for that price range lets see what this will actually do, all right guys here she is shes all sitting here.

All nice, and pretty somewhat temporary, though, has the esc kind of sitting here in the battery tray got a receiver up. Top wires are all ran and stuff, so that part looked good that fit just like i had with the dynamite esc, fit nice and snug. So so far ive taken liberty to go ahead and get this thing calibrated super simple, no big deal and then i started working on getting this thing programmed and thats, where we run into some issues right off the bat. So here i have my phone out you can see. This is actually the program itself that this esc uses via bluetooth, and you know its pretty. You know pretty effective. You know you can get. You can see that red right there at your throttle input, but look what it starts doing. You guys hear that this motor is actually just cocking back and forth and i have to like it actually will not stop so im having to go through and actually power. The esc off and then turn it back on and then refine again so im gon na go ahead and actually get into this um were gon na, go ahead and and actually get into the esc. So here were gon na go through and just kind of set. Our parameters, so we got so were gon na go ahead and make sure thats set up for rock crawler, which is set up there. Its saving, as you guys can see here.

This is all real time still saving see that save filled. Okay lets uh, try again saving there, you go say successfully. Okay, we got forward, reverse got lipo 3s thats right voltage, cut off, lets, go and see if we can make changes that voltage cut off there and were going to add 3s were going to change that. To 11.1 uh, our bec set to 7.5, which i want motor rotation forward, lets go ahead and send that timeout error. Okay, no big deal lets try this again change our voltage cut off change it to 11.1 uh everythings the same its going to hit that again and timeout error and and thats thats the problem, all right, guys and thats. The problem is this particular esc. This is with a firmware update by the way im gon na try to see you know we got errors all over this thing, uh motor output – disable. You know we have, but yet you can see where its registering you know like. We got problems and what i think ist sorry isdt did. I think this product was great. I think this product has a hell of a lot of potential, but when i immediately opened the box and plugged it in, i had a firmware update and if you guys recall, you know having firmware updates that just means the product is incomplete and as they go Through and develop, this theyll start making changes to make this a lot better, now again its a new product and thats.

Why? I said 25 dollars and i wanted to keep it compared to this particular esc right here, because it is not a hobbywing 1080. bluetooth function of this thing going through the app, although its cool and stuff – and i understand it its just not practical its just really – Not and unfortunately, i feel like if they would have simply taken their time, a little bit more developed a bit developed it a little bit further before releasing this um. I think we would have had a far better product and i think i could have given you a way better. You know argument to say: hey, this is a solid esc and i believe you should buy it. Will it get better im sure it will, but i need to crawl now i need to compete now. I need a product, thatll actually fit the bill and unfortunately from isdt. This is just not it its just, not it so whats going back in there is the dynamite esc. This particular rig will receive an upgrade itll, be brushless eventually so thats, why its not going to get a hobby wing, because this dynamite esc does exactly what i needed to do in this particular rig to get the job done so again, guys um not trying to Be negative and put this thing down so much and i know it sounds very bad because thats kind of what ive been doing, but i just cannot recommend this particular esc.

In its current configuration, perhaps down the road theyll be able to do something with it and make it a very, very competitive product, but as it sits right now, beginning of 2022, i cannot recommend this all right guys. I hope you enjoyed it. I know theres a lot of a lot of negative towards the end, which is unfortunate um. I am going to continue to keep playing with this as time permits im going to give it back to my buddy matt, and hopefully he can do something with it. Maybe he has better luck and if were able to get more for firmware updates and this thing actually comes around, i would definitely update and well have and part two to this video. But again this first impressions is just not it. We didnt even make it off the bench and shes having that much of a problem again guys. I appreciate your support if this is your first time here, i appreciate a like on this video. If this is something that you would like to continue to see, please hit that subscribe button.