We wanted to go bigger, we wanted to go um, i don’t know what, but and instead of taking this to where it could have gone. I went out on this big divert. You know this big tangent it’s, pretty divergence with 3 inch props 3s and something that is just no longer this at all and um. I say we could have it all, because it’s, like the pieces are finally starting to come together, um to where this is a really really incredible, incredibly fun quad to fly whether you build it up as a 1s. So this one particular one i built it up with the fpv cycle board or this one built it up as 2s with that gem keyboard, so that’s 16 by 16. – and i just i really like the 2.5 inch prop size i’m actually going to go down and Even try the two inch because it, although yeah absolutely it, does not punch out as far you can’t, throw it as far. It does not do those things, but it makes my tiny yard more fun. It makes my space more fun because, with this size, this quad just has the right balance um of having enough performance to be able to get it inverted. Do your you know, split ass, your power loops and catch at the bottom. You know on one s if you’re, not careful, occasionally will sneak up on you um, but it’s incredibly fun. The problem is now, though, look at the motors i’m running.

These are those old power drone hyper light 12 000. Something kv motors that these motors are gone. They’Re, just not there anymore, all the 1s motors have gone. You know bigger into that 120 2.5 size and 1303 size, and you know three inch prop stuff and this we just don’t have any more, except for you know some of you guys, like myself, girls, hopefully out there too, who have hoarded some of these motors and Still have them, but you know this is finally kind of where it should be granted. I still want to see this prop in a bye blade, um by blade with tiny bit a little bit more pitch. I think that would really be pretty amazing, but we’ll see if jump fan ever gets around to that or if you do want just a little bit more power stepping up to the 2s. So the way this build turned out and i’m gon na wait and show you pretending, like you, can actually get these motors, even though you can’t, so you can’t, even um, build it up as is, but so this one the way i built it up, make sure It’S on here, yeah, 33.8 grams, 34 grams, and so, if you add a battery depending which battery you add that’s, going to bring it up to 47.5 or this will bring it up to just about 49 grams, all of weight, yeah 49.5, so 50 grams under 50 Grams all that weight and it flies amazing.

No, it doesn’t have a crazy punch out, but it flies amazing. It really does and part of the reason that you know we’re. Finally, here is because we have hopefully this this tuner seaboard is reliable and holds up, but boards aside, i think you, you know if you found a decent, crazy, big board, you’d, probably survive, but the other things we have is really ghost and express lrs that link Latency bringing it down really makes these builds come alive because these small tight builds, they fly, you fly them different. You fly in more really tight proximity and when the latency is low enough to where you can fly it on reaction, meaning you see something. You react to it, and so you can like go into blind corners and things like that and the latency is there to where you can actually pull it off. This really comes alive and becomes so much more fun to fly and part of the key is having these tiny, tiny, tiny, little receivers with excellent latency and whether it’s ghost or express lrs we’re. Finally, there we’re also getting a 1s board all in one from happy model with express lrs integrated, and so these builds are just going to be fantastic, i’m glad to see really glad to see i’ll put the link down in there that nick burns uh did a Video on uh, the tks frame, so that’s tarkus, kevin um, so kevin’s been kind of pushing this niche little bits.

He goes a little bit smaller than me. He’S, more um, whoop size, two inch prop size, um, and you know a little bit even smaller than this, but he’s been pushing that and i think it sounds like nick has kind of collaborated on helping him. You know kind of get that frame where it needed to be and nick did a 2s version. He loves it so it’s great to see that. Hopefully that brings more interest and we start getting some of these motors back, maybe but um yeah. You know this is finally where um, where we needed it before i mean, is just in development. It just never got to where it was before and especially, i think if we got this in it by blade, you know these would be really really incredible, but um we’ll see we’ll see what happens see if anybody makes a motor and this motor you know, it’s Listed as an 1103 but realistically speaking, it’s, probably 110, 2.5 realistically speaking and that’s about where it needs to be. You know with this weight um and try blades. This motor is protected well enough to where, even though it’s a really light really fragile motor, it holds up pretty well but yeah, so getting to the board. This tune rc board. You can hardly see it in here, because the way i have it packaged in but it’s kind of interesting with what you can see here, is that, with these two very small components both so this is the nameless rc vtx in there and the ghost um zepto Auto zepto, i think the zepto receiver, the smaller one you can get them both in end to end across the diagonal of the board, so that makes it really nice to clean tight.

The board builds up. I think, reasonably easy. The one complaint i have where i can’t even really show it to you very well, but one complaint i have is the rows of wires. The vtx is the set of holes, that’s closest to the plug, and the camera is a little bit more central and what that means is that you have to kind of like snake the camera wires out from under the vtx it’s, not a big deal, but it’s A little bit annoying because i think in general, if i’m, going to replace something it’s going to be the camera before the vtx. And so, if i want to be able to kind of access something without messing with something else, i’d rather be able to access the camera wires rather than the vtx wires it’s. Maybe a little bit of a point. The way i’ve mounted this all up, because the vtex is covering both sets of holes anyways but it’s a reasonable board to build on once you get the um the receiver in your vtx soldered up the wires. The wiring for the motors is great. They got really nice nice, big, um solder, pads out of the motor wires, so that’s fantastic. So you know changing out motors and things like that. Even when i have kind of this, like you know, funny rotated build where i’m kind of tucked under there and stuff it’s still easy to get those wires in so that’s.

Really nice, um xc30 is too much connector for these builds, but it’s better. I think overall, at the end of the day, it’s probably better than the ph2. Hopefully my dog starts – stop sparking there um. I think the bt2 connector would be better, but um you can’t get any batteries with bt2 or like you’d, have to replace everything onto bt2 and it’s just i’m. Not about to do that so xd30. It is um and i think that’s another place where um. You know we could have kind of had it all, but we went for too big and too fast and so now um we never got the connector that we needed for these size builds so um. As far as you know, i’ve put how many packs, i probably put, i think, going on like 10 packs through this and a bunch of crashes, and things like that, the board so far seems fine in terms of the tune it was is pretty easy. I just took the tune that was on there cranked up my feet forward to 200. I left the p at around 180 um left at d or no p. I think 120 ish something like that and then ds at 80. um. I think dia 80 is pretty good for these little 1s um and then i cranked up my uh eye a little bit to get a little bit a little bit more stability. I think i went up to maybe 75 or something like that.

Um and then i turned down the uh the filters down to 1.8 um. I am running on this particular one. I flash bluej on it with the 48 kilohertz and i am doing rpm filtering and i’m beta flight. The latest 0.3 um it’s not official release yet but that’s working well, one of those nice things about betaflight was the motor remapping, so i rotate the board. So obviously, of course, my dog’s going to come over here and drink, i had to do the motor remapping in betaflight now that’s super super easy, like literally it’s, got this little wizard thing and it spins a motor, and you says: okay, click which motor it is And you just go through all four of them and then boom you’re remapped, and then you can also reverse your motors too straight from betaflight. So you don’t have to go hook. It back up to your esc, firmware flasher thing and you don’t have to do it in there. You can just do it from a betaflight which is really kind of nice um. So i think you know. Hopefully the board survives. It seems good. The one issue i’ve off the bat that i’ve had on this – and i really don’t – know if it’s the board, it could just be the vtx, but smart audio is not working. I can’t change the channel on the vtx through smart audio, so i’m, not entirely sure. What’S going on there, these are the nameless rc vtx’s i’ve never had that happen before, but these are also.

These are super cheap gtx’s. So i wouldn’t be surprised if it is a one off issue with the vtx could be also maybe a soldering issue on my part too it’s possible, but i didn’t feel like tearing it down to go sort that out. The only other funny part i see is like when this quad is just sitting here, the vtx flashes, and i was worried that i had a bad thing, because the screen was like kind of flashing. But then as soon as you arm, the flashing goes away. So um that’s pretty good, so um, i guess review. The board is like yeah it’s good. If you want to be doing a ton of soldering, but i kind of got to the end of this build. Did it built it up? Did all that soldering and i kind of got to end them, and i was like holy cow? I did all that soldering for 1s, like if i’m doing all that work. Why don’t? I just do this. Why don’t? I just go 2s, like, if i’m doing, all that work to solder up a vtx, separate, vtx, separate receiver camera. Why don’t i just go like i can do a 2s um now. Maybe there are some reasons that you want to do: one source 2s Music. Because of the motors, i think it’s mostly in the motors, these are super light motors. So i think i’m saving about close to a gram of motor but squad is about five grams, heavier um, dry weight and obviously the battery is going to be a little bit.

Heavier too so this is definitely a little bit lighter build, but once you hop up to 2s, you really do so you’re going to give up a little bit of you know, kind of that really low speed, um tight handling, but you gain quite a bit of Punch um, so i don’t know in and to me this like build, is kind of like cleaner, because it’s sort of laid out in a nicer fashion for i’m, not doing all the wonky stuff i’m doing over here now. Obviously, if you like the um open prop thing, you know toothpick style with the wood canopy on top. You know, then. My complaint here is a midpoint but it’s the last kind of thing. Where i’m, like you know, we could have had it all like way back when i was building on the um fusion, the f3 fusion boards, those were laid out like this. They were 16 by 16. You had your motor pads on the corners and you can build it. You could build it up like a normal quad. You didn’t have to have the silly little whip, canopies up top and i really don’t like them up top. I, like the camera in front, less props in view less less arms and view and stuff, and i think it gives you a little better perspective. Plus the camera is tucked down a little bit and i’m, not likely not liable to um smack it on stuff, and i i feel it has like a little less drag and handles a little bit better, so um dvr um.

I was trying to get a little dvr earlier today and it’s, just crazy, windy, um. So anytime i went up high. It got me some problems, but so the dvr i have is just a short little clip. But i kind of wanted to show you the flying with this because i’m doing kind of like my little bush stuff, and i just wanted to show you that little clip, because i think it illustrates how, with this build, how i can kind of get in. So, deep into the turns into that proximity and i’m able to fly this deeper um than i ever have and and um. I think you’ll kind of see that come across yet it’ll still do it’ll still punch out enough. I mean i can’t fully throw it over the house, but i can get up over the little trees i have in the backyard. I can do the little split s’s over the fence, no problem, you can do power loops and everything else, but um it. You know it does it’s just from a bigger claw, it’s gon na give things up, but anyways um, i don’t, know it’s kind of like this is like, like the happiest happiest set like happiest. Saddest, like you know, video ever because it’s like we’re finally, here and by the time we got here, everything’s gone and it just kind of makes me sad, um, anyways um on that overly dramatic note, um leave you a little dvr until next time, Music that we Cheers had it all the scars Music.

Think of me in the depths of your despair.