I love my maverick so much my other one’s, quite a bit broken at the moment. Um i’ll insert a short clip here to show you what let’s do this again? Oh, no! Oh daddy! Daddy a bit fell off. Oh no, oh no, look! Oh! I broke it. Brick broke both the tie rods. The way we call them but it’s broken, and i went apart so in order to have some fun and do some videos on gearing and gearing upgrades um. I bought another one: different versions of mine mine’s, the monster truck. This is the trunky version, so let’s crack her open got my trusty scissors here and it’s got tape on both sides. Cracker open and see what you get in the box, always nice unboxing for the first time. Oh look at her there. How beautiful she looks. Oh yeah can’t get out right away. There’S the transmitter can’t get out either. Music it’s got some beefy cable ties on the bottom should have some snips, but they’re in the shed. I can’t be bothered to get them so snip this off with scissors there. She comes look at that. Little beauty there let’s get rid of that. Put that there or not put that there here she is in all her glory brand new. Very nice i’ve never really been sure about the truggy design. If that’s, what this is, i think it’s a buggy chuggy thing because of the rear wing. I think well now you’ve got the rear bumper there, but i just believe you know you’re gon na land funny and just smash off that rear wing constantly that’s.

Why i went for the um monster truck design for my first one but Music suspension. I don’t know what they put in the shocks but really thick oil. So in the box you get the quick start guide with this useless plastic wrench for the wheel nuts, you get a sticker on the back, a few stickers actually ones they haven’t put on the car that you can stick wherever you like. You obviously get the transmitter, which is a standard um, a standard maverick quantum flux joby, just like the other one let’s get her open here: Music, oh fresh, very nice, let’s, peel off that plastic. Oh yes, always satisfying very nice bit bulky in the hand. I think these controllers are but work pretty good, so it’s good, you get the metal heatsink, which you need to be running if you’re running 3s, which we certainly are we’re not going to mickey mouse around with 2s 3s straight away or don’t, even bother so let’s Quickly, uh pop these rubbish clips off, you can buy bigger clips than these guys off ebay cheaply. You can buy a hundred for only a couple of quid um, these smaller ones and they’re only slightly bigger the ones you can buy, but these are useless. They just come off and you lose them forever. Music. Just take the body off now you can’t take the body off i’m learning. As i go here because it’s i see you go, do all that tilt and pull because the rear wing let’s put that over there.

Yeah get the standard, dean’s connector get the standard, dean’s connector there on them all shiny and new. I feel almost bad using it. We just got to see how she runs. How fast she is before we upgrade to the uh upgrade to the metal gears. Let’S quickly. Put this on quite simple: just move the wires to one side push her on twist around, so your battery doesn’t get in the way. You just need that for a bit of cooling for the uh 3s battery right let’s go to a little montage guys. First, things. First guys we’ve got to put the lmpr lmprc sticker on here: oh yeah, good sticker, thanks to uh egrin designs, who designed and made these for us nice and cheaply. Oh yeah, there we go it’s officially one of ours, very, very nice. You know i had to put one underneath as well guys make sure you smash that subscribe, cheers Music is the difference in clip size, the standard ones you get. Obviously the smaller one and you see the bottom one is the slightly bigger clip you can buy cheaply. You know, i said only a couple of quid on ebay and they just hold a bit better, so i would strongly advise you get clips because the standard ones they would fly off so quick. You can see there guys there’s the big clip there’s a little clip if i remember i’ll, try and put a link down below to where you can get them right guys.

The first thing i’d say to do is when you get your brand new mavic quantum flux. Just quickly whip open these three spur cover screws just to see, see there’s like no no movement there at all i’d, say that’s too, tight personally but i’m, not gon na as i’m. Changing this out anyway, i’m, not gon na change it but that’s too tight, but just make sure just check that to make sure you see in my previous video, i talked about how to set up a spare and pinion. So if you want to revert back, please go watch that but that’s all right and also check. This is tight so that your motor doesn’t move, because you do not. You want your motor moving that looks tight and just give the car a nut and bolt check. Go around it with your two millimeter Applause allen driver and just give it a check, because you know it says ready to run, but you can never be too careful. Well guys. You’Ll need four double a batteries for the transmitter and, obviously a well. You can have a 2s battery, but if you haven’t got a battery already, i’d say jump straight to the 3s. Unless you really haven’t driven cars at all before, then you could air on the side of caution thing to slide pop that air got test light, which we have great. Now this battery i’m going to use is a vore, j5 200 milliamp hour, 60c um.

I got this off amazon. You can see from my car it’s a bit banana because i’ll give her a hammer in so but it’s a good battery lots powerless punch good as gold all right guys. Here we are in the field um. I put my gopro on the back here, it’s first time. I’Ve done this. Hopefully, isn’t fall off i’ll do that in a minute, but i’ve got my phone rather rude, crudely, sellotaped underneath so, hopefully we can see how fast it goes on the grass um it’s, fairly long grass it’s a bit wet as well. So it’s not going to be a true representation of how fast it goes, but for a first rip, let’s see how fast we go first rip. These are in make sure everything is uh. Hunky, dory on the sun i’m trying to stand with the sun behind me. Guys so you can, you can see um. So hopefully it comes out all right on camera, but uh yeah there. She is right, see how fast she goes boy it’s a bit bumpy here for this solid suspension. It comes with a standard here. She comes she’s a bit of a speedy one. Oh really! Look at that Music. I love these cars, guys that’s. Why i’ve got two so much fun out the box, but actually 150 quid. You know what i mean: it’s, just brilliant i’m, really in it almost top speed. Sorry about the sun spin that around the game – Music, oh she’s, a speedy one, completely bone.

Stop guys just to see what she’s like at the box, what a wheelie i’ll do! A few more runs, so we can get out of here here. She comes Music Applause. All right do two more guys and then uh i’ll, try and ease her in. So she doesn’t, wheelie and let’s see what sort of top speed we can get. These are in. Oh just stopped before the bush see what kind of speed we got guys that stock out the box on a 3s lipo. We got 31 miles an hour. I hope you can see that i’ll do a few rips on the on the road as well. To give you a good representation on the road, if we can get a free space it’s not very wide here on my street, but she’s going pretty quick there guys oh see how fast we can get. What do you reckon guys? Music? Well, one more just to see all these tyres on the road.