What more could we ask for i’m really pumped about this boat, because, if you guys saw maybe yesterday or the day before the rc boat, it was about 40 to 43, and this is about the same price. I think this is a better boat, that doesn’t have a cool anchor rc sailors, but it’s amelia’s, favorite color, but it’s something’s, favorite color. It comes in actually four different colors and it has a much better radio. This is a pistol grip, radio, it’s way more hobby grade than that chintzy little radio. We saw this – has a steerable, rudder, it’s, actually, water cooled and completely ready to run, so i think it’s significantly better than the other boat. I believe they were charging i’ll cart. It right here, i think they were charging a bit more for that boat, because i had two motors, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a better boat. Two motors on boats doesn’t always mean that it’s any better. So this is a very cool setup. We’Ll show you under here really quickly. It actually has a foam seal too. I just think it’s so much better of a system. It probably is self writing too so we’ll test that feature today. You’Ve got a steering servo the battery, the esc, receiver combo there’s your motor, and it is water, cooled it’s. Actually, a shaft driven propeller. You know you can trim it up with these little edges here. I don’t know if those are adjustable, but they do help.

It run more efficiently. I think it’s going to be a faster boat, a better boat, just all around a better bang for your buck and that’s. What we try to do here on the rc sailors. So if you’re new to the channel you’re trying to buy an rc boat or any rc of any kind, just know that at the end of this week, we’re going to let you know what our favorite rc boat for the money is so be sure to subscribe. Hit the notification bell, so you can see that and that’s kind of the general tone that we give with most of the rc’s that we have on our channel. We want you guys to be happy with the hobby. We want you to buy something that gets you into the hobby not makes you go away: hating the hobby so we’re here to take care of you. Having said that, let’s see if this is actually, if i’m right worth your money, let’s drive it. So a lot of people don’t know this about rc boats, but we’ve got it powered on everything is on and plugged in the the radio will beep a little bit here to let us know it’s on but look i’m giving it throttle and steering and nothing’s happening A lot of people think that there’s something wrong with their boat. That is not true, there’s a lot of times a little metal contact somewhere here on the boat that needs to touch water before it’ll.

Let it drive so your boat’s okay, if it’s your first boat don’t worry just got: ta touch the water before you can actually drive it that’s for safety reasons, and so that you don’t overheat. The motor on your boat, i’m gon na just toss this in and we’ll see if we can do a self writing test too. Here we go. This is the only problem with filming here it didn’t kick on. No, it did not uh! Oh, oh! No! Oh! No! This is my left hand i can get in the water i don’t care to get in. Oh my gosh, you have a tree. This was just on the ground, a big fishing line. Oh, that might help, though not my help. I keep moving it’s back. Oh, my gosh you’re gon na have to step in one of us is gon na have to get in Music. I hope you pick out some really good music for these run. Scenes here hold my hand, it’s slowly drifting away, strong lean, get it get it get it get it get it look at it get back here bo now. Why didn’t you kick on? How many sticks can you find in a one minute – video? Oh now you’re getting it all muddy, yeah! Oh my goodness! This is the issue with this spot: Applause: Music. Oh my gosh workout. For the day, the receiver is on solid red light, yeah the boats on first now, the radio the receiver changed there now it’s working this one doesn’t have to touch water.

It needs to be boat, one first, which is the opposite of all hobby grade rcs for safety reasons, you turn on the radio first and then the rc, because believe it or not many rc’s, including some axial, not that long ago i don’t know if they still Do it, if you plugged in the vehicle first, it would just go full throttle and non stop, and you you have that with some rc’s and if your radio is not working very well, you could have that. So apparently, this one is just bow on first and then the radio and that’s what we do here on our channel. We test this stupid screen for you, you’re fired now. No, i didn’t hey. I i told you that’s, probably what was wrong with it. I earned the boat, i got all muddy for nothing, wiping up. Oh you got the transmitter gross all right, let’s upside down again here, go, go go before it gets on the stick hold on. I got mud on me, that’s a priority. There. We go. Okay, it needs trimmed. It looks like sounds awful. Why is there a little p stream i’ve, never seen a rooster tail that look like that: yeah it’s, pretty funny it’s, because the servo, the steering servo, is way off here hold on hold on it’s sideways, bring it back, bring it in bring it in. I got to fix it. Wait there you go there, you go there, you go yeah that’s.

Why there now it’s better. I think when you throw it in no, oh, no problematic boat here are you doing reverse that’s the river okay it’s going it’s going that’s? What you want with reverse on a boat, nice and slow, so it actually moves how’s. It steering not well well. It’S super strong one way right. Fine! Okay, can you see the rubber? I do it’s barely twitching, just barely it’s, pretty weak it’s, pretty weak it’s almost like all, or nothing really is this volentex. Yes, i’m, really surprised, because volantex is usually pretty good. It seems like a really weak steering servo, but here we go. Oh, you got a leaf. Oh i’ll tell you what this boat was not meant to run. No sugar coating here on the channel. This is this is really what you can expect go in reverse a little bit now gun it. There you go Laughter. This is like watching a crawling video when it can’t get up a hill. The challenge the challenge is very real. Today. Oh look at that one hand: yeah okay. Well, there you go plan accordingly, there’s your donuts, so we can’t hold the beginning of this video against the boat, because that was totally my fault. You know it’s uh doesn’t, like leaves doesn’t like leaves, the big rudder gets caught on the leaves, but it was my fault, the boat powers on just fine uh. It does seem to have a bit of a wonky steering servo issue.

Oh gosh, you hit something pretty hard. No, all there is is just leaves and little sticks, yeah it’s, getting kind of like major sticks, except like right over there yeah there’s, a big bundle of them i’m, not close to that you’re good, so it’s, driving, fine except steering is a bit of an issue. It is ridiculous. Can i uh take a turn on this hold on full throttle pass full throttle pass. I have to hold left during the full throttle. Okay, that means it needs trimmed. There you go. Oh my camera muddy everything’s, muddy. Now thanks a lot lolantecs vol, volentix volunteex, why are names so hard? Oh boy, it’s much better! Now it’s running straight, you just had to trim it up, so this boat needs just a little bit of tlc there’s straight there’s on the radio, but that also means that it’s not turning very sharp either either way. So i think i’d. Rather, it turn super sharp one way the water cooling system is working. I see the water that shoots out on the side of the boat right there kind of hard to see on camera, probably, but i do see it yeah. I think this just needs a little bit more space to run than what we’re giving it, but it’s so small. It should be able to handle a little. I mean this is a big creek. It is it is. I got running water Music. I got stuck on a little stick.

Yeah, you know just got ta watch where you’re, where you’re running and how you’re running this one. So like three or four years ago, we got some 40 40 dollar boats on the channel. They were like. H100. H101. I remember those they were really good, really good, but now i don’t think those are forty dollars anymore, they’re, like 60 or 70 bucks exactly and now, you’re getting stuff like this in the 40 price range, which probably four or five years ago. This was probably what like 25 bucks, so we’re, seeing we’re seeing price increases and changes in the boat world just in the last couple of years, yeah, so it’s, okay, dragging us yeah. I know this whole time, it’s just um. This is better it’s turning sharper with that stick, it’s an okay boat, but it’s. Definitely not one! That i’d strongly recommend i’d say it is better than yesterday’s boat as a whole, but the steering servo’s a little weak and there’s a lot to be desired here. On this good on them, for including a nice uh hobby grade pistol grip, radio, this radio – let me just say this – this radio is nicer than the radio that came with our what five hundred and thirty dollars i don’t wan na talk about it, yeah the mint 400 rc truck, so there are some good things here and a few things that maybe just need a little bit of upgrades. It does run right out of the box.

You won’t have the same issues that we did because you’re gon na turn your boat on first and then the radio, unlike what we did so the only issue i think with this is a pretty weak steering servo that’s our issue. It could be a little better. A little twitchy, um yeah there you go, i did get the stick off of it. You know it’s, okay, i’m, excited to see what else boat week has to offer for us, because we started pretty cheap right. We wanted our first boat week to be a pretty budget, one too at that, because uh we, you know there’s gon na, be a lot of kids that want to get into this hobby, a nice outdoor, fun, family, friendly time for the spring summer and fall and Rc boats are a really good way to encourage the family to get outside, which we are all about. You can watch youtube outside too by the way if you’re watching it inside right now go outside and watch us all right, let’s see if this took on any water. If i can even get it out of the water yeah. Now i can’t drift away let’s see what i can do here. We like to not cut this, so you guys can see how much water it holds. Oh so close that’ll be a muddy boat. It is muddy. Yeah, i feel, like i just pulled a big catfish out of the water or something okay let’s see here.

How’S the prop look, props fine. It got chewed up a little bit it’s just muddy. Is it broken? No it’s, a small, just really small problem? It is small and let’s see here guys getting muddy for the channel any water, any water yeah a little let’s just go here, drop it in the sand. You guys can see maybe half a teaspoon or less yeah that’s, nothing! So, honestly, you know it started off a little a little weak with the way it’s an untraditional way of turning it on uh. I do not like that a lot because of what happened. You guys saw it on camera. What happened overall i’d say this is kind of a pass, but if you only have 50 bucks to spend and you had to choose between yesterday’s boat or the first boat of rc boat week and this one, i would actually choose this one it’s a much better Boat, it just has a few issues at that price point. You cannot expect something that’s perfectly amazing. I mean fifty dollars for ready to run that radio itself deserves to be in some 500 things that we have before so props, for that no pun, intended and and for today, even though this was not an ideal situation and super fun getting all muddy and stuff. Oh it’s still much better than the alternative stuck inside board. So for that i thank god i thank god for all the good in our lives.

Just sharing this hobby with my wife, my family, and sharing it with you guys and a big thanks to our patreon supporters, because without you guys, we couldn’t show the goofy stuff like this on our channel we’d have to be much more professional and show it working Perfectly every time that’s, not us, that’s, not life and hatred supporters are what allow us to be as transparent as what we are and always have been since day, one so massive massive. Thank you to our patreon supporters. We’Ll have this boat linked in the description box below for 50 bucks. It ain’t too shabby okay, but i encourage you guys to tune in the rest of boat week to see what we have planned. We’Ve got a few more boats up our sleeves that we’re very excited to share. One just looks awesome and i can’t wait to show it to you. Guys abby actually found it. She showed it to me and i was like yeah. We got to get that so i’m excited to share that one with you. Hopefully you guys are excited to finish up boat week with us and, having said that, we’ll have yesterday’s video popping up right about now.