I started this just for fun, but then it ended up being kind of cool, so i decided i’m going to make a video about it. So this is an hbx rampage. It is 1 18 scale, so it’s, very small, and then i have a trailer for the battery that powers all the lego, stuff. Okay, so now, first i’m, going to show you the long range gun. The way this works is it just has a piece that kind of slides back until it goes all the way back and then there’s, just a pin. That kind of goes in there like that, and then the motor just turns and pulls it out, which releases this and fires. Whatever ammunition you put in there, then the short the short range weapon. Is this it’s, like a little like a machine gun motor just spins a little piece around that pops all of these off individually, and it does that really really fast and they’re both connected to an ir receiver? Then i have the trailer with the battery and the parrot drone for fpv, so i can pilot it without being able to actually see the car. So the next problem is in the long range cannon. So when the motor moves, the pin it kind of pops off so yeah that that happens and then you’re just dragging the motor behind and that’s, not good. So what i think i’m gon na be doing is i’m gon na add, like a pin or something that sticks out right there to prevent it from spinning all the way and pushing off of that so i’ll put it in and then i’ll show you, okay, as You can see the pin is now in place and just kind of test if it’ll work, so that worked kind of well it’s much better than it was, but it still isn’t, perfect, i’d say it’s good enough for now, though, so the next issue is this: it Fires all the rounds off so quickly, it’s practically a shotgun which is not what i want.

So i think i’m gon na have to just take it off and add some kind of gearbox to slow it down. Music. Okay, now let’s see how fast it will fire i’m not really sure what to say about that. I guess it was slower, but i think it still was under a second, so i guess i’ll have to go even slower: Music, okay, let’s see if this works much better. Okay, so now i’m gon na test it for this test. I’M gon na have this driving around on the middle floor of my house and then i’m gon na be piloting it from the top floor and i’ll use this to see where i’m going also, what you guys are going to be seeing is the screen recording from My phone of what this thing saw so yeah let’s get into it. Okay, so, as you guys probably saw in that test, it didn’t do too well the trailer kept getting stuck on carpets and they would even like curl under it, sometimes, and also it kept flipping over. The first issue i want to fix is the getting stuck on carpets, basically, the way i’d go about, fixing that is just give it bigger wheels. These are fairly small wheels then, once i do that i’m going to need a wider wheelbase, so that’s, so that it’s more stable, okay, so to fix the problem with it flipping i just extended the wheelbase and then the front swivel wheels.

I made new ones that are that use bigger wheels. Okay, so that clearly didn’t work, because the wheels just fell off almost immediately. But i do have this piece which can be used as a swivel wheel and it might be a bit stronger. But i have this newer piece and i only have one of these things so i’m gon na have to have like a three wheel design, but that means this can’t go in between so i could shorten it. But then that gave me the idea what, if i attach this there, so that it turns in the direction that the car is pulling okay, let’s see if this works so here’s. The idea have a wheel there so that it can’t fully fall over by the way. This is how i do most of my projects. I make different designs like this and then i would test it and then see how it works and then improve upon that so now, i’m going to test this and see how it goes: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So this design actually worked perfectly. If you didn’t notice in the test, it did not flip over once or get stuck on any carpets, and now it is finished. Okay, so that’s about it.