So many people have been asking me when the review is going to come out and i could finally release the videos and these trucks are really really cool. Theyre done right guys and in this video were going to talk about the arma crane 4s im going to break this truck down for you, like i usually do so. You guys can see all the details on the inside of it and then the outcast will be a shorter version, where i kind of just go over the changes between the two so lets head over to the workbench, and i can tell you guys all about this New truck pretty sick, looking truck right, not to knock the previous version, but this one looks like its gon na handle forest power a lot better, its longer its wider, its got longer travel suspension and that should equal a lot more fun when were bashing it now. Really quick for those of you that are new to the hobby. This is a four wheel. Drive brushless off road, electric truck comes ready to run body is painted, comes with the transmitter. You just need to provide the battery charger and some double as to get it going now. Lets talk about the details and well start off with the body its available in two different style paint jobs. Obviously we got the gray black and blue version and, as you can see, on the box art back there, there is the teal white and black version really cool.

Looking graphics up top weve got tethered body clips. Uh weve got skid bumps up front. So if you flip this thing over and slide it doesnt wear away at the body check out the spoiler out back here: double deck spoiler with skid screws on top, so it doesnt wear down the wing again when you roll it over just a really cool looking Body, maybe its a little high up in my opinion, um, as you can see, the the body posts are really tall uh. Maybe this could be dropped down a little bit, get a little bit more low profile out of it now up front weve got this bash. Bumper uh, with a new skid down below over here weve got the d boots. Copperhead 2 lp tires. These are vented from the factory foam inserts. Really like the black wheels. The detail. I like the most 17 millimeter hexes thats awesome. It is a must. On a 4s vehicle, 14 millimeter hexes is fine for a 3s like the vortex back there. So im really happy to see these uh wheel, hexes and serrated wheel nuts on there as well uh. Let me spin this thing around really quick, so you can see whats going on out back before we pull the body off. Weve got a wheelie bar. This is a lower set wheelie bar than the one youll see on the outcast, just a small little bumper up above it for cosmetic, looks and then really stout wing mount on this thing.

That thing looks absolutely solid. All right, let me pop the body off, so we could talk about all the features on the inside now and ive already taken the body clips off. Weve got our arma slogan in the top of course, and check this out really cool, looking chassis right, similar to what weve seen before from arma. But this chassis is now a lot longer. But before we get into the chassis lets talk about the suspension where we always start and well start with the front shock tower here. This thing is massive: it is a composite shock. Tower theyve got some honeycomb bracing behind here and just makes for a really rigid shock tower same thing goes for the rear. We got this big composite shock tower and, of course, attached to it are these large bore shocks on the previous 4s model. We had composite body shocks. Now we have aluminum bodies, still a composite cap, preload clips and then down below here on the perch. We have a little splash guard or a little protecting guard to keep the shock shafts clean from dirt and debris and stuff, and now lets check out the rest of the suspension. Up top weve got adjustable links, steel tie rods there and really heavy duty. Looking rod ends, the only thing that i would have liked to have seen is uh metal ball studs in here. These are plastic ball studs, but that is a quick and easy fix if you ever do want to swap those out and then down below really chunky.

Really stout sturdy, looking arms, these things look at these things. These have all the webbing filled in, except for the end here, so they should be a really strong arm, not a ton, actually zero shock mounting options here. These are just fixed for theyve, got their suspension. Geometry down you dont need to move anything but nice. Looking arm really nice looking caster block and steering knuckle. Everything is dual shear, so nothing comes apart on you. The hinge pins are captured with the button head screws really sturdy, looking kingpins in the steering knuckle and then in board. We have a aluminum plate to help capture the inner hinge pins, so they dont rip out in case of a crash. And then, if you look really close, we have sway bars now front and rear, so this is really going to help with the handling of the truckee and then let me show you guys this look at this long. Travel suspension really plush same thing goes in the rear. Let me spin it around, so you guys can see the rear suspension check out those long travel shocks. They do give you preload collars in the kit, so you can go and adjust it if you need to, but weve got the same or similar style arms in the rear, all filled in gaps, so it makes a nice stronger arm captured, hinge pins. We even got the bra aluminum brace plate out back adjustable, tie rods up top and, of course, bulky looking hubs on the outside, even with little splash shields out there, so it helps protect those uh universal ends from any dirt and debris getting inside and once again, The truck is wider than the previous version, which will help with stability now lets check out the chassis, which is longer really good.

Looking chassis much similar to the other chassis weve, seen out, there theyve got their honeycomb bracing in the center. In the back. To keep this thing, rigid, bracing up front weve got this upper aluminum brace with the damper up front. So, instead of this rod, bending in a crash uh that damper will absorb any shock to you know just keep this thing solid and straight uh. Let me spin it around, so you guys could see the battery tray area there. We go. Weve got revised velcro straps in there to secure the battery. They now have these little clips up top to help secure the wires so theyre not flopping around when youre driving tall mud guards on the side, similar steering cranks to what weve seen before up front and, of course, uh adjustable, steering tire rods as well. Now we can get into the drivetrain on this and theyve made some upgrades that is really cool to see a lot of exp parts. In this thing, starting off with the differentials we got, the exb metal gears all throughout the differential, so those are going to be a lot stronger. I did take the diff caps off. Everything looked really well greased on the inside. They are a sealed differential and then moving out to the axles. Here the drive shafts uh. They are the exb drive shaft slider style. They are composite. It looks like a really heavy duty. Composite the dog bone end is metal, of course, uh, but everything rides on ball bearings and then in the center weve got the removable center drive shaft.

It is ball bearing supported in the center for more. You know, because weve got more power running through this thing. That will stop any deflection and then here is your center slipper assembly. It does have the aluminum motor plate and then the castilated slipper clutch uh metal spur gear, metal, pinion gear. Obviously, the pinion gear is secured with an e clip, but they went and changed out the slipper nut in here theres a composite slipper nut and its really easy to go and adjust that if you ever need to really easy to take this apart as well, the Maintenance on these cars is really nice. You could go remove a screw from the bottom of this red plate here. This red block remove the top race really easily, and once you slide this out and and the center drive shaft out, youll be able to take this assembly right out for maintenance or anything. You need to do such as pain, gear changes and similar with the uh front, rear gear differential, pretty easy to take them out. They are well braced on the inside to keep the gears nice and tight together, but really cool setup from arma. Okay, lets move on to the electronics weve got a spectrum s650 servo metal gear, high torque uh moving back. There is the spectrum. 120 amp speed, controller whats nice about this. There is some programmability to it, including punch control, which is really nice fan cooled its fitted with ic5 plugs.

Actually two ic5 plugs, so you can run two 2s packs in here. If you want to uh theyve got the jumper on here, so you could go right to running a 3s pack or of course, a 4s pack which most people are gon na run in here and then for a motor weve got the 2400 kv. 3668 motor from spectrum heatsink on here and then a cooling fan to keep those temperatures in check in the receiver box is a spectrum slt3 receiver and then the radio system is back here ill show it to you its the spectrum slt3. There is your instruction manual, your preload clips and some basic tools, along with it all right, guys, thats, pretty much everything you need to know about the creating pretty cool looking stuff lets head outside to see how it performs: Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, Music right. So so so im going to call the action you guys just saw a first run because i only got one battery pack through the crate uh. Something happened to the truck something you guys arent going to have to worry about and ill tell you what that is in a minute, but first i do want to go over my experience with it on the track at rc madness. I i wanted to drive it on the track. I thought it looked like almost a cool racing, truckee im sure some people are gon na have fun with it on track and so thats.

Where i went with it and it was a blast. The suspension is set up pretty well for those jumps going through the corners handling the rough stuff. It did buck up here and there, with some of the small whoop jumps, but uh man. This thing was a blast to drive around the track, just so smooth over the double jumps: lots of plush suspension travel on this thing, plenty of steering as well. I could power slide it through some of the corners, some of the tighter corners. I could feel the soft servo saver kind of giving way, and you know it caused me to go a little wide around some of the corners but thats. You know something that were aware of with servo savers in ready to run vehicles theyre there to help protect the servo and later on down the road. If you want to go through an aftermarket servo in there thats when you can put an aluminum horn and get that precision steering, but this is on the safe side, uh really fast. On a 3s pack, i ran it on a 3s pack. This thing is quick and itll even pull some wheelies on a 3s pack, so if youre carrying packs over from some of your other arma vehicles, you know its going to work well in here and on 4s. It is awesome, perfectly powered for the size of this vehicle. You know it is all mostly plastic and composite plastics, its a good power to weight ratio.

So you go and launch this thing off jumps and have a really good time, and i expect that to happen with the bigger jumps once i get there uh, i im pretty sure im gon na do a follow up with this. Once i get it all sorted out uh, but this thing it handles well, this long wheelbase just makes it so nimble, so easy to drive im sure people are just gon na have a lot of fun with it. Uh no problems with you know overheating and with the motor battery speed controller uh lets get into some of the things that you guys need to know. Now. The problem i had with it was, there are c style clips on the out drives and those hold in the pins, and there are instances like lets say a rockets caught in there that could push that c, clip off thats what happened with my truck and uh. It ejected the pin now armit is aware of this problem and the production trucks will not have that issue. So when you go pick up this truck, you wont have that problem. Nothing to go crazy in the comments about arm is aware of it and theyre fixing. It so you dont have to deal with it. I have to deal with, on the other hand, so thats holding me up with getting some more testing in for you guys but uh. You know i got a good feel for the truck enough to tell you that this is going to be fun.

I know its going to be fun with over 30 years of experience. I know this things going to be a blast, other things that you guys need to be aware of. Uh the shocks theyre very close to the drive, shafts and youll see some scuffing. I dont think its really going to cause any issue other than youre going to notice some lines there watch yourselves with rocks getting inside around the drive shaft area uh. I noticed a little bit of gouging on the drive shaft no rocks got caught in the steering. So that wasnt an issue there is something that you guys need to maintain. Uh the gear cover the gear case, the where the slipper clutch is does take in some dust and dirt uh pulled it apart, found some dirt under there and uh for maintenance. I would just go and maintain that every single time you go out and run it in a really dusty area. You dont want that stuff wearing away at your gears or your slipper clutch and uh the wires. They kept falling out a lot thats a lot of weight with those two big connectors on there, so i would go and secure them under the velcro strap, so they dont fall out on you other than that i mean guys. This thing was a blast for the one battery pack and i i cant wait to drive it some more uh. Let me know what you think about in the comment section.

I i think armada nailed it with this one, the previous 4s. No well just leave that one alone, but they did it right here.