He was going to give it to us at the end of the week, but he trapped ians finger in what was it show him? Your finger trapped, his finger in a link, rod felt guilty, so he gave us a new toy that wasnt really the injury thats, just us trying to make him feel guilty, but never mind. So here we go. Weve got the armor infraction 6s. It is in the blue color, it does say it will do 80 plus miles an hour but thats with the optional pinion, but we just want it for drifting. I think if we wanted anything for a speed car, we would go with the felony, which i dont know it might be a bit redundant now, but we will see. Lets have a look. I dont know me any wider. Do we you filming? Yes, im filming? Yes, so im entrusting you in with the camera, its probably a bad mistake, because i dont let him touch it actually. What and i should trust you with a knife here, hey and i should trust you with a knife – yeah, oh its silver. I said it was blue on the end. Huh Laughter, yeah cant be trusted. Someone ah look at that. That is good. Looking in it yeah. Why do they do the wing clear, the same color as vinnies isnt it that could be fun? Oh pretty and clean were getting quite a collection. Now weve got the vortex up there.

That kev gave us weve got our tank of an outcast, which is probably your second favorite yeah two trx4s my trx4 has got a new shell to be done. Weve got a hpi savage that doesnt get enough time on the channel heres x, maxx my x maxx, all the other way around the creighton, the felony third favorite fellaini felony mini max that the subscribers bought for me in donations. Weve got the herbeo. Weve got the 60 no 100 mile an hour. Slash got two tamiyas weve got the mad van that much to my disgust. Subscribers bought for me. Weve got two tamiya tt02s. Oh yeah weve got the nitro savage 25 and the king motors t2000 and the typhoon so is gon na change the connectors over now, because we run xt 90s on our batteries and were going to be running it on the jens ace batteries. They kindly sent us that they were awesome in the crate, and these are absolutely awesome. We gave it a lot more power. Oh dont, forget to like subscribe and hit that small smell button. The bell button and leave me a comment down below hes reading instructions. Thats. Never good not for children aged under 14 years. This is not a toy. What about mental age uh? I think i just hit 14 on mentally. Just very just i dont know how any of you make sense of that. I mean thats just nah, so in the box you get all the normal bits and bobs and the high speed pinion um, all the techno babble youll have to go to somebody elses channel because thats not what were about youll, be daddy, ricky error.

So if youve done this on livestream theyve, all called you up on that yeah after ive done it yeah yeah, then ive watched, let us know in the comments guys what flux you use, because whenever ian uses this it doesnt work does it, i think, were going To be in the comments again even sucks at soldering, they would be right there wouldnt, they yeah, so were going to bind it to the spectrum dx5c, because we have far too many controllers. We have these lovely carbon fiber bits from lee at custom, rc upgrades, so we thought wed. Stick them on Music, so were going to paint the wing because were pretty sure that vinnies is clear and hes got the same car as us. Weve got a choice of these paints were thinking so im just going to countersink these screws a little bit replace the original ones with some longer ones, Music. There we go nice and flush, so it doesnt flip the screws out when he hits the bump.