They have a massive range of crawlers from the smallest one up here, which is the 124th scale, outback mini 3. Then the next scale we have, which is the outback x – there are several cars within this range, so we have over here. The outback mini 2 we’ve got the texan over here and we have the fury here and then the slightly larger outback xc, so mini mini x and xc we’ve run the mini both indoors and outdoors and being that’s. The smallest car – and it managed just fine outside suggests that these other ones are going to do just fine. So as part of our rc car workshops, we tend to use these cars here for indoor sessions, training up the next generation of rc enthusiasts. If i was to talk to you here about the fiori, the one standout feature that i really like is ready for it with my big fat fingers simply on the clip and off comes the hood, so it’s hinged at the back, and it has a little clip Here, which clips directly into the chassis there, which means i don’t, have to be fumbling around trying to get the little tiny pins out. So that is a standout feature for this car. As far as style goes one of the most stylish cars, i think, has got to be the texan. Now this car looks pretty cool. This is one of the favorites with equip kids. Some of them say it looks a little bit like mata out of cars.

I think i’m actually going to paint this one and i’m going to add a bit of rust and weathering on that so which car is the best. Well, i suppose that depends on your budget um. Obviously, the slightly larger car is slightly more expensive, but it is also able to handle some slightly rougher terrain because of the ground clearance and obviously the size of the wheels. The wheel is a really good indicator of scale with these cars, and you can see as you move through the ranges. There is a definite difference in the size of the wheels, the transmitters for the mini and the mini x are quite similar in size and design. The only way they differ is with the controls on the top here, with the slightly larger outback xc. This controller is a lot more substantial. It’S got a really good feel to it a little bit heavier on the side. Here we’ve got our switches for channel 3 and channel 4, which control the lights. Well, there you go a quick look at the outback range so which one is the best. Well, that really comes down to personal preference. Over christmas, i had a fantastic time playing with the minis outside and inside. They were fantastic when it comes to getting out on the trails, i had great fun with these and for styling i quite like the texan, but for features. I do like the fact that this shell here doesn’t have any clips that’s a bit of a win for me.