First, things first i’m, going to show you my rc cars and why i like those specific ones and not the other specific ones, so we’ll go to my newest one, and that is the wl toys one two four two three so it’s um meant to be a Rock racer it’s, not too bad we’ve gave it a lot of fashion. Some most some are actually off video, but yeah that’s, a very good track to mess around, but yeah no um, diff block. No discs are locked on this. Sorry about that yeah it’s, just overall it’s, just a really fast background car, so good for bash, and i haven’t broke anything on it except drowning it in the water but yeah and i broke also broke the light system. So i will may replace that i don’t know yet it doesn’t look cool without the lights, but yes so that’s, my first one, and obviously it comes with this radio which actually it broke right. Here i put a screw in it. I was just driving around and then yeah just snapped, but it’s also set up mostly for obviously when i’m holding the camera. With this hand, i can use one hander here, so that also helps out with controlling the rc. Also, if i come here, you’ve got this one here that controls the spool controls the speed and yeah that one controls the speed and that one controls the steering trim but yeah and that’s all the controller does.

Obviously you have uh on and off switch right there, and i do not know what the modes do. If any of you out there know what the modes do. Please tell me because i don’t have a clue, but yeah that’s this one. Moving on to my first one, the first trick you saw in here – and that is the mn 99s, so this was meant to be based off uh defender 90 elantra defending it, but i really changed it. I actually cut the cab straight in half and took this part off and made myself a buck version of it, and i’ve also done a recent upgrade which you known after the last video and i’ve made some. I don’t know what you call them like just call them tree slices or whatever yeah, but made them to protect the bodywork a little bit more and stop it knocking off the wing mirrors. So we have had that problem that’s why they are also bent in a little bit because i’m gon na be sitting there, but yeah we bend them in just to stop but yeah that’s. Also. Why that but that’s the my favorite truck at the moment. We are missing the door handle if you guys haven’t noticed. Yet we have got one this side, don’t know if i’m gon na replace it i’ll just leave it and take the other side off, but yeah there’s. This truck – and this is the radio it’s, a pretty simple radio, pretty light yeah, but i also made my own edit and put a hole here saying.

Obviously, one on video and it’s all one hand used as well, not the comfiest, not like the other one, but it does work, and this one also has a steering trim as well on the controller which is nice, which means it’s kind of a hobby grade. But a low end right, let’s talk about it right, so the both of these trucks, what i have which i’m planning hopefully get more, maybe to review and others like that those ones are a low hobby grade. So if you’ve got a toy grade, you wouldn’t have no proportions like speed, control or no proportional steering so that’s. What gives these ones the advantage and just to show you? I will get the my land rover switch it on, get the remote the radio, whatever you guys, call it and which i mean with this. You have evangel it’s, probably easier with this wheel because i’m off the floor, you have the proportional steering so it’s, not like this it’s, not full up one way or four lock the other way. Obviously, it doesn’t show as easily because they sit level when they’re touching a flat surface, but yeah they do have proportional and also it does have speed control. Yes, it also has proportional speed, control and so does the bigger one is just a bit more yeah. The bigger one is just a bit more overpowered than what the land rover is to be more specific, we’ve overpowered. The big one down here has, i think, a 540 motor.

I don’t know how many teeth that have, because i haven’t counted and the the mn99s has a 260 motor so there’s a bit of a difference there right so now, we’ve got through that part of my hobby. Let’S just explain: i’m a crawler fan. I prefer the crawler side of it so nice and slow and watching all the ties. The suspension and the articulation around the rock racer is really for you, guys, maybe just to bash around and have a bit of fun around when we haven’t got any more time to do a video or a slow video. Oh, the battery is flat in my truck. My crawler truck, we are i’m, hopefully saving up to get a bigger truck. Maybe the tx4 i don’t know yet no blobs out there, hopefully we’re gon na get one of them soon. Maybe you never know so it’s up to you guys, let’s speak about this part. You it’s up to you, maybe you’re like a fast one and bastion that would be yeah a higher up. If car crawling you can have a higher up or a lower up. It depends what you like: if you’re just getting into a hobby, maybe a low hobby grade rc would be where to go like um, the mn 99 s that’s around 50 to 60 pounds, which is pretty cheap for a hobby grade. Car a toy grade would never be able to keep up with the many capabilities you have with these trucks here, and that is one other good thing with the proportional steering.

You do not have to steer full lock one way, full lock the other way, and you have you have the key. You have the option to go ultra fast or nice and slow which on the toy grade, which, if you haven’t, checked the last video out, we compared the bugatti toy grade car versus the land rover down here and out of order land rover, i think, won four Or five points and uh bugatti only got two well yeah: two, not three two but yeah and then yeah so it’s up to you guys what side of the hobby you’re going, maybe you’re going fast, maybe yeah! Maybe you just want to go fast. Maybe you just want to bash it a lot and they take a lot of impact and then maybe you just want to crawl, slow and see. The articulation like i do don’t know, but yeah that’s, mainly what i was trying to do in this video. But out of them all this is my favorite truck at the moment. I do like the defender look and yeah and upgrade my own upgrades. I didn’t myself. They have cost me absolutely nothing. The only thing that cost me on this truck was buying it itself. This is all made handmade, you see with the screws back here, and also these are handmade. If you want to know how to make these, i actually got some bike brake or gear cables and just cut them up and then got little pot rivets.

And if you can see uh, you can see this one. There yeah it’s right down there, though yeah right down there and then yeah, so yeah they’re pretty easy to make a bit hot glue up there. Just to hold it in place, really tried to bed, and i might get some glue and just glue it a bit. Just not glue paint just to paint a bit i’m going with my words there. Also my cousin he’s cleaned up the sticky part where i used to have the camera on top. I used to have it on because it used to be good for first person views but well, i’ve been messing around and everything it’s just too top heavy. It just tips too much i’m hoping to sort suspension. I have seen a trick and i will explain that in another video, if i do do it, but i do like the articulation this truck does give. It gives quite a bit for a cheap hobby grade and this truck if you’re going back through the channel. It has been through a lot of abuse, as you can see. If i bring up here, this bonnet has a lot of scratches so yeah. This thing is definitely my favorite rc that i have at the moment this one over here this one we really just bash with this, like on one of the videos we sent this thing to the sky. Yes, it didn’t look very high on camera.

Possibly i don’t know i did watch that video fully through, even when i posted it just to check out that i didn’t miss any minor parts out, but it does well it’s just a little bit overpowered with the steering when you drive the steering when you stay It just drifts around which makes it a little bit harder, but it and it’s also just a low hobby grade, so it’s got the expectations of it, and it also says waterproof on the box and do not believe that that must be. That must mean like rain proof, possibly, but i took through a huge pedal and it just fully died and it didn’t work at all. I actually had to turn upside down and let it dry out and finally it’s back working again. So next video, which is tomorrow, obviously every single day i post for you guys, even though i have college for the week wednesdays, i have days off so that’s, where we’ll be taking this, hopefully to the forest and giving this a batch tomorrow. Hopefully, we get some good footage for that nalandi i don’t. We might not take the landing tomorrow. We may take that in another video. I have a half day after tomorrow, thursday, so we may take that down to the woods as well and do a little crawling session. I might do a non speaking video where i don’t speak in it like our first ones and just let the landy take the video for you guys but yeah.

This is my kind of style and yeah, but yeah. Definitely the land drivers, my favorite track of them all another thing i wanted to show you guys i’ll transport you over here i haven’t gotten born so yeah is you guys have been supporting my channel so much we’ve already hit eight subs. I don’t know if you caught that guys, but hopefully you did eight subs there we’re getting a lot of views over here for your focus yeah. You guys have been supporting this channel so much and is helping. We have been out for months now. Let’S say it goes back up. We, the channel, has officially been out for a month because our first video has been posted out for a month ago. So we have had a couple of comments. I would love if you guys subscribe and do a lot more comments to see what other things we could do in this video and how we could test these trucks down here we have them here. I just need the comments to see what more content i can make for you guys and see what content you like, but yeah, the last video it was the toy grade hobby grade versus the toy grade and yeah. I can’t believe that the toy grade actually got a couple of points, but then, with the bashing side, i was not surprised with the toy grade to take it, because the toy grades are really built compact and simple.

When these newer models, these days are more complicated or less to say complex, but they are strong in their own way. So, on the landy for just example, i drove it downstairs the first day and only broke a bumper, so yeah it does have some toughness in it. Isn’T designed to go down a set of stairs like that, because there’s about 20 steps, i don’t really count but yeah, probably 11 or 20. I can’t remember it’s not designed for that, but it still only just broke a bumper and we also found that my cousin found it, which i explained in another video and we glued it back on that’s, roughly all what broke. Now we blew the motor in there, but then going up a hill where some of you guys see it’s, probably about that it’s, probably the maximum for it and then yeah that’s understandable, but also if you haven’t seen the video we have done a motor change and How to change your motor in the mn 99s so go check that out. If you haven’t seen it yeah we’re doing all kinds of videos back on this channel. Hopefully you guys love this one. I hope this helped you guys out in the hobby, because yeah it’s up to you guys, if you just want something to mess around in the house, maybe a toy grade would be where to start for you, but if you want to mess around, maybe outside a Hobby grade is probably the way to go, because toy grades are not always the best outside they they some are some rc cars out there, which are toy grade, do do the job, but if you want more experience and a bit more fun in the hobby here, Then a hobby grade would be straight where to start that’s why it has been a new hobby clearly but yeah.

That is probably the best way to start just save up get yourself hobby grade the one you like my one was obviously the defender. Look. The land overlook, but obviously there’s loads of other looks you got to pick up, looks maybe you’ve got some, which are a bit lighter, not as top heavy you’ve got the old classic looks. You got like chevy bodies stuff, like that it’s, whatever suits your guys or whatever you guys prefer as a truck would be but yeah and then obviously you guys may have to invest in batteries depending how high you get. I ain’t sponsored by traxxas or anything but most of their trucks what they sell. You have to get the batteries and chargers separately, which is a partly annoying, but then they are expensive, similar batteries, but you can run them differently, but yeah that’s, just how they are. But that’s how they probably make their money by selling them separately, but then their products are very good. I’Ve seen a lot of videos on most of the traxxas, mainly at crawlers, so the trx4 and then yeah stuff like that, so they’re very good. Let me just go over here: most of the batteries you get with a hobby grade would be equipped with probably one of these right here, that’s the charging port normally and then obviously, this part is i’ll. Show you that to you, yeah that’s, the part what plugs into the truck? Obviously, if i go down really quickly open up the bottom of the truck, this is obviously the lower end of the hobby glaze my land rover, and they have these.

I don’t know what you’re called about call them a t connector by looks for it, but i don’t know but yeah and that’s the lingerie for one yeah, that’s um that’s, really all i have for this video, so yeah. I hope you guys liked the video and it actually gave you a kind of an idea where you would go and depend what section of the hobby you would go because there’s lots of sections. You have like the bass one. You have the fast one and then you have the crueler ones that’s just like crawling. You have a trailer one and you have a rock crawling on. Then you just have crawling all together, there’s a lot of different sections in the hobby. But then, as soon as you find, the one that you like and then you’re all away – and you just yeah – make baby group up with a load of friends and just have a spread out of our season. Just have fun all together. Maybe you’ll be like me and just make some content like this. Just put it up on youtube, it doesn’t cost. You anything, probably cost you like a couple pounds. I use my phone here. I have the hawaii p30 light, just a phone and i paid 20 pounds for this gimbal not much but yeah, and it didn’t cost me much it’s, probably not the best quality. I do have a camera. I can grab that quickly for you guys.

I have this camera here. This is um the van top um moment. Four. It was like 70 pounds. It was not really much, but sometimes like with the footage, with the dates on the thing where the dates kept on going wrong. This was the thing i used because it has 4k on it, which was nice and yeah. If you guys want me to use this for maybe a couple more videos, i have sorted out a handle for myself, so it’s a little bit easier. You know like to video myself. I may do that in the next video. You know the one where we take out this mega beast out here down here: that’s the name of this one we’re going to call the defender, the what’s going called the defender, the landi and we’re, going to call the red one, the mega beast, because yes it’s The beast sometimes, that climbing over things yeah i’ll, use this next video for you guys it’s, pretty simple to use. I tried you up with users next and yeah that’s. All i have for you guys so yeah like and subscribe. Please. I want us to get to 10 subscribers, hopefully by tomorrow’s video that’d be very nice.