So let me go ahead and open it for you guys. This is brand new I’m. Not setting this up same thing as last time. They send you a car that where they tell you that you need somebody to program this, when you look at the description, I don’t think they tell you that and they also send you this customer support card here’s the company that makes it it’s called keyless option. Alright, so the remote does come with the battery, which is a good thing. So let’s get this out of here and let’s get programming, Music, Music, all right, what’s, going on guys so check it out. Last video, I showed you guys how to program this remote using a snap on varus, and I told you guys that I would show you to program it with the automatic says so: I’m right here, hooked up to the scanner and we’re gon na see if the Scanner has the option to program this chemistry mode. I haven’t open it. I just got it from Amazon, so we’re gon na see if the scanners are able to do it. If not, then there’s no problems, because I got my snap on various and high end ready to program it so usually where this is. That is this it’s under hot function and you’re, just gon na have to program into the body control module just like with it. In the last video so let’s see here, let’s see what’s under engine controls and control module or life reset.

We don’t need to do that. So what do we go? Back? Let’S, go back, come on diagnostics, all right, so let’s go back engine electrical, maybe control module or life reset there’s, nothing! There, ABS, I wouldn’t be there instrument panel, the so all we have here is life reset theft deterrent. Maybe nothing lose control just for the of it. Nothing HVAC nothing. I don’t know what’s going on here with this hot function. Usually you go under hot function and you’re able to program a remote programming, BCM program, a tire pressure monitoring system, but we’re not able to do it here. So let me go ahead and hit diagnostic and do a complete scan of this and I’m gon na see. If it scans the body control module, maybe I can communicate with it and go through there and because I know there’s things I could do with this scanner that I can’t do with the Feres, and I know there’s things that I can do with the Bears that I can’t do with the auto so it’s good to have both, but I know what everybody doesn’t have the money for this, but we’re gon na see, if it’s possible, Hey, I scanned the whole all the modules that are in this car. This car has a total of shitload of models. It has 23 that I counted. Some of them do have faults in them, but I don’t see one for the body control module, so I don’t know where I’m gon na have to go so I can program this.

So I think, if I go to the body, control module or one then controls it. I might have a special function for programming this remote, so let’s see. If I can special functions engine nothing there. What would it be? What would be what’s si R and a lock body rear end? I don’t know if it’ll be under ABS. A lot of times are linked together, they’re connected together, nothing there. This is the same thing as engine okay, so I’m, basically trying to connect to the body control module, like I did with the snap on scanner so that I can program it for you guys and show you guys how easy it is. Maybe instrument panel call the same. I don’t think this scanner is able to do it special functions, body control, module all right, so it’s under tab deterrant. You can bpp it’s brake pedal position, sensor, setup, SDM part, ID number and ECM program, key fobs, which is what I’m gon na do all right. It says every time a fob is program, it’s necessary to put them all of them, so the one that I programmed last time with my snap on scanner, which is this one right here, I have to program it again all right and then I got to program The other one, which is a new one, that I got so if we’re able to do it, it just took us a little bit of time to find where we’re supposed to go but it’s doable.

So here we go, it says simultaneously press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob now, which is holding together, heard a beep. Now I go to the one over here. Can I hold those two together that beep is done now we go and wait. Okay and that’s it see if this new key fob works, locks unlocks trunk same thing as last time to see if the trunk works and it does there, you have it guys. Another key fob: another key fob programmed using the auto maxes a cheaper option than the snap on various, but they can both get the job done so, whatever scanner you have available to you, if you’re ordering these key fob from Amazon just know that you’re gon na Have to have them programmed using a scanner you don’t have to little dealership.