When i have a feeling we might find out maybe later on this week. I do not think it can be more than a matter of days away anyway. Let’S take a look at the new updates and talk about what this little red button is for, because i have a very, very good idea – and yours truly guessed several months back – that the very next car tracks us we’re, going to bring out was a traxxas drag. Slash it wasn’t rocket science. As, to my mind, the whole of the no prep track scene was based around the traxxas slash. I think what we’re gon na see with the new trucks is drag. Slash is, i can pretty much completely reinvented platform around the car with a lot of new features like that new gearbox, and what a cracker the new gearbox on the drag, slash promises to be pro series, magnum 272r transmission, to give it its full name. It appears to be very well engineered, indeed, i’m, going to dive straight down into the detail of the bottom of it on this exploded diagram. Here we are heavy duty, smooth metal, running gears. This looks extremely well engineered from the outset, to my mind, reinforced case t6 aluminum motor plate hardened steel input, shaft, sealed full gear differential on here. Another red button i mentioned it’s, clearly not for operating a two speed transmission, as this is just a single speed transmission and to drill down into more detail just check out the engineering on that diff.

That definitely looks built to put up with some severe power. Maybe more power than a 3s setup on there. Looking at this, it certainly looks like something that could take 4s or maybe even a little bit more and here are the specs in a little more detail. Hardened steel input, shaft tunable, sealed bevel gear diff with 500k diff fluid in here. So this is designed from drag racing from the very outset, low profile, high strength, transmission case, low profile means it’s going to keep the center of gravity lower heavy duty, torque control adjustable slipper clutch. This is maybe something you are going to be able to use to tune the launch of the car anyway, what’s going to be powering. That, though, that’s the question on all our minds, but, like i say i have a feeling there’s going to be more than one of these cars, possibly three different specs coming out on launch day or shortly thereafter. But the biggest question i have for you is on the new traxxas drag slash what’s this little red button here for because, if you’ve been paying attention – and you looked at the pictures of the traxxas tsm setup on the drag car the other day, you may not Have noticed that button on the transmitter, but here it is very clearly shown on the traxxas drug, slash tsm page. You may not have spotted that on there, but i did – and i was thinking well traxxas then i’m gon na have included that switch on there for fun, but they do say this car has got some groundbreaking technology on there.

So i think we have a few surprises as yet on this car for anyone that is not sure what tsm does structure stability management a bit like avc, is on the low c cars. So what does it do? Well, it keeps you in control, but it doesn’t limit the power of the car, so it is different from the lossy avc in that respect, as long as the avc does actually back off the power in order to retain control on there. So what does tsm do? Well, for those that aren’t familiar, you can vary the function from zero to 100 as how much interaction it has on the car. What does it do? It keeps the car in a straight line. Think of it as like traction control for rc cars. Now you can dial it up. You can dial it down as much as you want, but the interesting thing on the track says drag. Slash is it’s, got two modes standard mode on during race and braking, but with no drag racing you can’t have any form of traction control during the race itself. But what they’ve got is a drag race mode where you can off during the race. But then you can put the tsm on during breaking meaning you can pull up to a safe stop because many of us flip the cars under braking, even if you’ve had a good drag run. So that is the basics of what tsm is.

But let’s talk a little bit more about what that red switch might be for, but it is a clue. Traxxas didn’t put that on there for fun. So back to my original point: what could this little red button be for well on something like the traxxas trx4 trx 6? That button is used for switching between high and low speed gear, but we’ve just seen the new gearbox is only a single speed. Well clearly, it is not going to be having a two speed transmission on the drag car. So what else could it be for richie? I am thinking it could be for a line lock now if anyone is not familiar with what a line lock is a line lock on a car on a drag car enables you to just put on the front brakes, so it locks the front wheels. But if you’ve got a rear, wheel, drive car, you can do a burnout and then you can release the front brakes by turning the switch on there and you rock it off down the road. I am thinking. That is what this switch is for, but have your say in the comment section below the video, but there is also another option. I would like to talk about a little bit more fanciful. Oh, if anyone is thinking, oh they’re, just reusing this transmitter wretch. Well, if they were doing that wouldn’t, they just use something like this from the traxxas vortec, which he’s also got the tsm on and save money by not fitting that extra red switch.

After all people going about traxxas, they are in the business of making money. I have no problem at all with that as a support and part service. Second, to none to my mind on there. They have included that red switch for a reason well shot here. Could they have done something or like put in a parachute to slow the car down, as featured on real drag cars like this? Now that might be a bit wild, but don’t rule it out, because people looked at traxxas and said what x4 tracks are springing out of the crawl up, that’s, ridiculous and then, within a month the rest of the world wasn’t laughing at all, see my point partly Ingest as when we look at the back of the car, there doesn’t appear to be any room to put a parachute on there, but who knows could be an option for the future much the same as the handbrake module could be retrofitted to something like an armor Infraction so food for thought, maybe and taking a look at that body in more detail, it does appear. The production model is going to have conventional body posts on there. The first images that appear to show a perfectly flush body with no body posts on there but they’re on the front. And if you look there, they’re on the back in between the wheel wells as well and color wise we’ve got a choice of six different colors. From traxxas personally, i am quite liking that red line red color on the top left there closely followed by the ultraviolet purple in the bottom right, what’s, your favorite color, and while this is a licensed replica, chevy c10 body we’ve also got ultra wide mickey thompson.

E.T, drag slicks, mickey thompson very famous, drag racer over here in the us and went on to make his own range of drag racing tires on there. So they are a fully licensed tyre as well, and that wheelie bar on the back five position adjustable on there. Plenty more photos for you to look at in the traxxas website on your own times, i fill in the mini site when it comes up it’s going to be cracking anyway. Hope you found this video on the traxxas drag, slash updates, thought provoking. Have your say in the comments section below the video.