I dont know what happened. I think i was also burnt out making videos and rc reviews. You know and ive got to say sorry about that. I didnt comment on the channel. I just didnt come on to my youtube channel at all. I havent flown any quadcopters. I havent driven any rc cars lately, my heart just kind of shifted, and i just wanted to spend as much time with my family as possible and thats. What i have been doing. You know its been great over the years. Absolutely amazing, where everybodys subscribing to the channel and supporting me your comments, you know i couldnt ask for anything else and ive met a lot of friends along the way, but i wont be making any more videos at all its not that banger dont send me because You want me to do reviews they do. I just dont want to and, like i said, my hearts, not in it anymore. In the background, you can see its the eachine emacs e 03 fpv rc car. I tell you one thing: its an absolutely excellent little car for driving in the house and outside too ive, driven it all around the house without losing signal from it and when ive tried other rc cars. I did, but this ones great you know and with the built in vtx and camera, and you can also get box goggles with it, but bangers are not selling it at the minute. They might sell it again if they do.

If i was you id pick one up its great fun heres some footage here in the background, as you can see me driving around the house, but all is not lost, because i will be im gon na pick up something else that i used to do a Long time ago, before i even got into the rc hobby, i used to game a lot now. What im going to do is open my gaming channel. It will be connected to this channel, but there wont be any gaming videos on this channel and i would love it very much if you could come over and have a look when ive got it all set up and running and if you like it subscribe and Uh ill be there and ill answer your comments and its gon na be great fun. Well, do walkthroughs well, do all sorts of gaming videos its limitless, you know and my son will be doing them as well. He plays a lot of games and hopefully one of my friends will uh join in and maybe do some benchmarking videos. I dont know ive yet to see. If you still want to do that again, i must apologize to everybody for taking so long to come on a channel and actually let you know whats going on and where, where ive been, and why i havent posted anything up, and thank you for your support over The years i mean making rc videos is not an easy thing.

It takes up a lot of time, but it can be a lot of fun as well, and i had amazing fun over the years doing it. You know when i look back at some of the videos, the joy just watching and thinking wow did i actually make that video. You know i did and editing them took so much time. Then you had to write down what you wanted to say and stuff. So you wouldnt forget anything and everything that you got. Every quadcopter was different. Every rc car was different, the buttons layouts everything was different, you know, and it was great to learn. It was a great experience and i loved every minute and im going to miss all you guys, honestly, im ive missed all of you guys. I just i dont know. I think i felt a bit guilty. I left it that long. I just couldnt come back and face it, but now i realized it was wrong with me and im sorry again, but this is why im making this post anyway im going to leave it at that, and once i get this gaming channel up and running like i Said i hope you can hop on over, have a little look if you like what you see then just subscribe and therell be plenty of fun. Coming up ill, be commenting talking voiceovers when im playing the videos as well, because ill get a whole set up here. Um well thats it for now and well.