We do a full comparison erase and tell you what rc is best for you. Coming up Music, hey what’s up guys i’m joe and i’m, amber with the rc kiwis on this channel with everything from bashing crawling speed, runs unboxing reviews and much more so if you’re new here consider subscribing that way, you won’t miss out on any of our future. Rc adventures and in today’s adventure we’re going head to head in a race with the traxxas slash 4×4 ultimate up against our armor typhon 6s. Then, at the end of the video we’re, going to tell you which one we like better but before we get into that. First, let’s do a quick side by side comparison of these two rc’s well joe i’m. Just wondering. Can we even compare these two come on come on amber we’re, the rc kiwis? We do all kinds of different things here on the rc kiwis we compare the tractor. Slash and the armor type one we’ve compared the traxxas max and the low c lmt it’s all about having the funds at the end of the day, but let’s jump straight into the comparison, starting off the similarities and well there we go. That is the similarities done and dusted because they have very different rc’s. They got four wheels. They’Ve got a radio, the radio control yeah. I said radio, not remote control. Someone in the comments would be happy about that one uh they have got oil field shocks.

They are metal gear, servos that’s about it. The four was right, but there is one main similarity between these two rc’s, and that is that they are the exact same price of 499.99, so they are fairly expensive rc’s. But if you’re looking with a budget of about 500 to pick up an rc, these two are probably going to be on your list. Although the typhon will set you back a little bit more because you are going to require two 3s lipo batteries, instead of the one 3s life battery or one single 6s laptop battery to get the most performance out of this rc you’re going to want to be Running it on 6s power, starting off with the differences and let’s be real. These cars are both completely different and starting with the slash. This is a 110 scale, short course truck that is capable of 100 kilometers per hour with optional gearing i’m pretty sure we got ours up to 80, something completely stock out of the box for the electrics it comes with a velenion 3500 kv, brushless motor and a Vxl 3s capable waterproof ec yeah it’s waterproof esc, but it is a shame that it does not come with a fan stock out of the box because it does get really really hot we’ve got enough. We’Ve upgraded ours by putting on a fan there and we’re gon na have a video in the future. Looking at the temperature differences between running a slash on 3s power with no fan versus with a fan, it is a big difference.

The video will be coming very soon. Some other main differences here with the slash is that it is a lot lighter. Oh yeah, the scales are broken, it can’t be right, so the tracks are slash we’re at 105.5 and that’s, because there’s a lot more plastic going on in the tracks of slash you’ve, got a plastic chassis, plastic front and rear shock towers and plastic axles, but because We’Ve got the ultimate edition of the tractor, slash, which is the highest spec version that you can buy at the moment, ready to run. It does have a lot of aluminum upgrades like that center drive shaft and the steering knuckles and rear hubs or aluminum that helps improve the durability of this car, but it also helps lower the center gravity, which is going to improve its handling when around the track. It also has open front and rear differentials with a center slipper clutch. Now let’s move on to the armor typhon 6s and look at the differences that we have here. The alma taifon is a 1 8 scale, electric buggy it is designed for batting, but with some minor adjustments. It goes really really well on the track as well. It is capable of 112 kilometers per hour plus stock out of the box, that’s crazy and there’s. Some crazy speeds, but i’ve seen guys get this thing well above 100 miles per hour, plus maybe one day we’ll have to try that challenge 100 miles per hour with the armor typhon.

I think we got better chance of hitting that speed when compared to the sg, 1 and 603. I see now for the electric stock out of the box. The armor typhoon version 5 comes with a spectrum, firmer 2050 kv motor and a spectrum firmware 150 amp esc. Now our armor type on is heavily modified and upgraded. We’Ve got a hobby wing, 2200 kv motor and the hobby wing max 8 esc. Now, if you want to know more about the upgrades we’ve done through this we’ve got a whole video on it. Go check that out afterwards we’ll leave a link to that video in the description down below now. The arma typhon is a much heavier rc, 106.7 and that’s, because there’s a lot more aluminium going on in this rc, with a three millimeter thick aluminium chassis that comes stock with this rc. It also has aluminium shock, house front and rear and all metal drive, shafts and axles throughout this rc. So there’s a lot heavier a lot more weight, and that also is something to consider. If you’re, looking at getting one of these two rc, the slash being lighter it’s, going to pose less threat, less danger, if you, if, especially if you’re younger driving this car around, whereas at the taipon, this thing can be deadly seriously deadly with that top speed of 112 kilometer plus and been a very heavy rc. If you jump that thing at top speed and you’re coming close to, like maybe happen to amber, it can be a near death experience.

The armatai phone also has front rear and center differentials. That is just a brief overview of both of these cars and, if you do want to find out more we’ll leave links in the description down below of these cars and of the cheaper versions. Anyway, that is enough. Talking let’s head to the track and see how these perform side by side we’re back here at lari warehouse in hong kong, with our 2rc, of course, we’ve got the typhon 6s and the traxxas ultimate 4×4 it’s a beast. Let’S see what battery is going to be running in these 2 rc’s today, lipo bags, man make sure you’re keeping those batteries safe in the lipo bags, and we also brought our team associated b 6.2 dig with their beautiful paint. Job done by yours, truly so amber, looks like you’ve got a selection of batteries there. What batteries do we have today? Okay, let me try my best. So today we are running this turnigy nanotech 5000 milliamp 70 to 150c discharge, six cell lipo battery wow i’m. Very impressed, secondly, we’re going to be running this turner g 5500, milliamp 140 seed discharge 4s lifo battery – not quite so, this is three cell. This is six cell we’re gon na be running that one in the typhon, this one three cell running those in the slash and then we’ve got these two from gen ace. These are five thousand milliamp. Fifty seeds discharge three cell lipos there’s, two of them, so we might use them together to make success for the typhon or we might use them separating the slash these two.

We bought it for our own money. These ones we got sent out for free from gennady. So thanks so much, but you can see the good thing about these batteries is. They are super super compact. I mean these. Both three sell. Yeah that’s got a bit more capacity, but i mean look at that: it’s, almost half the size, almost half the size of that so the other battery’s gon na be raining worse, is probably better than the typhon for this trick, but look we’re having a bunch of Fun we’ve been driving these cars around a lot, so we’re gon na do some more warming up right now and then we’ll get into the race and joe’s gon na lose Applause, Music, Music, well there’s. Finally, race day me, i am on that typhon 6s beast amber is on the checker station four by four it’s. Only three is power, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s a little bit of speed. Are you ready, i’m ready give us the countdown for race number one three, two one go and off we go, and i say it every time, but these gopros are not going to last very long, especially on the slur he’s taking a nice and easy look at This i mean at the predictions amber and we did say that typhon is so much better around the track and she’s 100 correct and we’re just going we’re taking it easy here, taking it easy and well now i can just go all out amber now.

I can just go all out number two, so guys it’s, three laps each. If we forgot to say it is three laps you’re so far ahead. This is just too easy. They are the type on so much better yeah at the track. So you know those track tyres. I did a bit of tuning to it, the ride height and i had a program, some tips, and it was just so much easier. This is just – and i think i should have given you a message. I’M, pretty sure you could have i’d love to actually see a comparison between the db pro and the type my gopro’s gone. Oh no, there we go. The gopro on ems is gone as well now, i’ll see if i can catch it. Oh, it doesn’t sound, very good. Over there you’ve entered into lap number two. Oh there we go there’s the gopro Music i’m about to enter my final lap. Here we go. Ah, oh my gosh what’s, going on what’s wrong is that it went over you’re literally about to let me i’m stuck. Oh there we go. I just left them. I will say i did come to the track. Oh, that was bad. I did oh man no what’s going on i’m stuck. Oh, there is a little bit of a uh. Stick there or something potentially, oh, no, no, no you’re! Still winning! Oh! No! There we go there. We go no you’re, not amber no enough! Well, i didn’t.

Let you i didn’t, let you i i did for a second there, you freaked out there and there we go. I’Ve won race number. One and there’s still got a wee while to go i’m gon na run down, get those gopros and then we’ll get into race number two, that is race number two well you’re straight into it. I’M. Now, on the slash amazon, the typhon give us the countdown okay. Three two one go: oh emma’s, desperate to win this i’m. Definitely gon na win. This i’m gon na i’ve been i’ll. Tell you what guys i’ve been here, another five hours earlier than ever: yeah she’d work. So i rocked up five hours earlier and he’s been practicing round around in circles. Oh i’ve done about a million laps on that typhoon. I managed to get a lap time off 27 seconds same. Actually, oh, you got 28. No, i forgot to tell you you had the drone on. Oh, no, oh no looks like i could. Let you i don’t think so. I still got a chance here: it’s, three laps and then just relax and presented into lap number two i’m trailing behind. I’Ve got to say: i’ve got the rc kiwi sticker that’s, going to help me go a bit faster, a little bit better at handling i’m. Quite proud of myself. I feel, like i’ve, improved a lot at the track, oh yeah, to what you definitely have. I think if anyone went back to our first race day, video with the wl toys, one two, four, two eight, it was humiliating and amber’s flipped like four Music.

So this is your final left hander. This is the final layer. You might win this one, you clear! Oh no it’s crashing all day long. Two one go: okay. There we go amber’s entering into her final lap, and i started to catch up on you and, though you didn’t, oh i’m, gon na keep it up so i’m, getting pretty quick with those tracks and slash ultimate. How are you so easy to control? Oh, like i said, amber, i was here five hours earlier, so i had a lot of practice with it um, but it is a lot of fun. The slipper was a bit loose, but now timed it up, so it does help. Oh no, okay! I got this one on the back. You’Ve won this. I got this one. What am i doing? Well, there we go. Anza has won race number two. I won’t race, the one which means it is the tie. Breaker paper, scissors rock hey, i choose the taipong. It is race number three, the time, breaker most important races tonight, amazon, the typhon i’m on the slash, give us the countdown okay, three two one go: oh amber’s! I feel, like i probably shouldn’t, do that because there’s only one lap, guys i’ll ever do Applause! Oh, that was so close at the end there that was so close, wow good race amber good job on the win, all right, it’s time we go home and tell you guys what one we like, the most man.

I arrived early at the track today and got so much practice and i was there for hours and somehow amber still bit me. This is completely unacceptable. I might have to get myself a techno or something you get a bunch more practice when i’m out there well to be fair, joe. I was on the typhon for two of those three races which definitely put me at a huge advantage. Well, i guess so i’m going to be the one doing the dishes tonight, but before we get to those dishes or i get to those dishes and if you had 500 bucks in your pocket and you had to buy one of these toasties – which one would it Be and why well, it is a hard question because they are both really awesome rc’s, but personally i would go for the slash, because if you watch our videos, you will know that i have awesome fun on this. It is good it’s good at the track. I love it at the track, although i struggled this time uh, it is extremely durable. We get to break it which absolutely baffles me, because i think every single other car that we own has broken in some way, especially at mx club, so yeah. Definitely the slash in my opinion, but what about you well for me, i remember just remember guys it’s only our opinion, it’s, only our opinion you’ve got yours, we’ve got ours now. For me it is a tough one, but i’ve got to say.

It’S got to be the armor typhoon 6s, and that is just because simply right out of the box, this thing is an absolute animal. When it comes to power, it’s got more power, it’s got more speed, and i just have to say i prefer the type on and another reason why i prefer. It is because well at our local track back in new zealand, which we plan on joining as soon as we get back home, uh the most common rc. There is a 1 8 scale, electric buggy and so for for us. We want to start getting into racing, of course, we’re going to be in the novice class and let’s begin a class, but we want to get into some racing and well the most common, buggies or rc’s that they’re racing at one eight skull buggies or it makes Sense that i would go ahead and buy the armatai phone as my choice. If i had a 500 500 in my pocket to buy an rc now with some minor upgrades and adjustability, you can get this thing. We can prove another track. I had a pro out there give me some tips on the toe, the toe and the toe out, the camera, all sorts of names and words, and i was learning quite a bit out there and i found it handle a lot easier around the track than the Traxxas slash now, if we, you know, once we get into this racing, we’re going to need to get a second one, eight scale, buggy and i’m thinking getting either the techno 1 8 scale buggy or a uh, the kyosho mp9 e evo 2.

0. Let us know in the comments down below which out of those tasks, would you want to see on our channel when we head back to new zealand for some racing, when we are going to be trying to travel around new zealand visiting all the racetracks and trying To enter into some of those novice competitions, i think they’ll be a lot of fun to watch the entertaining watching us loving how bad we are. So, to summarize, if you’ve got 500 in your pocket and you’re wanting to pick up one of these two rc’s go with one that makes sense to you and your local area. For example, if you enjoy speed, you enjoy doing, speed runs and your local track is primarily one. Eight sky buggies go for the arma typhon. If you prefer the look of a of a short course truck, and your local track has a lot of short course. Truck racing, or maybe your friends, have got a bunch of tracks or slashes. Well then go for the tractor slash either way, you’re not going to be disappointed, because both of these rc’s are certainly some of our top picks. When it comes to our favorite rc that we own and guys remember, both of these cars will be linked in the description box down below, along with the cheaper versions of them. And if you consider getting one for yourself and you happen to go through one of our links, it won’t cost you any extra, but it does help out the channel.