Uh crawling our rigs around this thing, but a lot of you have asked me hey. I want to get into mini crawling, which crawler should i get well. I’Ve got a bunch of them here and today, we’re gon na find out let’s. Do it Music, uh, Music, so let’s take a look at all these crawlers individually we’re gon na break them down into four categories: one price: how much does it cost two after market upgrades and availability, three scale looks and finally performance. First off we have the element: enduro 24.. This is the cheapest truck on our list coming in at a hundred dollars now i’m sure there’s, probably another brand out there, that uh has a mini crawler that you can get into for less than 100 bucks. So element is, of course, a team associated brand. This is the transmitter that it comes with pretty popular with a lot of these mini crawlers and some of the cheaper horizon hobby brands and it’s powered by this. This is just a little one cell lipo battery 520 milliamp hours, and you can expect a good 20 minutes or so of crawling out of this itty bitty little battery. The element does have pretty small wheels and tires uh, but the tires are actually a really nice compound as far as aftermarket there’s, not a whole lot of aftermarket accessories that you can get for this. You can get wheel weights, but you have to be careful about the inside diameter of the wheel weights themselves.

Remember these are pretty small wheels and tires. As far as skill looks goes. I mean this isn’t a licensed body, it’s kind of a mix between a ford and a dodge kind of looking thing. You do have this cool bull bar in the front with a molded plastic, a fair lead for a winch, obviously not a whole lot of places to put a winch in there, but you do have led lights now. The thing about these led lights is they’re. Only illuminated under throttle, so when the truck is just sitting there, these lights are off and then, as you pull the trigger the lights kind of come on, it looks a little cheesy but hey at least uh. You know a for effort, no lights in the back, and you do have a fair bit of body that hangs over the rear tires, not the greatest departure angle, but uh. At least it doesn’t have like a big plastic chunky, rear bumper that’s gon na get hung up on stuff and around the crawler track. This performs pretty well okay, so here you can see the lights on the front they don’t come on unless i’m i’m under throttle. Now keep in mind, this is the this is totally stock, and this is probably the least capable truck that i’ve got here and, as you can see, it is just struggling to get up this hill. It doesn’t wan na do it. You got ta find just the right line and uh.

Oh, you got ta, find just the right line and really kind of take your time and use a combination of just flat out throttling out to get up stuff as well. As you know, precise tire placement. This is the hardest obstacle on this whole table, but oh it can make it up. It can make it up. You just got to be persistent and precise and really be careful about where you’re placing your tires without any selectable gear speeds um. You know it. You kind of got ta make up for uh, you kind of got ta make up for a lack of performance with uh, just good driving, and you see there you go next up, we have the rgt24, so this is actually the same exact chassis. Everything underneath is exactly the same as the element. This obviously has a land rover defender d90 body on it, and there are a couple differences like this has a big chunky, bumper in the rear, a spare tire. The wheels are ever so slightly different, but the tires are exactly the same: here’s the transmitter for it. It should look really familiar to the team associated element, enduro 24 and the battery as well. However, the rgts do come with a second battery. I haven’t really noticed a difference other than physical dimension between the two batteries aftermarket on this is going to be the same as the element enduro. You can find wheel weights again, you got to be careful of getting the right size.

You got to get the pretty small brass wheel weights. This one actually does have the brass wheel weights and you can kind of see them in there there they are now, since the rgt uh does have a rear bumper, it has lights in the rear, as well as the front, but just like the element, the lights Are only illuminated under throttle, prices on these fluctuate a little bit, but i usually find them for right around 100 dollars, maybe like 115 and as far as budget spec goes. I really do like this one better than the team associated just because i, like this body i’m, a big land rover fan and the defenders are always cool as far as performance go. This is a little top heavy. Seeing that we’ve got this uh cage around the body, and we also have the spare tire on the back, making it pretty heavy up high and the rear bumper uh. Definitely doesn’t do good things for a lot of your approach, angles and departure angles. I personally, like the red ethan, digs the silver, so this one’s ethan’s this one’s mine and it’s fun. When you have two identical rigs, uh one stock and one modified, then you can really tell uh. You know where the improvements are all right, so we’re gon na try the stock rgt. First now see this again has the lights that are only illuminated when you’re under throttle. Now this thing being quite a bit uh top heavy, it might make for a challenge here.

Pretty much same kind of driving characteristics as the team associated um. You know a kind of a combination between tire placement and just brute force and finding just the right line, see that back bumper is getting hung up there. Oh come on come on, do it no it’s gon na roll backwards there the tires on this thing are really grippy um, but being that they’re, the smallest diameter you got to make up for it with just driving skill hand to god there we try and find The right line come on. I know it’s possible i’ve done it before with this thing, but oh, my gosh, can we get up there? Oh speed, speed is the answer. Oh come on, i’m gon na have to back up a bit. Oh, ah, if those tires were just a little bit bigger and we had some more weight – ah it’s, not gon na, do it guys now we’re gon na drive ethan’s modified rgt crawler here. So this has wheel weights and uh some other weights strategically placed here and we’re gon na see. If this one does any better, i mean, obviously you can see. It’S staying planted a lot better than um the totally stock one, but oh it’s still, you know it’s still got those little wheels that it’s just it’s struggling. Oh we’ll, try speed! Yes, again, speed is the answer and there we go. Look at that crawled up there. Very nicely and making it across the bridge with no problem the axial scx 24, so exo makes a couple different vehicles all on the scx 24 chassis.

This is just two examples here: we’ve got the chevy c10 and the deadbolt the price on these is very, very similar. These are right around 115 to 130, depending on where you buy them and which version you actually choose to get. They also make this in a jeep body that looks really cool too. So, underneath everything is exactly the same. They use the same. Batteries have the same drive lines same suspension, same motor, same esc, same transmitter. The good thing about this transmitter is, you do have quite a bit of adjustment and you can also select from high medium and low speed right here on the fly. So if you’re going over something technical and you don’t want to have a whole lot of wheel speed, you can certainly do it. But then, if you’re trying to climb something vertical – and you need that extra wheel speed, you can crank it up into high speed and really dial in uh the throttle response rate and overall speed of this thing pretty easily. As far as aftermarket goes, the aftermarket for these is huge uh. My axial scx 24 here is actually pretty heavily modified. This is another cool thing. The body actually hinges back, which gets you inside pretty easily. So this one has power hobby suspension, it’s, not oil filled suspension, but it does actually lift the ride height of the truck quite a bit and obviously they’re all metal fully adjustable, and you can really dial in some performance out of these things.

It also has brass wheel, weights, brass steering, knuckles and brass diff covers front and back. This is definitely one of the most capable trucks that i have as far as scale looks goes uh, the chevy c10. This is an actual licensed body. In fact, underneath we can see boom right there, 1967 chevrolet c10. It definitely gets some skill points there. This is a plastic molded front grille here and you can see there are some sticker details. Underneath the headlights look pretty realistic. Obviously they don’t work, but we do get leds in the front. Bumper look at how short and stubby the rear end on this thing is. It makes your departure angle really really nice. You don’t have to worry about dragging your bumper over everything i’ve seen a lot of guys take the front bumper off just to kind of prevent it from getting hung up on stuff. But you know at the end of the day it is a lexan body. You know none of these lights work. They are light buckets, so you could put lights in there if you wanted to not super duper scale, uh, but definitely a lot more skilled. Looking uh than some of the cheaper trucks out there. The deadbolt, on the other hand, is not a licensed body. Uh. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I really like the way the deadbolt looks and this color, i i just i can’t, i can’t – do it justice on camera.

The color is really unique and pretty cool the deadbolt body. You can see how it’s got the curse of curves here. It really allows for some pretty good articulation. You can flex this thing pretty hard and the wheels are not rubbing on the body it’s, something that wasn’t possible with the c10. Until i added the suspension and put that lift kit on it, so huge aftermarket these things perform really really well right. Out of the gate i mean, axial is one of the biggest names in rc crawling and uh yeah. The scx 24 is probably the most popular mini crawler out there. The deadbolt now remember this is ethan’s deadbolt. It is completely totally stock uh, but it does have the tallest tires out of any of the axial or really any of the crawlers that i have here and, as you can see it, just oh, oh i’m falling off the bridge a little bit. Oh no yeah! Let me see if i can do that, one a little bit better. Oh, it loves. Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah! There we go there. We go wheel, speed, Laughter! Well, there you have it. It got up there but uh. You know now the modified scx. 24. I mean look at that. Look at that. The thing just sticks hard, first, try up and over beautiful and last, but certainly not least, the most expensive mini crawler that i have the kyosho mini z, suzuki chimney.

So kyosho makes the mini z crawlers in a couple different styles. They make this the suzuki jimny the toyota land cruiser, and they also make a jeep. I think the chimney looks the best uh, which is why i got this one. Oh, my gosh, is it expensive guys? These are 200., and this is arguably the worst performing mini crawler that i own. However, as far as scale attention to detail, i mean this thing is 10 out of 10.. If you own any kyosho mini z, stuff, you know exactly what i’m talking about these bodies. First of all, it’s not lexan, it’s hard plastic, and they are just really really super detailed. I mean from the wheels to the door handles to the door locks to the lights, to the antennas, to the windshield wipers to the lenses on the headlights. I mean everything on this thing is really really detailed and it drives so smooth again. If you’ve driven any of the kyosho minizi stuff, you will know that they just drive. Unlike anything else, the thing is absolutely butter, smooth, there’s, no juddering uh really really fun to drive. It definitely has the smallest wheels here. Look at those itty bitty little things, and it certainly makes it challenging to get over uh big obstacles on the crawler table, but i mean fun factor is through the rufus with this thing, because just the way that it crawls is so scale, i mean obviously with Some of the axial stuff and even the team associated stuff – i mean you can just hammer over over obstacles and get over them, but the way you actually have to approach obstacles and slowly crawl over them using uh.

You know the weight of the body and the flex of the suspension and the limited throttle that you have and limited torque. I mean it really makes for a scale experience the aftermarket for these things. Yeah it’s there uh kyosho, is still pretty new into the mini crawler game, so i am sure that there will be more aftermarket support for these there’s. Some already you can get. You know wheels and tires and suspension, lift kits and things like that, but just for a straight out of the box experience uh. This thing is a lot of fun, so the scale factor on this one is through the roof. Unfortunately, so is the price guys again. 200, is it worth it? It depends on your budget. It depends on how important you know. Scale, performance and skillex is to you. I really like both those things, so i got it and you know what i really like driving this thing: here’s, the transmitter that it comes with if you own any mini z’s uh. This should look familiar to you and this runs on four aaa batteries. I use rechargeable ones, but you can certainly just go out and buy. You know: energizer duracell, alkaline aaa batteries and go to town with it all right. Little suzuki let’s give it a try. This is uh almost certainly not going to go well and it’s. A super scale body and it was kind of expensive i don’t – want to destroy it come on, as you can see, i mean it’s, just not getting anywhere close to the oh, no way, no way no way.

I can’t believe that oh i’m falling off the bridge on the driver’s side. There we go come on jimmy no way. It’S got a pretty narrow wheelbase, so this bridge is pretty difficult to navigate as well. I can’t believe it did that. I cannot believe it did that, go jimny, so there you have it guys. What do you think? I hope that answered some questions that you had about uh. What these mini crawlers are all about, maybe which one is right for you, which one is wrong for you and how they’re similar and how they’re different. If you have any questions, definitely let me know down below all right guys that’s going to do it for this. One, a big thank you to these guys right here, the 10th skill squad vip. If you want to support the channel check me out on patreon three dollars a month, i make extra videos it’s a good time. If this is your first time checking out the channel. Welcome i’m glad you found it. I like to do rc shenanigans like this. All the time and i’ve got some cool stuff coming up.