I know we made you so we definitely know a hundred percent, so here’s how you play the game. We each pick a card okay and then you and then we read it. For example, ryan reads: what is the weirdest food i’ve ever eaten and whoever gets it right gets the card, so let’s just uh practice round. So i think the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten was tofu. He doesn’t even remember it, though. What about you? Um, salad, tofu, Music, all right, so nobody gets this card so that’s how we play. Whoever gets ten cards first, one: okay, okay, all right! This is youngest player goes first. That means it is you have 10 seconds to complete the challenge below keep this card? If you uh, played minecraft and and and and well i played minecraft, okay, daddy, you go next trivia guys. What is my favorite tv show nope what the favorite the best one right history playlist! Look the person to your right get to pick something in the room for you to grab the person to my right, which is me daddy. You get to pick something in the room for for you to grab with your eyes closed. You have to grab it and bring it to that person without bumping into anything to keep this card all right. So in this room i pick a shampoo bottle. Go shampoo right, daddy shampoo bottle, go okay, shampoo, this way somewhere. Is he cheating no cheating hold on? Let me test how many numbers am i holding up? Are you cheating i’m? Not cheating.

All right go get the shampoo bottle. I can touch it. Okay, yeah. It says without bumping into anything, though, no bumping Music. This is the water bottle. You gave me water. Oh, this is the wall that means i’m in the livestream right now: Music, okay, in the bathroom uh huh. Do you know where the shampoo bottle is? I think i know what it is next to the sink. Next to the sink. Oh, i know oh my wrong one yeah and they’re in there right, Music, Music. Oh this is wait. What how did people jump right here? This is not a pill. There’S no shower what’s. Going on. I i hear ryan, but yeah i’m confused. You don’t know you literally just touched it 10 seconds ago what you just! Oh, you just touched the shampoo like 10 seconds ago. There should be a time limit on this. Ah, this is a guy all right bring it back to me. Sit on your chair, okay, you’re gon na bring it back, and you cannot bump daddy, yeah, no bumping, okay over here, all right, guys, i’m sitting down Music over here over here. I know it’s, going Music obstacles. Okay touch my hand and you win. Is it right? It’S, so long, all right guys daddy, gave me this but um i’m. Sorry to say this is a conditional Music. What is my favorite thing about school and work gym? Math, Music, so this game has taken a lot longer than i thought so whoever gets 5.

5 okay. I drink more coffee but it’s his favorite drink. It doesn’t say which one you drink more. I don’t drink he’s, not my favorite, really, Music. Okay, my turn zero points, two cards name something for someone else to draw with their eyes closed with you at the judge. The person with the best drawing gets to keep the card all right, guys after much much thought here. I want you guys to draw combo panda’s pet sheldon with your eyes closed. Okay, on your mark, get set. Go eyes closed. Oh, he looks like i know: he’s wearing a egg right eggshell as a diaper he’s, a dinosaur, uh huh he’s got a hand clothes. I might be dumb why you keep saying. I swear somebody drawing really nice it’s gon na. Be me oh wait. Does he have the whole thing in the back? I don’t know that’s for you to decide so ryan’s not done he’s. Continuing, oh wait. He has tails come on guys, all right, guys, i’m done. Okay, ryan still. This is probably in cleveland when i drew okay, i’m ready. My eyes are open i’m, ready, ready. Three, two one wait a minute mine’s, not so bad and you’re. Just literally out of the shell. Okay let’s see ryan’s drawing. So this is the head. This is the mouth, this is a little part, and then he has this part and it says, has his arms and this is his legs. You have to explain.

I don’t need to explain this self explanatory, where his legs is under his shell Music. His wife is should be under his chair, all right. No, it should be in his chest. No okay, guys put the real sheldon right here and you guys can compare that real sheldon to ryan and daddy’s drawing okay. So since i get to be the judge here, i’m sorry, ryan and yours looks like a scribble scrabble like like scrambled egg. You know chicken, so chicken is closer to the dinosaur than your scrambled egg. Here i’m sorry daddy’s card is yours. Okay, so the score is tied, daddy with two points: ryan, with two points and mommy with zero. You, Music, there’s still time to catch up. Everybody has 30 seconds. Everybody try to make you to laugh. If you do not smile chuckle or laugh, you get to keep this card. No touching allowed. Okay, okay, with the timer on 30 seconds. Okay, okay, keep going! Please turn left off Music, Music wrapped and he you shouldn’t. Even save me, instant, replay, showing ryan laughs, see that was a total laugh. So let me get a point: Music trivia, what is or what my least favorite type in school history, uh, chemistry, oh okay, so history and chemistry, my least favorite is music music. How is music, your least favorite? Subject daddy used to play the chamber? I know there’s too much music in my school life? Okay, so nobody gets okay.

My challenge balance on one leg: this is my card, actually balance on one leg for 60 seconds. Without failing in order to keep this card that’s, so easy, that’s easy. I got it all right, here’s the card here’s, the balance, oh it’s, on your head. This one is that right, uh huh, i don’t, know stop touching me. Why are you Applause the most at school or work that annoys you the most, what annoys ryan the most that’s cool or worse um? If somebody is just somebody talking too much somebody’s talking too much somebody just asking the same question to you, which one who gets the card, somebody who is talking too much or same question, which one annoys you more: oh, neither what? What do you think the what’s? The answer, then, you have to have an answer it’s when the teachers keep talking for like one hour about the same exact thing, but we already knew it okay, so we got it wrong. You got it wrong. Okay, all right come on kyle, okay, all right! So, just to recap, daddy and ryan. Both have two points and mommy with one all right, we’re here, ryan. What top do i wear the most? Often oh, no, no, no, the the hoodie, the pink hoodie, the pink hoodie. Thank you, okay by the blue, hoodie it’s. Always the footy gray Music. What is my dream? Job? Okay, you’re right, i do have fun making youtube videos with ryan, so he gets it right.

Yeah, youtuber, okay, all right, brian’s, turn: okay, okay! Surely what is my favorite thing? This necklace? Ah summer, pods uh cheesesteak cheese. Stick. What do you mean it’s, a cheese on a stick? You snack it all the time on a stick. What it’s called cheese string, cheese? Look at this string, cheese, no mommy’s answer where’s the cheese on the you cannot change it. My hands are a sour patch. I do more string cheese, but i like sour puffs. No, you see this. You see this it’s going into my pile, the trivia. What personality trait do i have the most in common with my immediate family, immediate family as an? I am like yeah um, you were so hilariously funny. I think you have that in common with ryan and Music, which one come on being funny brian but yeah, i have to warn you that’s, not a personality trait personality, something inside talking about exterior science, yeah that’s like a physical, trait, you’re, japanese, oh yeah. What is my favorite way? This is easy to eat potatoes. You just eat them. French fries potatoes make potatoes french, okay so far, daddy’s in the lead, with four points and mommy and ryan only has three so guys we are losing there’s any. If there’s any dodging things, don’t give up. Okay, how many hours a day do i spend on the phone? No, i said it. First yeah yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, look at daddy all right, let’s see trivia.

What is my favorite season of the year? You know summer winter winter winter because summer is just too hot. Am i right winter, but you can build a snowman during winter and there’s christmas during winter who doesn’t like christmas, my fall season you get to do halloween trick or treat lots of candies, okay, guys. So far, we’re tied, wait, doesn’t mean ryan doesn’t get to win. Well after me, that means i might not get to win. I don’t know if he, if you, if you want to get it right. If you get a challenge card, then you could no well. That is a challenge. Oh no. Everyone else decides on a dare for you to complete super hard successively. Completing the dare means i get to keep the cause. Okay, so ryan and daddy will come with a challenge for mom. Oh wait. I think i think i need to go over here. All right, we’re gon na talk about it, real quick. What could it be? Okay, okay, all right, okay, it’s decided right let’s. Do the default fortnite dance? What is the default? Fortnite dance? I know there was a default opening. It looked like a default. Should i show you Music, how to do it it’s hard? Even if you see it, okay, challenge accepted let’s, go without seeing it. Oh okay, okay, here’s, mommy’s, dance people, dance, okay, guys before i begin here, put the actual default dance here. Okay, so you guys know what i’m gon na imitate.

Okay, all right, so what’s going on here is my hands Music. No! What was that i can’t believe. I didn’t get it. It looks exactly the same as the default. Am i right? It was nothing like that all right, it’s ryan tan. Now, where would i want to go for a next? Oh vacation, japan, oh colorado, so he can ski which one i don’t know. It’S hard after you have your answer in your head. Remember it’s, the next one: okay, you don’t have to it’s, not one or the other it’s the next vacation. Oh yeah, then back to where we work. Do you want to go? Go to texas? He wants to go to texas on we didn’t win. Okay. Here we go trivia. Oh oh! This is the most difficult one. Oh, listen carefully! Okay, the wrong question: okay: how old am i? Ah, there are thirty three, two, ah ryan got it. I was gon na, say: 33. i’m, not 23 years, just yet 32.. I can’t believe it right. One yeah you don’t want it. Ryan has five points: good job, ryan, mine’s, the winner of. Do you really know your family challenge? Okay, i wonder if you guys know your family um should go and ask your family for questions. Do they know you for now? Thank you for watching ryan’s world.