The four wheeler is going to win, but who knows maybe off the start, the truck’s gon na win it’s a 2016 yamaha raptor 700 looks pretty uh. Pretty quick grab their 700., so the grass is pretty tall here, but we got a little path over here, which i’m going to use with the truck so it’ll be interesting to see which one’s quicker. This thing’s loud it’s got a pipe on here, not gon na hit any branches. Am i Music? Oh how many gears? Oh, so the shifter is there and there’s five gears so start it that’s first gear that’s gas, and this is the front brake right and this this is the back brake. Okay, i think i got it yeah pretty cool. I didn’t know the radiators right under the body of the thing the the four wheeler it’s gon na, be a sick, thumbnail right here or maybe like this got my gopro on the truck right there. Hopefully it’s not pointed too downward. So, just about to do a video with the two vehicles – and i saw this little frog here – you see him. Can you even see him? He just jumped he’s going going places. Oh there’s, another one. You see him jumping. I don’t even see him on camera there. He is come on: dude jump, Music, Music, Music, all right we’re setting up to do the video right now: Music, Music, so Music, Music, ready, uh, Music, Music, Music ready set, go! Let me read it uh, one: more yeah, Music, you’re thinking, foreign, oh man! That was a sick run, Music Music, if you guys enjoyed this video i’d like to go ahead and invite you to hit the subscribe button, also hit the bell icon that way.