Now i love crawling man and we were talking earlier. I don't know if the camera's on or not but i'll say it again. I could go out for four or five hours 10 people could break down. In my backpack would be half the weight from all the parts i've given up how much time we saw and fixing stuff that's a great night for me, like every time someone breaks down or if we're out, for supposed to be out for two hours, we end Up out for five hours, but is this thing even on all right, so i have a plan for today. I thought i would come into the city with one of my trail trucks and start the campaign for lyle's channel on youtube to get to 20 000 subscribers. What are you at now? 17. 000. I think so so, no more than i so you only need to get 3 000 more, which doesn't seem unrealistic. Would you say i used to think that we're going to do a kick ass, video today we're going to do trail, trucks, big monster truck, tires on my truck from the smt 10 lyle. With the 6×6. These look like they're cut, rc four wheel drive mudslingers on there yeah. You know what proline uh bead locks. Oh those are axial axial, bead locks, plastic axials. The reason why i get them they're a great price and they're the fattest ones off the shelf. So if you get a fat rubber like that, an axial b lock is the best way to go.

That'S just drag break i'm, not touching nothing yeah. I put an ax system in mine. The hobby wing and it's also got a 65 drag break in there and it's just rolling on its own right now as well. It'S very steep camera, never quite gets it. Does it no same with the speed guys are telling me? Oh, that send racing trucks can be a great tow truck right out of the box. It'S, not no it's, a race truck. If you want to tow a plane and help launch it that's a great idea, so i've got a sound kit in mind. Lyle, did you know that uh sense innovations, their website has been offline for a while and you can't download any new sounds for it. No, i didn't it's been that way since february that's a long time. It is a long time lyle's wondering about my tires. If they're waterproof, but they're sealed and then underneath this is part of the reason why i like this so much. I think i got a big 4 000 3 cell in there flat pack, it's just flat and long and low and then a sound kit in there with the brushless system. Oh, i just noticed your spare tire that is a classic yeah isn't. It that's the old hpi rock grabber, plus that's, the original bead lock. I had from way back at ted's garage that's right. It is an xr10 good eye. Damn yeah damage, that's a good combo, hey i figured the bright orange and the blue is gon na.

Go good, it does look great, took off my front bumper, here, i'm gon na try to build a custom bumper from it, for it lyle, leading the way up the front Music while with the long wheelbase all six tires are driven. Oh that's, rare. Oh, i love it. No problem we'll fix that problem. No problem see you later, oh down, it goes. Why would you tow it when you could just roll it over well what's the point of carrying a tow strap if you don't use it that's right, it's like having a winch great? Does that work? Of course it freaking works such amount of dollars all right. Nice, easy roll it back over to get the hook off Music, all these roots bro, when it rains it's almost impossible in here. Oh yeah, you forget about your feet, sometimes too, and then actually Music. So a lot of people. I remember used to laugh at us for taking our trucks out for a walk, but that was weird way back in the day, i don't have to pick up any poop with this right. You just walk with it. Yeah, like a dog that actually listens to you and you don't have to clean up Music. I noticed there's a flat spot here. Shall we do a tug of war? Yeah yeah? You can do it there. You go that shouldn't go anywhere ready, um yeah! You ready! Oh yeah, so first one to get towed across the line back tires or front tires front.

Okay, ready, yep. Three two one go well, i lost that was an easy lose. I got six tires on the ground in iraq and bkt's, not exactly meant for my traction. No, i would agree with you and there is not a chance that i'm going to win yeah. When you hear that slight clicking noise, you can always figure that it may be one of the worn out uh ring and pinion gears in your axle. Well, i know lyle knows that already, but some of the viewers may not know that that's not a bad thing to wear lyle what's, your youtube channel called rc athletes. They can just go and search that and subscribe anything that pops up Music. So some of the benefits of going out on the trail, if you're able to get out and go for a walk apart from just the exercise, is you know getting to enjoy all the sights around you kind of taking a moment to savor what it is plus There'S, so many amazing rc trucks right now. Oh yes, i got ta hit this hit some speed yeah. That was awesome Laughter. So this is the rugged uh radio that i'm using from spectrum. I got it at horizon. Hobby it's, pretty cool it's got this thumb thing on the side that allows me to do one handed steering uh and it also has, instead of like a jog wheel, it's got this jog touch discreet. Uh screen display steering's, not great, on this very wide.

Turning yes, the rc athlete proving that it doesn't matter what obstacle it is. If you find it, you can try to crawl it it's about three feet off the ground. Four feet: i'm, not brave enough to back back dude nice job. You can back out of that. Come on it's, just like driving a forklift, a long forklift, oh nope, now now she's gone good job, though good. Try! Oh okay! We did it nice job! Oh no, that's, okay, good recovery! Oh one handed driving, not so awesome, good! Try! Buddy! Thank you! Well, your truck's not going to do much more rolling, hey it's, on the rear we can get out of here. What the did i break the pin right off. Ah, are you kidding it? Didn'T stay sucks dude. I can't believe i busted at all there's a piece of metal right there there. It is ah isn't that just the way when you go out, oh, does that just grew back in or is that snapped no it's snapped off that sucks. What what that ended? My date, really, i thought i'd – be the first one to break to tell you the truth. Damn if you have glue, we can just glue the hex right on back to the rescue. Okay, shout out to lyle's gorilla grow glue. Grew. I got a small amount on there, not too much so it can dry, quick okay, so i just poured a little bit of water in there with the super glue that should help set it.

What i've never heard of that before and then i'm going to do it on the other side? Lyle. Can i have that bottle again, please. You know what and you're locked up right, yep, not open dips, yep, all locked yeah, so you should be able to drive it out or we can even do the stick trick. What'S the stick trick. You never seen the stick trick. Of course i have but i'm trying to tell her. You jam a stick in the back of her yeah and then you tape it on back and forth, and you just let it drag on the ground, Music, dude, it's, working, that's amazing, i think it's good. Oh, i think it looks wiggly it's, wobbly, it's, wobbly, here's, a tougher part, more of an incline. You can either take the mountain bike side or the extreme side. I'Ll go the extreme side here, just because of my tire situ. Oh i got it lyle, sir. You know what's funny is that there is no hex on the end it's just a pin, which means the p. The hex is inside the wheel, it's glued inside that's. Exactly so it did work. It did glue it on in place. Oh so it's just resting on the pin with nothing else holding it. Yes, so that's not going to help people might be thinking i'm crazy for gluing it back in on. I think lyle thinks i'm crazy for gluing it on including myself.

I don't even know why. I'M, putting the backpack back up they're going to be stick trick in here shortly. Well, this actually has survived a huge fall down a cliff. This has been to california that back axle has put up with some serious abuse, so not surprised to see it go lyle. If you will lead the pack, sir literally no wheel nut, are you kidding me Music? Dude awesome. I think we just made a gorilla glue commercial. This one will be a hard climb for you. Maybe not, though, isn't that the key to life it's all about the approach. Nice well done, no problem, no problem: Music, oh hi center! Oh, i just busted my tire off, not surprised, though well, i think it's when i placed it down extra rough yeah it's still on there, which is really weird dude there. It goes. Oh, you can lead the way, sir i'll probably be slowing you up a little bit Music. Maybe i should lead the back. I don't know i think it's holding the tone it might even do better in a uh target war. Now craigsman, i don't know about getting better. I don't see too many of these videos a lot of three wheeled trucks. I think this should be one of the events, remove one tire and go another 50 feet correct. Oh, that tire just does not want to be a part of a vehicle nice job. You got it yeah i'm suffering from a traction problem: Music, no rear power.

I'Ll leave my truck there. Lyle can bring the 6×6 in here and punish the course remember. Our quest to get his channel up to 20 000 subscribers it's, not that far away you make one effort to click. The description box below this video i'll leave a link there for you to go and check out his channel. Oh nice, where you can see great recoveries like that and uh his dog uh aftermath of getting sprayed by a skunk, true yeah there's, two stains on my fence, though just ugh got quite a little prick. Oh oh yeah! Well that way, i get to avoid all this right. How deep can it go? Yeah, pretty good creek is nice and low. Today would be perfect for a little jet sprint boat, hey! Oh there. He is oh blah blah blah that's about the limit. People wonder why we wear sandals when we're out hiking yeah, because you know you're going in nice, rescue hey when was the last time it got washed it's, just not as fun with three tires: Applause, Music, there's, always fun with rz Music. I somehow have to make it up this giant hill. What do you figure two three two hundred feet? Yep? Oh, yes, yep that's, not a good sign Music! Oh i got hooked up right there. Oh, not looking good it's more stable than anticipate! Oh, not looking good! Lyle still got three tires that gives a good idea of how steep this is.

I'Ve never had somebody else with me to walk up this whole hill. This is where i've been coming for years in the winter. It is absolutely atrocious and right by the top.