Today we are going to open a car ive been looking forward to opening this car for so freaking long. I actually have a lot of stuff to do right now, but i i i just got to open it im going to open up the car that i think is the best traxxas car. You can buy and ill explain why, after i show it so, which one do you think it is put in in the comments below what car do you think im gon na open before dont cheat dont cheat before i open it. What car do you think? I think is the best car to buy and when i say the best car to buy im, not saying its because i like it, i think its the best car to buy if youre going to go in there and ive actually been asked several times. If you could have any car in traxxas store, which one would you get, and this is the one that i pick and it is you guys got your votes in it. Is these guys these slash 4×4 ultimate so when i say its the best car to buy im saying its the best car to buy, because it is by far by far the best bang for the buck and im going to open one up today, because i got A cool project coming up a really cool project. Coming up with this car, and i i cant take it anymore.

I got to open it up and unbox it. The traxxas 4×4 slash ultimate or its actually attracts a slash 4×4 ultimate. There. You go. Oh man and i and for the record i got both colors were going with the green and blue today. All right here it is so traxxas makes actually three variants of the slash 4×4. They make a brush slash four by four: it kind of doesnt come with the excel is a clone brush system. Then they make a brushless slack 4×4 and then they make the slash 4×4 ultimate, which has all the hop ups, all the hop ups that they make for tracks. Actually i cant say all because it doesnt come with the upgraded drive. It does come with upgrade drive. Shafts but it doesnt come with the big old metal drive shafts, but it has the majority of the upgrades and im going to show you the upgrades it comes with. It also comes with an lcg chassis which lowers the center of gravity of your car, so it handles better, so, basically its just an extremely hopped up version of the slash 4×4. Now they had im going to open this up on top, while im talking lets see if i can multitask here, they used to have a slash 4×4 platinum, which was the same thing, but didnt come with a remote. They got rid of the platinum. I actually do have a platinum, left and ill show you guys um, but its not open, and i dont plan to open it.

So here it is heres the unboxing comes with the remote needles. Oh another thing: it comes with another reason why this thing is awesome, but again best bang for the buck. Im gon na do a price breakdown and everything, but another thing this one comes with that. I think only one other car comes with. Is this guy right here you see it the bluetooth module, it comes with the bluetooth module on the car. Now bluetooth module is about 40 bucks. I think the only other car that comes with the bluetooth module is the x01 and because you need that to unlock that high speed, but the slash 4×4 ultimate does come with it. So here we go pulling it out. Oh man, look at this thing. Whoa. This thing is so clean lets. Put this down since were gon na. Do a proper unboxing well, show you the stuff that comes in the box. It comes with your standard tracks and stuff. It comes with some kind of cheaper tools. Again, you dont want to use these tools. If you plan on working on your car. Often these are like emergency tools to me, because theyre theyll hurt your hands. It also comes with an optional gear, which this is their opinion here. I believe this is for the high speed optional gear, and then it also comes with some extra foams, for if you run different size, batteries, body clips and some body body retainers or like washers.

So you dont strip out your body and then, of course, your manual and other marketing material stuff, well put that up. All right lets take this body off which beautiful body, by the way, love the paint detail. Look at that look at how beautiful that body is. Oh man, that thing looks good. Oh look at this beautiful, beautiful beast. What i love about this car is it comes with that black chassis? I think you can get the black lcg chassis, but you cant get the black lcd chassis with the kit. So again it comes with, i say, almost all hop ups because it doesnt come with the drive shafts, but it does have upgraded drive shafts. So it has the upgraded heavy duty, drive shafts and you can tell theyre the upgraded heavy duty drive shafts by thats. Like a tongue twister by the color, the lighter gray usually means its the newer heavy duty ones. It also comes with all the aluminum anodizing or anodized parts. It comes only in blue, but the sea hubs, the bearing carriers, and then it comes with the shocks and the titanium nitride shock. Shafts also comes with a sway bar kit. All this stuff does not come with the regular slash 4×4 and uh yeah thats there, its not cheap and im going to do a price breakdown. So in regards to price hold on. Let me put my my phone because i have it all written down all right.

Sorry i got ta look at my phone because i remember so in regards to price the stock, slash vxl, which the vxl does come with the brushless system. It does not come with lc chassis, it doesnt come with all the hop ups. It also comes with tsm. Both the cars come with tsm a stock. Slash is 429. The slash ultimate is 549, so thats a difference of about 120 bucks. So you got to ask yourself 120 more. Is it worth it? Yes, it is so let me break down the hop ups alone. The gt, r shocks gtr shocks – 80 bucks thats how much they cost if you want to get them upgraded metal gear servo. So this one does come with the metal gear servo, where the older, not the old, its, not an older version, but the regular slash. 4X4 version comes with just the blue. The blue box 2075 does not have metal gears in it. It comes with the upgraded drive shafts just like i was talking about how you can tell with that lighter gray, um, actually im not giving you prices so eighty dollars to the shark, the shocks sixty dollars for the metal gear, servo, twenty four dollars for the drive Shafts, it comes with the heavy duty arms which i wanted to check that, so the website does not actually actually it does. I think it does um it doesnt say it on the box that it comes with the heavy duty arms.

These are the upgraded heavy duty arms these arent, the standard arms, so that is also an upgrade uh. The heavy duty arm is 24. lcg chassis that conversion kit um 75 bucks. Then these c hubs those aluminum and ic hubs just for the sea hub piece, theres. Actually three pieces of aluminum ammonizing that you can get with this uh. The c hubs is 45, the other piece the steering blocks, which is another blue anodized piece: 30 bucks, the rear hubs 28, the axle nut. So this, oh it does. It comes with the aluminum. The blue aluminum anodized wheel, nuts, which those are really good new wheel nuts, because they got a really good serration on the side on the side that goes to the wheel, so its very unlikely it will back out. I actually upgrade those on all my cars, including my slashes, my regular tool, dress, slashes, the sway bar kit, 25 bucks, bluetooth, module 40., so total and upgrades alone 438 dollars in upgrades 438 in upgrades guys im telling you you have to spend an extra 438 dollars On a 429 dollar car, so over what 850 worth of car that youre getting for 5.49 on freaking real, it is definitely a super steel. Also. I actually i didnt mention this. It comes with the s1 tires. The s1 tire is a special compound. Its a little bit softer better for the track s1 tires are a must, if youre going to drive it on track.

This does come with, at least it said it on the box. It said it was s1. Let me see yes, it does say it comes with the s1 tires and plus these look at these these wheels. Those wheels are like black chrome, oh man, they look so freaking good, so for all that stuff again, an 850 car youre getting for 549. All the upgrades i mean you just cant beat it. I think it is the best bang for the buck in the traxxas on the traxxas lineup right now. Another thing to note is they might stop making it they stopped, making the platinum uh they might stop making this, because, typically, when people dont know anything about rrc, they see its a four wheel, drive short horse truck, they see a 549 one and they see a 429, one theyre not asking questions about the upgrade they dont even know what theyre getting these upgrades. If you go on ebay and you try to sell these – and i dont recommend doing this – i dont recommend doing this, but you could technically take this truck. Sell the upgrades make a regular slash for way cheaper, because these upgrades will pretty much sell for what they sell retail on ebay, especially if you take them right off right off the car. These upgrades are not cheap. No one sells them at a discount theyre. Pretty much a standard price and theyre awesome awesome upgrades. So now i got to tell you why im stupid for buying it im, basically going to take everything off.

Yes, i know that sounds weird. Let me show you what im gon na put on my truck all right heres, why im dumb for buying it, because i am taking all that blue aluminum anodized stuff on and im putting this stuff on right here so im, putting the red hinge, pin braces that Are right there im putting the red henchmen braces the red motor plate, the red wheel, nuts, putting the red sea hubs also putting the regular black shocks because they dont make red anodized shocks which is kind of weird putting the red? Oh sorry, putting the red chassis brace on there, which this one doesnt come with a chassis, brace uh, but this chassis brace is a really really cool upgrade, but a red one and then im putting the awesome. The awesome techno upgraded, drive shafts. So this is the big bone center drive shaft and then also the rear, drive shaft and the front drive shaft. So the bearing carriers are techno bearing carriers. So i dont have traxxas aluminum, anodized ones, but yes, im taking off all the crazy cool upgraded pieces that we bought for this car and uh, putting on all non basically taking off all the good stuff i just bragged about and putting on this stuff, but theres A reason why its this is a project i needed the black. I wanted the black chassis lcd chassis on it, so thats kind of the main reason why but theres a reason.

Why were going all red its a special project im working on? If you can guess it actually, if you can just try to guess it in the in the comments below tell me why you think im doing read everything theres a reason why everything is red. This build is going to be so awesome, so special to me, im so excited, and i wish i could say, youre gon na see it by the end of this video but youre, not because i cant work on it right now. I cant, but i promise on the next video or in an upcoming video. I will do the full rebuild and you guys will see exactly how this thing turns out, and oh, my god, im so excited ill, put a link in the description for all these parts. That im putting on here, especially these techno drive shafts, because these drive shafts are awesome. Um and if you dont want to divvy up the really expensive, traxxas traxxas drive shafts you can, you can try the techno ones and ive never tried the techno ones and i got a whole bunch of them so were going to try them on this slash. 4X4. Oh, i forgot a piece, a really important piece: bam. Servo 400 ounce, high tech server, look high, torque, servo, look, it actually matches all the red. I think it will look really cool because youll actually be able to see the red there. Oh, my god, this build is gon na, be so sweet and clean all right.

So what do you think guys? What do you think about that car honestly, i think you cant go wrong if you buy it its a cool car to have in your collection im. So excited to work on it. I got ta get back to work, but im gon na put this thing up on my desk and basically work on it. Whenever i have some free time so ill try to get time lapse of me building it out, but you will see the final product before i actually air the video to reveal the project because man, its gon na, be a good one.