4X4 triggy. We jump it. We speed test it. We give you our pros and cons and find out why it’s so popular, coming up Music, hey what’s up guys i’m joe and i’m, amber with the rc kiwis on this channel, with everything from bashing cooling speed, runs on box reviews and much more so, if you’re New here consider subscribing that way. You won’t miss out on any of our future rc adventures, and today we have the glb racing cheetah. This is a 110 scale. 4X4 triggy. This thing is brushless. It comes completely ready to run, which means it includes a laptop battery and charger. There are a variety of options with this cheater, but not to worry we’re going to have them all linked in the description down below. This is the latest offering from glb, but there is also an upgraded version which will also be linked in the description down below let’s, see what comes in the box Music. So in the box comes the instruction manual which you should read your lipo battery charger, a hard shell, 3s lipo battery, a sticker sheet, your transmitter and, of course, your jlb cheater, Music man. This thing looks pretty cool and a big shout out to banggood for sending us out this rc2 review, but not toro guys not to worry. We always keep it real here on the rc. Kiwis let’s have a look around the body. First off i love these colors. I love a vibrant, looking rc.

It is a normal lexan plastic body which you normally find on your reddish run rcs. The only thing i do wish is it had clear windows. I do like clear windows and i do wish the body clips were attached, but other than that i think, it’s a really nice looking car, but i think we should take a look under the hood. Oh they’re easy to get off. I like that. I will mention the colors are quite nice, nice and vibrant, but it does lack any kind of detail on the spot. There is little to no detail but that’s kind of what you get when you’re buying these uh cheaper rc’s. Now, looking under the hood starting off the electrics, it comes with a 2500 kv, brushless motor and accompanying that is a 80 amp fan cooled esc. Now you can get a 120 amp esc. That is with the upgraded version which is linked in the description down below. If you’re interested and then powering this system, it comes with the hard shell, 4 000 milliamp, 3 cell lipo battery. This has a 30c discharge and one of the first things that we recommend, upgrading or getting are better batteries. Now this battery is going to get you going and it feels of decent quality, but a lot of the reason rc’s that come with a lipo battery and normally over time. They can degrade pretty quickly and at the end of the day, you’re going to need more than one lipo battery, so the lipo batteries that we recommend you checking out uh these ones here we’ve got a gns 5000 milliamp.

This is a soft shell, 50c discharge lipo battery. Now the great thing about this little battery is that it is compact in size for a 5 000 milliamp lipo battery, the other one that we recommend is the turnigy rapid, 5 500 milliamp 140 discharge uh three cell lipo battery. Now this lipo battery it is hard. Shell, it is really tough, we’ve done a lot of bashing with this battery and it just keeps on going and it charges perfectly. But if you did go ahead and get one of these batteries for this rc, you are going to need some bigger battery straps, because the battery straps that come with this the buggy. But they are a little bit on the smaller side and also do note that you will need to change your connectors. We normally do change the t or dean connectors out pretty much straight away and we normally run ic5 or ec5 connectors and guys. Our recommended batteries are going to be left and a link in the description box down below if you’re interested and we keep it real man i mean sometimes people say: oh you guys say that battery is good because you got it for free or you’re sponsored from Such and such so no it’s not the case in some cases. Yes, we do get the batteries now for free, and in this case the gen ace was sent out to us for free a while ago the rapper turned energy.

We bought ourselves, but we we’ve had those spectrum batteries which we bought ourselves and at first we said they were pretty good because we thought they were pretty good, but then very quickly, after that we had a lot of problems with them, so we’ve stopped using those Spectrum, smart batteries, we use turner, g and jenna’s, and so far they have been working really well and we’ve run these packs hundreds and hundreds of times as you would have seen on our channel back to the truck these rubber wheels are filled with foam and they’re Turned by a 15 kilo servo all of the electrics and this rc are waterproof, but as we know that does not mean you can go and take it in the ocean for a swim. As we don’t like rusty bearings yeah, rusty bearings is going to ruin your driving experience pretty quickly. Now this rc has a lot of a lot of metal on it. It’S got a middle chassis, a middle upper chassis, brace middle uh, chock towers, thick metal hinge, pin braces there’s a lot of metal going on and that’s going to help with the durability of this rc. The plastics in this truck are what you would expect from the cheaper brand of rc i’m, hoping that this front bumper holds up when we’re gon na take it out for a little bit of batting later on in this video. It also has a nice wheelie bar at the rear.

Now looking at the drivetrain, it is all metal geared with a front and rear open differential and a center slipper that’s going to help protect the drivetrain when going from zero to 100 really quickly. It also has a really thick center middle drive, shaft and the axles are metal cvds. This rc has ball bearings throughout and the shocks are metal, they’re filled with oil and they are dialed in quite nicely. They also have a cover over the shock rods there to protect it from dirt and dust from getting in there now. I’M sure we’ve missed a lot of features on this rc, but not to worry is gon na. Do this rc, along with the upgraded version and other options linked in the description down below, if you want to read up more detail on them, there is also a huge part: uh support for these rc. So if you do break something without on a bass, not to worry, the parts are super dirt cheap and you can get them shipped out to you as soon as possible. Anyway, that is enough. Talking amber it’s about time. We take this rc down to the park for its first run. Here we are on location at a new location, a new sport that we’ve never been before with our rc’s, and when you look at that amazing parking job right there, oh yeah did you lock the car yeah, the car’s locked, the car is locked, do not worry! Amber’S worried because where are we in the hood sure? Because we’re in the hood so don’t worry, the car is locked we’re all good here we go, we’ve got a beast.

We got a cheetah here here. It is we’ve got some decent jumps here that we’ll get to in a minute, and yes, it is freezing. That is why amber is in this cloak of a jacket. I’Ve got the same thing going on here: it’s all good. These are greenheads of ruby, jackets and they’re super warm anyway. Amber’S going to start us off on the video for with a speed, run we’re going to see how quickly this thing goes. I think on the box or somewhere, it said 80 kilometers, an hour which is pretty insanely. Quick and i’ve heard some things about this cheetah going extremely fast. The jlb range of rc’s there are loads of them, going really really quickly. So we’ve got the speedo gps meter thingymabobby there and that’s going to give us a reading on our phone, how quickly it’s going? If you want to know where to pick up that gps thingyman bobby, it will be linked in the description down below if you’re interested anyway amber let’s get this car on and get into it remote on first plug the battery in and turn the car on. Go there, we have it the fan’s blowing some cool air, not that it needs to blow any cooler, because it’s freezing we’re used to hong kong heat right now, we’re, not we’re, not used to we haven’t climbed tyres. Quite yet here we have no we’re frozen. My nose is all running yeah what’s, your prediction there.

How fast you can things going to go 64.. 64.. I think i might actually go 80. i’m gon na say 78, i’m gon na say 78 kilometers an hour. I’Ll set a miles per hour like 40, something like that. I feel like. I need to adjust my 76 76 i’m 78 it’s, not a three cell lipo, and i looked it through the manual and i think it may be capable of 4s we’ll. Try that in a later video, but today, we’re just going to run it completely stock with the stock battery 4, 000 milliamp and we’re also going to see how what kind of run time we get here today as well amber is on the controls of the very Popular jlb racing cheetah let’s find out why it’s so popular get into whatever oh straight away, quick all right, amber i’m, going to go ahead and put the gps stinging me bobby on. So we can see how fast this thing goes. Deadlights are increasing 10 satellites. Let us go and now amber, go for it see how quick this thing goes. It is starting to rain a little bit of drizzle good thing. That’S waterproof whoa that wasn’t, oh no, oh i’ve got a doll coming come with the attack. Come on eva, oh, no! Jesus saul’s, getting a good workout that’s, pretty cool it’s fast, really got to ease into it. Oh that wheelie bar, i still haven’t hit full that’s full. Oh yeah it’s got some speed to it.

You know what i actually like the way this handles. Okay, it is really nice. The suspension did feel very nice. Quite smooth let’s see what we got. Hey stop read: oh 71, 71 that’s, pretty good. You said 76., i said 78.. I want to try and get my record yeah. The only thing with this i will say is it does like to flip up there’s a stunt truck okay. This is the tailwind whoa. Those piles expand, yeah that feels quick. Oh no, it was literally flipped every single time, but then it flips itself back up you’re. So lucky it’s good for lazy people like me, is that full yeah that was full all right, let’s see what we got. Oh every time, it’s good for lazy people like every time it flips on its body it splits back up. It makes no sense. Maybe you can’t be bothered running to get it. Stop read: oh 72. 72, not too bad. Much quicker, not too bad i’m gon na have one quick go just one quick, it’s been zeroed, see what i can get here. Laughter there’s fall there’s full we’re head full. Briefly, jesus stop read 73 73 kilometers an hour whatever that is in miles per hour, it’s on the screen that’s enough of our speed, run though, and but it’s time to get into jumping what it’s really made for all right. Man. I’M. I’M excited for this. We have not been to a skate park for a long time with an rc we’ve been to a skate park for a long time at rc, because in hong kong, of course, security guards they they cannot cannot we’re in new zealand.

What i remember coming down to the skate park when i was a kid when i was like six seven, eight years old, with a skate pop skateboard, all right, it’s enough of this ever oh! No right on the concrete! What just fell off a little bit of plastic? Oh it’s, the front bumper, probably the rear bumper we don’t – need that gate parks are an rc car killer. Just to let you guys know, don’t expect your rc car to last long. If you can’t skate parks with it goes straight up, they’ve got some air you’ve got a bit of air. Oh all, right, let’s try a different job. I’Ve got to try for the backflip don’t i yeah i’ll go for the backflip come on there. We go Music. Music, oh Music. Yes, oh no, something’s broken eva what’s going on here. Okay, what is broken here? What you won’t believe it the metal, hingeman brace broke of all things: the metal broke, not the plastic. The plastic held up. Fine, the driveshaft is fine. Then, what on earth, what who would have thought that would have broke that’s? The first time i’ve ever seen that break? Well, i guess it’s it’s it’s done isn’t. It can’t do much like this. What did i tell you? Skate parks are rc killers it’s this game. Over you come to the skate park with a working car, you always leave with a broken car, but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it ever still part of it.

Anyway. Let’S go home, let’s, look over and make sure nothing else is damaged and then give you guys our pros and cons that we have on the gl jlb cheetah jbl jbl well back in the studio, and it is time to go over the pros and cons that We have with this rc and find out why it’s so popular starting off the pros. This car is pretty quick. I got it to 72 kilometers per hour and joe got it to 73 kilometers per hour, so hopefully in the future, we can get it to a higher speed record to show you guys what it is capable of in speed. Uh pro number two. This car is great for stunts and, as you can see in the skate park, joe was doing some backflips, which were pretty epic and hopefully soon we can do some front flips. Also, you would have seen that it was flipping on the flat ground, which is so cool and it’s good for me, because i’m super lazy, so i don’t like running to flip it each time it flips over and number three pro is the part availability there are. So many parts for upgrades for this car they’re super cheap and the thing that we broke on here. The part that joe broke is a five dollar fix um. I guess it can be a pro anacon because you obviously have to order online. So shipping times may vary at the moment, but yeah.

I think there may be some good factors and why this car is so popular now time for the cons, the stuff that companies don’t want you to hear and the con number one we have as well. You saw in the video the rc did break and we had three breakages. In total we had the hinge, pin brace break somehow his metal snapped. We had a upper hinge, pin bend and we had that rear bumper plastic break off, which wasn’t a big deal. So we had those three breakages, nothing too major, but their rear hinge, pin brace that does confuse me as to how that broke because it didn’t make it undrivable it’s in there. Let us know the comments down below is that is the driver at fault or is the current fault most of the time the drives? That fault was a bad landing, but in this case on that final jump, it did. It was a big jump, but it did land on the grass and on all four wheels and still that hinge, pin brace broke so maybe it’s got unlucky, but that is our first con. The second con and final con we have for this rc is its price. Now we did say earlier on that it’s a cheaper rc and well, when you compare it to something that’s, a thousand dollars, eight hundred dollars we’re getting used to these big assets. It is a cheaper rc, but it is still a little bit pricey for 330 dollars, which is what this rc comes in at you get yourself something like an armor 3s and for the upgraded version, that’s 360 or 380 so price i would have as a second Con, but you know what overall, this is a fun car it’s fast and it does stunts well, but for that price i would consider looking at a arm 3s for your rc, but let us know in the comments down below what are your thoughts on this rc.

Do your own one? We want to hear your experience on it because at the end of the day remember this is only our opinion. As always guys, this car will be linked in the description box down below, along with the other options, and we just want to say a huge thank you to all of our kiwi club members. We really appreciate all of you guys. You help keep fresh content coming to the channel and we appreciate your support more than you know a big shout out to brad king today. He is a member of the day and he joined us about a month or two ago and his first ever comment on the channel was face it joe amber’s, a better driver lol. That was his first ever comment and that was on our tracks and slash. First armor typhon success, video huge thank you to you, brad king. We hope you’re having a fantastic day and a fantastic week and once again huge thank you to all our kiwi club members for your support. It really means the world to us and if you are interested in joining and being a part of the kiwi club, you can go check out the link down below that gives you a bit more information on it. But don’t worry. There is no pressure at all because you just watching this video this far liking commenting sharing all that stuff. That is more than enough support, and we thank you very much if you don’t want to miss when we take this rc out for some more bashing and we’ll, probably take to the racetrack at some stage and we’ll.

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