Today we got a new vehicle and it’s a little different than what we normally have boom the wl toys, one four four double zero one buggy, so 1 14 scale, four wheel, drive buggy. I got this off of banggood. This is the first thing i’ve ever ordered from them and surprisingly uh it didn’t take very long to get. I thought it would take a while. The box was a little smushed right here and there’s a bit of a puncture or something right here, but it feels pretty hard under there. I don’t think anything happened to the car. I am very excited to bust into this thing, though. This is why we bought the drift wheels in the first place. Not only is this going to be fun to drive, but i thought it might be fun to drift, so we got the green model, some specs on it if you’re interested but i’m excited to bust into this thing. Everybody has one of these on the internet. It seems like if anyone owns an rc car, they probably have one of these in their fleet of cars. They have and i’m really really excited to check it out so let’s bust into this thing. Open it up, see what we got and then take it for a rip all right. So first things first got ta cut this beautiful tape, job open and we’re gon na flip it – and you know what hang on all right guys.

So i got part of the way through unboxing it. You might see some empty boxes here. This is the remove. This was the spare battery. I realized it wasn’t recording so we’re, going to start that over inside 2600, milliamp hour, 2c or 2s lipo battery with a dean’s connector awesome got the battery charger a little tool in the book. The controller which is pretty lightweight but nice to hold good size grip, got a little one, two three four mode button, not sure what that does. Little steering wheel, it’s a little small for my hands, but it’s got a grip on it, which is nice. So i guess that’s not too big of a deal and then steering trim and throttle and a nice pull on the throttle, and then we didn’t unbox this yet so let’s bust, the buggy out of here dang that thing sweet and we got two more batteries. I went ahead and got the three battery combo pack, you never have too many batteries, so we got all three of those and then the buggy itself check this thing out guys. This is so cool and it is heavy. I would say this thing probably weighs about five pounds. I i know it was all metal, chassis, uh, metal, strut towers or whatever you want to call these shock towers, metal, shot a lot of metal components on this, but it’s a lot heavier than i thought it would be and let’s take a look inside.

I like this little body. This is really cool. Nice neat little thing i like the colors they pop pretty well it’s, got a little clear, um scratch saver on the wing and the body, but here we go. This is what you get, so this is a 550 turn motor, i believe, should have looked at the instructions, but i didn’t oh well too late got the dean’s connector, uh, esc and receiver combo. All in one we got metal drive shafts in there. The oil filled shocks which are nice and smooth great dampening return. I am gon na have to check the levels on these, because i’ve heard that that is one of the most important things to do when you first get these. The fluid level could be a little too high or a little too low, so we’re gon na check that we’re also gon na grease the differentials on this thing. So let me see here we bought some high performance extreme grease. This was on amazon for, like three bucks it’s just marine grease, but it should be totally fine for the purposes we need and yeah that has good return, nice, good shocks and suspension. I am so excited to run this thing, guys it’s going to be really fun. It should go 30 miles an hour uh, it says 60 miles or kilometers per hour on the package, which equates to roughly 30 miles per hour. I love how much metals on this thing.

It definitely feels like it’s a really high build quality it’s, a wl toys, but they did a great job at this thing and i’m excited to run it like. I said everybody and their brother seems to have owned one of these, or at least, if you look on youtube, speedrunners bashers everybody’s got one and i’m excited to add one to the collection, so i’m gon na tear this down grease it all up check the fluid Levels, i will report back to you on what i find and then we’re going to take it for a spin all right guys. We got the differential part in the front. I’Ve already done the rear, but, as you can see, there’s just not that much grease in there um and from the videos i’ve seen and stuff. What you really want is to pack this thing full. So i figured i’d show you doing this one, since the other one was fairly simple. Just gon na get some of this green marine grease in there squidge it into all four corners and then just kind of fill it up like that. Go ahead and put this lid back on spin it around really get it mixed in there pull it off and you can see that’s what we want to see grease everywhere so i’m, going to fill it up a little bit more shaking a little as i squeeze That bottle and then pop that on – and we see the grease, come out of the holes here, which is what we want that’s when we know it’s full it’s good to go, get it sealed back up after about an hour’s worth of work.

On this thing, i think we’re finally set up and ready to go. So i’ve watched a couple videos on the important things to do when you first get these or the things that you probably should do, one of which was these batteries. It came with were too big for where the stock battery tray was originally, it was mounted about here on the body and the battery wouldn’t fit in there. I think originally, this came with a smaller battery. I ordered the three battery pack and it came with these bigger ones which was really cool. I just had to move these two screws up to this position, move that forward, so the battery would fit in there um. That was an easy one to do. Didn’T take long. This strap is a little too short for this battery um. I had about that much hanging out left, and so i took two pieces of those velcro squares. I have the opposite sides and basically just made a wedge that holds it together. There it’s pretty secure, pretty solid. The next thing i did was: i took the differentials apart front and rear and did grease them. I showed you the front one that was about how bad the back one was too. I mean there’s enough grease to get by, but you definitely want some more in there for some longevity and then i did take the front shocks off and drain some of the oil they were overfilled.

Originally. I could compress it to about about there and i had a lot of resistance and pressure. Now i can compress it completely it’s, nice and free flowing and the front as well. The rear does have a little bit of overfill, but it’s going to be a lot to take them apart. I’M, not too worried that’s about. As far as i can compress that you can see there’s a little space there before the pressure starts to build the other side, not so bad. I can almost get it completely down before there’s pressure, but that’s okay, i’m gon na leave that there and then i did fix the. I took this plate off in the back here. I flipped these around to get that toe out of the front wheels. Originally the front or rear wheels. Sorry, originally the rear wheels were kind of pigeon toed in facing the body i flipped those around and now they’re straight and then i did have to work on the camber and caster on the front wheels just by simply sticking a little screwdriver in these holes and Twisting these bars to get the wheels to come straight, they were a little towed in as well, so i got those straight and then they were pretty cambered. I straightened them out as well with these top mounts, so i think the truck car druggy buggy, whatever it is, is ready to go now. We’Re gon na take it outside. I did drive it real, quick outside you might see it’s a little dirty and dusty.

I did drive it when i first unboxed it real quick outside just because i was too anxious to to wait, but i’ve got maybe two minutes of run time. In this thing i charged up the battery fully and we are going to go. Let this thing rip. We’Re going to need a little more space because it’s pretty quick than what i’ve got readily available here at my house, so we’re going to run down to a place. I know that has a little more room and see what this thing can do. All right guys found a decent little spot here to let this thing rip and man. Is it fast Applause, all right, Applause uh all right, so it goes pretty quick in a straight line and that’s fun and all i don’t really have any jumps or anything so we’ll have to bash it at a local skate park or something soon, but for now We’Re gon na put these things on there and see what it does so i’m gon na pop those on all right guys. We got the drift tires on. I think the green matches the green on the body pretty well it’s time. We take this thing out and drift with it. A little try see if i’m any good. Oh all, right guys. I know i didn’t get much footage of it running um, it’s kind of hard to film this thing, just because, if i’m trying to drive, i can’t really drive one handed, and it goes so fast.

It gets out of frame real, quick, so hope you enjoyed the little bit of footage i did get. I can tell you this much. It is a ton of fun to drive, especially with the drift tires. It just slips and slides all over the place, and it is super quick. The other thing i wanted to note this gets very, very hot um. I almost burnt myself on the motor after burning one whole battery through it and it’s, not that hot outside today. So just be careful if you’re gon na get one of these, and if you already have one i’m sure you know the esc and the motor gets smoking hot. So beware, but other than that this thing is a ton of fun, it’s everything i thought it would be, and i can’t wait to go bash this thing on some jumps and stuff. I will definitely film when that happens, and hopefully i’ll get a camera person. That’D be cool someone to film for me, while i drive that’s gon na, do it for today guys hope you enjoyed the video. I will see you tomorrow for some reddit review. I saw that we have a bunch more people on there. I think we have like 50 people that joined the subreddit and a lot more photos and stuff. I took a little teaser at one of the pictures, but then i decided nope i’m going to get genuine reactions and check it out tomorrow night and then that video will go up saturday morning, we’re going to do that.

Every saturday, if you’re looking to join, i’ll, leave a link in the description below for the upper left submissions, subreddit page super easy to post. You can join the community if you’d like or just post some pictures of your projects, and i will be reviewing it.