We got another box, but i don’t know what’s in it. What do you think? Is it a big one, a big rig it’s, a pretty good guess, it’s, a pretty big box. You want to open it. No let’s! Wait, yes, open it! Okay, you can open your eyes, open it up. Okay, what is it we don’t have to? We don’t have this one it’s a front loader a wheeled front, loader, let’s, open it out here, let’s get it out of this Music. It is an xkw toys. 1 14 scale wl model wheeled front motor instructions, remote Music. No, i said what i said what’s in here. Where does the battery go? I think the battery goes in here. I don’t know. I have no idea. Okay dude! You ready to try it for the first time back up go backwards. There you go now go down! Welcome to daddy’s aussie addiction that’s, my son dax i’m steve. Today we are going to be reviewing and running the wl toys bulldozer. Yep. You saw a little video of it in the beginning, but we’re gon na give it a better run in a little bit. Uh let’s take a closer look first. Well, first off you get in the box, you get the bulldozer, you get instructions. A 1500 milliamp lithium ion pack a inexpensive charger and the remote control uh. You do need to supply four w double a batteries like three hours. I think the instructions are all in chinese, so they’ll.

Do you no good? They have some pictures but um, but that’s. It so the instructions are absolutely no good. Let’S. Take a closer look at the tata bulldozer, so it’s pretty heavy right. Dude lift this thing up, come on, lift it up, lift it up and he’s trying it’s pretty heavy um the whole front is metal. You got a metal bucket, you all. The arms are metal uh. The shell is all plastic. It’S got some metal rails. The tires are actually pretty squishy solid inside. You could feel it, but um the tire itself is pretty squishy and should provide pretty decent traction. Um. The cab is plastic. These steps on the side are plastic. It does have four lights, one two, three four lights: oh daddy and the undercarriage is plastic too, but it it’s heavy. So it’s got some metal in there, especially like i said the front. Arms are all metal. Okay, come on Music don’t fall off the chair, man, uh let’s, see let’s i’m gon na bring the camera in for a closer look first, if anybody out there has the um wl model, excavator there’s, a quick comparison, they are pretty comparable. Um. Pretty much the same length right bud. This is yeah and that’s the excavator, but they’re almost the same length, and actually, i think the uh bulldozer is a bit heavier all right. Let’S take a closer look here: we’ve got a closer look of the bucket, which is metal the arms which are metal with the wl model.

Dozer bulldozer. This is all plastic yeah, yeah, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, but all in all, it is a pretty nice. Looking bulldozer, what do you think i’ll just say: let’s, look at the underside right bud, yeah, the underside again, a lot of plastic and some detailing of pipes and stuff on the bottom battery goes right back here. The on and off switch is back here, hold it all pretty much straight. Yes, come on, go off! You want to play with this thing. Dude, yes, here’s, how the transmitter works forward back, and it is also proportional. So you push a little forward and you go slow and then go fast. A little backwards go slow and then you go fast and then left right and if you push up into the corners you can go left and forward or back and right and vice versa. The right stick is you push left it up right bucket down you pull down arms up, push up, arms down and any combination. If you push in the corner, you go it up and arms up. You push to the top right corner it down and arms down, bring it up and then push into the left corner arms down bucket up right, corner bucket down arms up. This here turns in wherever you push on here, will turn on the sound. These three buttons do absolutely nothing. This one here turns the lights on and off these buttons here will adjust your bucket.

If your bucket is tilted one way or the other, you can adjust them by adjusting the servos up or down with these buttons. You do have a signal without the sound on, but if you turn the sound on, you get an audible signal, sound Applause. You also have it in the back as well. Applause like i was showing before the detail on the deck is really nice. It looks it’s plastic, but it really does a good job of looking like metal it’s, a really really nice looking bulldozer Music, oh Music, ugh it’s, already, wherever you want Applause, um, Music, um, uh, don’t, finish: Music, hmm, Music, huh, Music, uh Applause, Music, uh Applause, Music, Uh, Music, Music, yes, Music, uh, Music, Music, Music, Music, daddy! I wanted all that thing put it down. I want it! Okay, Music me! I missed the truck next, oh well, watch out for the video where we build a town with all our construction vehicles awesome. So i would say i would definitely recommend this bulldozer, uh it’s, pretty sturdy and uh it’s a lot of fun to drive and it we’ll see if it stands to test the time but uh so far, so good um. One other point i want to make when you purchase this is that it comes in a really sturdy box, whereas a lot of other uh products that i’ve gotten from banggood or china. They came in this really flimsy thin box, but this thing was packed incredible.

Everything a lot of protection for shipping and when it came the box was it actually came in another box, as you show in the beginning, so i had two thick cardboard boxes: protecting it um, which is a very good thing when you’re buying something from china. It comes a long way and it could get banged up pretty bad i’d have i’ve, i’ve had boxes that were completely destroyed and, thank god, the product inside wasn’t, but um. If you have a box like this odds, are it’s not going to be and uh it’s. Just it just adds to the value of the vehicle, so um go, do something fun. Silly man go over there.