Well, i haven’t uploaded any videos for the last week, mainly because uh it’s been raining uh all this week until today. So, as you can see, i’ve got my one: zero four zero zero one out again, but this time i’ve converted to brushless guys. I actually done this brushless conversion over the weekend and, as you can see here, this is what i’m running. Okay, so it’s a fairly budget, uh setup uh. It didn’t really cost me a whole lot to actually do this conversion. What i’ll do i’ll link uh in the description below everything i use if you decide to uh, want a similar build to what i have here. So, basically, what i got it was a combo uh motor and esc combos. The 120 amp esc it’s, like a hobby wing, uh knock off there. Okay, now i’ve got this combo for 44 bucks. I think it was on ebay. This setup was meant to go in my x, hsp buggy. I converted my brother’s one with the same setup, but i decided to use it on the wltoys here: okay, instead so that’s what i’m using uh it’s a 3650 uh ’00 kv with this 120 amp esc. This came in the mail the other day, the heatsink with the fan, so i bought that separately i’m using a radio link uh system on this one, so i’ve got the r7fg from the radiolink rc 6gs version: 2. Okay controller: this is the version two one it’s got 600 meters of range and uh.

The servo is a 15 kilogram servo that i bought off banggood all right, so i changed that over. We have to anyway, because the original one is a five wire and the original one guys is plastic gear. This is metal geared, so i’ll leave a link to that one, and today what i’m going to be doing is testing it on 2s and 3s because of the rain, and i couldn’t film anything last night i made a parallel connector. Okay, so i’ve got two of these wl toys: batteries, the one that came with this car and the previous models, the one two four uh models so i’m, going to uh double up the milliamp hours to 4400 for the 2s run and uh yeah i’ve got a My little firefly on here just to uh, have some onboard footage all right guys. So this is the first time i that i’ve uh i’m running this. I don’t know what the top speeds are. Gon na be guys it’s just running the stock gear, uh stock pinion and the also the stock uh 70 tooth uh spur gear, so uh the gearing is stock, so we’ll see if we can uh get some decent speeds out of 2s and also 3s guys. So all right guys so i’m going to uh do a 2s first i’ve got my gps speed. Reader here do just come past the scooter um, so yeah, guys we’ll do the 2s run first see what we get and then i’ll put a 3s in there.

All right, hey guys, i’ve got it all zeroed out here: okay it’s, just showing one, because i moved it got the camera recording, and this is on the 2s, see how we go first time running it guys all right full throttle on 2s stock geared okay, bring It back see what i got got: 43.2, guys wow all right and that’s on the uh 2s brushless, so very similar to what i was getting very similar to what i was getting when it was stock. All right so uh let’s um turn that recording off all right. So what i’m gon na i’m gon na do i’m gon na try it again with the throttle, trim, adjusted forward let’s take another video. If that does anything, definitely needs gearing up this car. Okay, you know that did absolutely nothing so 40 43. It is 43.2 all right, guys so that’s all i got out of it today was 43.2. I expected more out of it than that. So uh put the 3s in and hopefully it gets some better speed out of it all right, guys, i’m going to use this uh 3s battery it’s a 2250 30c discharge, as you can see, it’s a 3s we’ll give it a go on this um i’ve. Had this battery for quite a while, actually i’ve got some new ones on the way but uh, hopefully it livens up the speed compared to 2s. That was a little bit disappointing. Actually, if i do say so myself, i was expecting a bit more out of it.

Then, but uh all right, let’s give it a 3s run all right, guys, i’m going to go for the 3s speed run, make sure that’s, recording firefly camera recording yeah. It goes sounds pretty good on uh tree air. All right full throttle does look faster than 2s, but not overly. That quick sure sounds good, though it gets that top end really quickly due to the gearing and then just flattens right out definitely needs gearing up, see it gets up to the full speed and then just yeah it flattens out just sits on there. Doesn’T increase whoa spun out those tyres are getting really bald now guys, one last one all right: let’s bring it in what’d it get. We got 57.3 k’s an hour so not even 60.. It actually looked faster than 60, maybe 65. I was guessing but yeah 57.3. There you have it all right: well, that’s it guys i’m, a bit uh shocked. Actually on the 3s. Let me just finish that uh recording and turn the camera off so yeah guys um, yeah, i’m, really unsure about the authenticity of these esc’s uh. I mean they do state that they are um. Let me just take that off so anyway, they do stay on the listing that it was a 120 amp esc, but uh yeah i mean they do sell these esc’s under different labeling from 45 amp. All the way up to 120 and uh being that this was a rather cheap combo, i mean.

Who knows i mean these are probably 45 amp esc’s. A lot of guys have said that uh that it could be just the labeling uh and i sort of tend to agree. I expected a bit more performance out of this one that’s for sure, but some other guys swear by these as well like being a good budget option and they’ve gotten it well over 100ks on the smaller models. So yeah who knows um could be misleading. Uh manufacturers. Just slapping stickers on him so anyway that’s all i could get today guys was the 53 uh 57.3 on 3s um, like i say, it’s quicker than stock, but not by you know. By about what 12 13ks you know so uh anyway, uh definitely going to gear. This up, what i might do is try a different esc out in there uh all i’ve got at home spare a 60 amp ones. So i might just get rid of this one put a 60 amp in there and test that one out and gear it up. All right guys so that’s, probably my next step, um yeah, other than that you know it ran pretty good overall i’m, pretty happy with the actual car itself um. You know so yeah stay tuned guys. This is the very first test run of the one: zero four zero zero one. I did not know what to expect at all. So these are my very first runs as it’s been raining.

I haven’t had a chance to test out the speeds on these uh. The tyres are pretty bold now, as you can see, they’re pretty much slick, so that’s. One thing you’ve got to consider. If you buy this car is get a set of uh new uh tires for these or wheels and uh yeah put them on so uh anyway. Guys, thanks very much for watching if you like this video, be sure to like subscribe and comment, always great to hear from you and uh stay tuned, guys hit that notification bell and you’ll be informed of every new video that i put out and, like i said At the start of this, video i’ll put some links to uh the parts that i use for this build um i’ll, probably recommend a different esc, but i’ll put the combo that i got in here anyway and uh. Obviously i’ll put links to the car as well.