Theyre, a four wheel, drive um theyve got all metal bearings, it looks like theyve got oil shocks, it runs on a 7.4 volt lipo battery um one of these little lipo batteries, and and this kit that i got was not a kit. It was ready to run. Come with two batteries in it, its got a wheelie bar and they claim that it can do 45 kilometers an hour ive sort of seen some um other videos on youtube and people are saying its more like 40, ‘, 40, but thats still pretty quick for a Car thats around about 200 between 200 and 250 dollars, you know complete with two batteries and a charger. Um four wheel drive its pretty quick with the radio. Its got a fairly im, quite actually quite surprised with the transmitter. Its quite good youve got all your steering, control and throttle control stuff, its actually quite a for a cheap radio, its actually quite good quality im quite surprised, but yeah. This is a definitely a car that i would recommend to people because you can bash them. You can break them, you know theyre, pretty hard to break theyre. Pretty tough um parts are easily available cheap as chips, and this model here seems to be. You dont see them as much now. Theres theres quite a few different models of from wl toys that are coming out and these are kind of not so common anymore, but theyre still, you can still get them and i think personally, rather than the buggy type ones from that company.

I prefer the look of these monster trucks. You know theyre great vehicle, just a great tough vehicle. You can take them to the skate park and bash them. Theyre, small enough that you can use them in your backyard. You dont have to go to a track. You can slow them down a little bit if youre driving them in your backyard. A great just the first starter car for somebody. If you dont want to tie too much money up in an rc and you want to get into the hobby and see how you how you like it, you know you can invest in something like this. If you dont, like it youre, not really into the hobby, you probably sell it for what you paid for it. You dont really lose money on them and you havent tied up too much money, whereas if you go for one of the big name brands like the traxxas, the lossy team associated all of them, you know youre tying up hundreds and hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, Even you know so this here is a great place to start, even if youve got a like a a child that wants to get into rc, get them something like this and see if they stick with it, you know you could go out here and you could Race. This thing i mean its not going to compete with with your top line brands, but you could go and just track days in that and you could.

You can keep up with most things and it handles pretty well its four wheel drive. You know be a great way to start someone off to see if theyre going to carry on with the hobby without tying too much money up, because i know mums and dads out there its you know. Kids always want these things, but it can be quite an expensive hobby, especially if you get into racing, because you need truckloads of spare parts and you have to have everything available if something breaks to be able to fix it for your race. So you got to double up on everything triple up on everything, but um. This is just a great all round basher. You know i bought this one as a gift for my son actually but um im going to get another one for myself. I think because theyre just a good bastard great looking vehicle lots of color detail in there on the body ive seen how they go, ive actually seen one in action, and i was really surprised at how well they actually went. You know you dont need to spend five six seven hundred dollars on a rtr little monster truck. You know you can get something like this. We youre not investing that much money and if something breaks or something breaks and if it completely breaks well, so be it. You havent lost a lot of money, so this is a car. I would recommend as a first rc car, for anybody out there getting into the hobby.

You dont have to assemble it. That comes ready to run. You just got to charge a battery. Put four double a batteries in your transmitter and turn it on and away. You go so highly recommended: wl toys, 109 zeros, no 10409 theres the model ill show you the box, thats the box that it comes in and its all nicely packed in. There cost me about 250 odd dollars, no probably a bit less than that. Actually maybe 220 landed. It took around about a month to get here, um, so yeah great car highly recommended for those wanting to get into rc. Those are already an rc and want a little bachelor like something like this would be good to just have in the back of your car. If youre going on a trip somewhere going away – and you can pull it out at a rest area or whatever and have a have a little bit of a bash if you go to a beach somewhere, have a bash down the beach great vehicle.