Yet today were going to take it to a race track, speed test it bash it and then give you our pros and cons at the end of the video. So stick around full review of the wltoys124017 coming up. Music. Welcome back to another cheapish rc car review, the highly anticipated and most requested car from wl toys – the 124017 – it is 1 12 scale. 4 wheel drive ready to run it claims 75 kilometers per hour in speed, and this one is brushless thats right and here we have the older version. This is the one two four zero one: nine its the brushed version of the brushless buggy that were going to be reviewing today. Well, take this brush version out to racetracks in hong kong racetracks in new zealand, weve bashed it around weve, been driving in the weekend with our daughters. So if you want to see a comparison between these two in the future, make sure you subscribe anyway, thats enough talking joe lets see what comes in the box in the box comes the instruction manual, which you should read: lipo battery and charger, a plastic hex tool. Your radio and, of course, the wltoys 124017, starting with the exterior the body, is the exact same as the earlier model. Only it is blue. It is held on by two body clips. The tyres are very different to the old tyres. They are knobby great for off road. They feel medium and theyre vented through the rim and glued to the room.

The shocks are all metal, theyre oil filled and theyre dialed in nicely no bounce thats. What you want to see looking at the bottom youll see that we have a metal chassis but now its time to look under the body, starting with the electrics, and this is where we have the biggest upgrade over the previous generation. Of course, its a brushless system. But not only that, but also independent components, meaning that down the track. If you want to upgrade, you can just upgrade one piece at a time, whereas the other one here that two in one esc receiver combo, makes it a little bit more pricey when upgrading. So we have a 3400 kv, brushless motor that has a heatsink to help, keep it nice and cool and accompanying that we have a 60 amp fan cooled esc. We have a two cell, lipo 2200 milliamp lipoy battery thats, going to be powering the system and they use a t connector. The servo is a small size. Three wire servo, this rc has quite a bit of metal going on. We have metal tower shock towers that are fairly thin, but we did notice that in our previous one they were also thin, but they did hold up to the jumping that we did. It has metal drive shafts throughout. It is metal gear, it has a front and rear open differential and it has full ball bearings, and you know what theres probably a lot more going on with this buggy, but not to worry, were going to have a link in the description down below.

For you guys to check out – and if you want to pick one for yourself, remember to use the discount code anyway, that is enough to turk isnt it turkey, not turkey, theres, never enough turkey, before we get to bashing this around in this epic location. First lets take it for a speed test and take it to the track its time to speed test this bad boy. You said you werent going to say bad boy yeah. I did remote on first plug the battery in and turn the car on. Oh 75. Car was an hour plus you can see that im gon na go 56.. I must say 60 kilometers an hour time for a reveal. A big reveal and a project ive been working on for quite a while. Now ive been saving it for this moment, and here it is man. This is a high quality custom made ramp from some of the strongest materials. Weve got cardboard, and it you can make this yourself. You can make it at home. Weve named this ram jackie chan, because its going to make your rc car jump like jackie chan but yeah, i dont know if ive seen jackie chan jump. What have you not watched any of his videos? Ive seen him fight. He jumps like a beast man. Hes gon na make this car jump like a bee, so before he does speedrun, i want to try out jackie chan, real quick, oh yeah, baby! No, oh look at that.

Oh, how did you see that one? Did you get that one? Yes, i did. Yes, it is jackie chan makes you jump like jackie, chair, okay, its time to see how fast this thing goes, but trick stop weve got eight headlights. All right lets: go theres, full speed, guys theres full speed, its definitely quicker than the uh brushed version ill. Tell you that yeah much little bit of downhill assistance there full speed all the way down. We dont run that guy over oh yeah, like i ran you over the other day, right yeah. I reckon you almost killed me. I am at uh maximum throttle potential yeah its the same remote man. Okay, there we go were good were good. I dont think its definitely not hidden 75, plus, okay, no its it might be 60. racist guy, oh, were winning were winning wow, oh ill. Try again not a very talky motorcy 400 kv see that yeah stop read. Oh 61.. Definitely gon na be doing a threesome run on this, not just speed run, but a full day of rally. Three so lets see if that motors, gon na overheat or anything damage is gon na happen. Theyll be the future videos so subscribe to heaven. Ambers now, gon na get this thing on the track: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music right now were gon na. Do a challenge – and that is gon na – be who can get the fastest single lap around this track and im gon na be nice and let joe go first.

All right, ember give me the countdown three two one go and off we go to an amazing start. What an earth was that, what am i doing? Im annoying theres a disastrous start man, it is an embarrassing start, theres, no way im going to leave it in there ill cut that out man. So there are a couple things im, not too sure about this car, but there are a lot that i do like and i can tell you right now. This is possibly my favorite w toys buggy to date. Oh, i think a lot of you guys are thinking joe. What on earth is going on with your driving today? I agree i mean even at the best of times its not amazing, but today is certainly not my best day but uh just gon na think of an excuse, and i thought i won the tires guys. These are bashing tyres. I think that if it did have some track tires uh something similar to whats on the purple one two, four one, nine one uh it would perform a little bit better at the track, but its definitely got more power more speed. So i was able to complete those jumps. I think the brush version did struggle there and oh there we go ive done my one lap. I think im about 30 seconds over time. Thats, okay, amber it is your turn, come on. Look at that again: thats, embarrassing! Amazon, the controls of social beat that start three.

Two one go: oh yeah, you like that guys, no spinning out almost dead, though right um, so my thoughts almost buggy so far. It feels a lot faster when youre driving it actually, and i think it is quite a good speed um for the track, even though it doesnt hit that 75 ks plus, i think 61 is still quite good for the vwl toys buggy um, oh no as i Was saying um im finding this one quite hard control to be honest, um i feel like the steerings quite sensitive, but you know its still a pretty good buggy done there we go and i hope i won that. Well, i think you had a better start than me im, not too sure about the ending, but if the chicken foot is later its time to go bash this buggy around now, this is what this buggy is really for. Man, as were just bashing around those off road tyres – and i can tell you right now – this buggy a lot of fun. Oh no, full speed! Oh look at it fly. It was amazing. Youll notice, ive, already damaged that rear wing. Alright lets do that again. That was awesome. Lets go full throttle. Oh, that is awesome. Jackie chan, oh, oh, amber, i might be able to go for a backflip. I think he can. Surely not. Oh, i dont know try again this time. I will try for a backflip. Oh, that was so close, but not close enough.

I get, i left quite a bit of wheel, speed, Music, so this time i might just hit it flat out and see what happens its full throttle. Oh so close, i think i can do it. I can do it okay, this time im going to pull off the throttle, as we have just as we get to the ramp and then go full again: Music, oh yeah! That was awesome. This thing sucks man, Applause, oh yeah, landed it! Oh beauty, oh no! Right on the top of it, the battery popped out full flesco, oh beautiful jump, oh Applause, you can see that it actually affected its glide. It looked like just got done on our third pack for today and now its time to go back to the studio and give you our pros and cons of the wltoys one, two, four zero one, seven starting off with the pros and the first pro for me – Would be that the components are independent, so if you wanted to just upgrade the esc, you can do that. If you wanted to upgrade your radio transmitter, you can do that without having to change out the servo and the esc, so its really nice to see that those parts are independent and you can upgrade them independently and the second probe is buggies brushless. So you only get a bit more speed than the brush version, although you wont get that claimed 75 kilometers now, plus out of the box.

With the stock battery, you can expect to get 60ks. It would be nice if, for once, they were accurate on their speeds, because 15k theres quite a big difference from their claim 75 closing out plus and finally, for the last pro, i would say that this buggy is reasonably durable, now say reasonably, because we did break A few couple of things the wing mount at the rear is broken, nothing major, its still still still working, probably nothing that a bit of hot glue, cant fix and uh the one of the front axles has a bit of a bend in it and same with One of the rear axles has a little bit of a bender, nothing major. Of course the bay still runs. Fine and a good thing is because youve also got that one, two, four zero one, nine model, the exact same. You can change those parts as well. They work the same those spare parts, the difference being. Of course, this is the brushless version, so those are the pros its time to talk about the cons. The only cons for me are the lag between the throttle and what the car does, which is kind of frustrating, and also this car. I found spun out really easily so it is quite sensitive when it comes to the steering controls, but i think that might be to do with the diffs in this car. This is likely got nothing in there or maybe a little bit of grease.

It probably could do with a little bit of oil in the discs, and that might help with that spinning out issue. But what also might help is more practice from both of us, especially me, probably driver era. So, in conclusion, if youre looking for a budget friendly, rc buggy thats about 112 scale, then i reckon this is the perfect buggy for you. This brushless comes in at a reasonable price, and as of today, i will say that this is probably my favorite wrtoys rc for me personally, how about it? For you, oh thats, a tough question. Weve had so many, but i have to look at them um. I do like the one two four shes getting mixed up, the numbers. I think you mean the one: zero zero, four zero zero one, the the tenth scale yeah. I agree, thats also one of my favorites. So these those two would probably be two of my favorite wrtoys buggies but uh. If youve got the one, two four zero one, nine brush version and maybe youve done some upgrades – perhaps youve already put a brushless system in it. Then i would say you definitely dont need to go and upgrade yourself one of these, because youve already got a brushless version and its probably a better brushless system that you put on it yourself. But if youre looking for a second buggy uh to race with you know, maybe a friend or a family member, then this is a great choice to pick up for them or perhaps youre looking at buying that one two four zero one: nine and youre looking at Buying this one well im gon na tell you right now: go for the brushes version, theres more more speed in it.

It can do those jumps a lot better than the purple one, and so overall i would say this is a better choice for your money were going to be doing a comparison between this one and that purple buggy very soon. So, in order to not miss it make sure you subscribe, and we also just received another brand new buggy, and this is the eats 14. I think, eat it from machine. This is the brushless version, basically of that one. Four: four: zero zero one very similar and uh theres, another purple, buggy so im sure everyones, gon na love it and were gon na, be reviewing the next couple days as well and, as always, were gon na.