Yet just did that quick, uh overview and first look at it the other day. Now, if you look on the front here, one thing that i did miss in my unboxing overview was: this: does have a strip light of white leds up here in the top like a real you know, buggy would have so it’s pretty cool that they added that That’S one difference between this and the one: zero nine that buggy doesn’t have any light, so that might be enough difference between it and this one to make you decide to buy this one, but let’s see how it does, because my zero one, nine is not really Very fast and for everybody else’s for some reason, i don’t get the top end speed. So we’ll see how this one does, hopefully the other one. I just the light bulb, my one. Nine might not be very good or maybe um the brush motor is a little underpowered. I don’t know anyway. This has a 550 big brush motor that’s, pretty quick Applause yeah. I like this seems pretty quick. I mean i thought my one: zero nine was two until i got out and measured the speed, and it just was not as quick as what everybody else was getting. It is pulling a little to the right, so i need to uh trim the steering back here. You got your steering trim here, i’m, going to trim it back to the left a little bit so there’s high end top speed, which i like to run on my cars at yeah.

I mean this is about what you expect for a 550 motor on a 2s lipo it’s, pretty quick. Of course, you can go brushless on these, as a lot of people do just kind of pull them to the to the left, a little bit so i’m going to adjust it back a little more see if i can now it’s going to the left, although it’s Going to the right is what i meant let’s, take it across the street here and see how it does out here in the grass do a little off road, because this is not really meant to be just an on road car. It is pretty muddy out there. I know the sun glare, especially this time of year, the sun being really low in the sun angle. It really creates a lot of glare guys, so, if it’s hard to see at times it’s just the time of the year whoa rolled it over. This is gon na, be a little bit muddy out. Here too, we had a little bit of snow on the ground. I can see it’s getting pretty muddy right out here so i’m going to try to watch where i step. So i end up getting tons of mud and my sandals pull the buggy down. Yeah it’s got good power. Another option with something like this too, that i don’t usually mention is you don’t have to go brushless. If you want to upgrade, you could go with a uh, you know a higher um, a lower turn.

Excuse me brushed motor some of some of the ones that used to be your high end, uh motors back in the day where you could, you know, had replaceable brushes and you could go with something like that, so you might need to upgrade the brush dsc, but Uh those motors always did good for me years ago. Whenever you put those in cars, i never really had one go bad, you just replace the brushes, but this is just a often closed. You know it’s cheap motors, like you, would see in a power drill or something and uh. You know those brushes as they wear down there’s no replacement on those so that’s. One reason why the brushed motors do go bad over time and the fact that these are just you know low end mass produced motors but they’re still pretty darn good, especially now that we got lipos because on nickel cadmiums and nickel metal hydrides. You know those are uh, not uh. They don’t provide the punch. The lipo has Music, probably not going to mess with the speed test on this, though, might it would be some curiosity to see how it compares to my 19 um sure this is faster? I can’t remember offhand old age memory what i got on the top speed on the than 019. I just know it was considerably less than everybody else is getting. If you want to see some top speed, tests always be sure to check out some of my friends channels, david over at perth west os rc down there in in perth australia.

He does a ton of car videos and he does a lot of top speed tests and i’m positive. You know he did once for this and the other one and you’ll get some good speed readings from him and if you’re in the united states, he always includes the imperial speed. If you don’t want to uh, if you don’t want to mess with the kilometers per hour which the whole world uses, except for us in the us but uh, he has all the uh top speeds and he’s got one of these newer speed readers that has a Bluetooth little module and you can just connect to your phone it’s great um. I just bought that one i’ve been using so now. I don’t want to have to invest in another one, but what he’s got his butt is it’s great and donnie over big drone. Flyer. 77, he got that too, so they both have it. That works really really well, because you put it inside the car, it’s small and then you don’t have to pick the car up and try to read. You know find the reader, and maybe sometimes you put the readers underneath the uh, the body or something and you can’t locate it and he uh can just read it right off his phone, so that’s. What one of the things david’s known for is his speed. One of the many things that he does really well his whole channel is great, so be sure to check his out and check out donnie over at bigdronefire77 he’s over in davis.

California, donnie is, and he’s got a great channel as well. Also, my friend john coope john doesn’t put out as many videos anymore, but he still does put a lot of fpv uh he’s, really into the racing and freestyle drones and the whoops he’s not really into the cars too much. So if you’re into the drone stuff you subscribe to my channel for that reason, you know i’m doing a lot of everything rc now. But if you want to check out the woop stuff and the freestyle fpv you’re not going to find a better channel than john’s to find that stuff, all right, guys, i’m, just kind of running in circles here and blabbing, which nobody wants to hear. But yeah this car is great. I didn’t want to make a really crazy long, video with it, because we already kind of know what this does based off the 109 and the fact that there’s tons of videos on these cars already out there. So again, if you’re interested in this car i’ll clear a purchase link to the god, toys website who was kind enough to send this out to me for review so they’ve got it on their website. Um. Their pricing is pretty pretty uh competitive on the pricing um. I don’t know exactly when it comes to shipping. I can’t comment there, but yeah i’ll include a purchase link to this down below. So if you want to check the video description, you can check out that and make sure to if you’re new to the channel guys consider subscribing.

I appreciate every one of you subscribe to channel also don’t hesitate to give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Whatever you think of the video and uh comment, if you have any questions or any input or anything, you want to correct me on feel free, i don’t mind if i say something wrong.