I said i’d get a bigger one. This is the wl toys one two, oh four night, one, two one, two, four, oh one, eight speed and shock waiting for you to experience it use the batteries rightly refer to the catch. Your product, i love it, i love it anyway, you get the car, you get a remote, you get a book that says climbing car, you get a usb charger, you get a spanner wrench thing, whatever you want to call it, and obviously you get the car. Well, no i’ve already said about the car. You tony the remote comes without batteries. You need to put the batteries in, and the batteries battery’s going like that, and then the cover goes back on like that, and then you turn it on like that and the light flashes to take the canopy off, which is actually a bloody pain in the backside. Uh i have to use some. My fingers are too big. You lift the top up like that and the battery’s in there to get the battery out literally. You do that and you pull the battery out it’s a 2s 2200 milliamp yeah, 2s 2200 milliamp battery lasts about 15 20 minutes. However, longer whatever you you race it at dean’s connectors, i thought they went out with the ark. I really don’t know why, but anyway, that’s what it comes with. It comes with a brushed motor. Now my opinion on brushed motors is the crap, but i’m wrong they’ve come on a long long way.

They really have the power this thing’s got is unbelievable. It’S got it has actually got diffs front and back um oil shock suspension it’s for the price. I don’t know how the hell they are actually manufacturing that clock, that that rock clock that you know what i mean that rock climber that i had you could tell it was cheap. It was good to get going, it was. It was actually cheap, but this thing doesn’t show cheapness anywhere: it’s got oil filled, shocks, it’s got a foot, it’s got two diffs in it got a metal chassis which obviously is good and bad it’s got its bad points purely because metal, doesn’t bend, plastic does bend And it’ll bend back uh metal doesn’t but i’m not going to be using this. For that, that kind of thing i don’t go fast, because if i do i crash badly, as everybody knows anyway, the usb charger you plug that in there, and then you plug that in the usb port, simple, as that it takes about three years to charge it Via that, so get your own charger with these. What you have to do is turn this on just before you turn that on because it goes i don’t know if you can see. The light goes starts flashing like that and that’s basically in bind, i think, or it must be, and then you have to turn that on before that stops flashing, and then that will start flashing, but you can’t see it now.

Apparently this will run on 2s. Oh, oh bollocks. Apparently this will run on 2s or 3s, but i ain’t going to run it on 3s, not a chance. This is going to be just 2s i’m in the speed of it. The response of the thing it’s unrail anyway we’re going to go out and have a bit of fun i’ve, come out today to test that thing um i forgot the bonnet clips or the hood clips, whatever you call them so i don’t know what this is. Gon na go like, and also i forgot, my hat cam for me – gopro, so it’s going to be sitting there, so there ain’t going to be a lot of footage. Apart from me, racing past, hopefully past the gopro and not into it, looks like i’ve got to set the um trim up here goes: Music Applause, Music, Music, ah that’s. The initial test. This thing goes like absolute stink. It bloody shifts the motor it’s just warm speed. Controller is just warm it’s, not hot it’s, just warm, and that was about that was 15 minutes, there’s no damage on it, no damage whatsoever. It is a fantastic basic kit. I love it uh yeah, it will spins everywhere. It does burn out it’s pretty good, actually and that can be tripod. Oh dear it’s all broken and gone all floppy now i’m going home before i do any more destruction: uh i’m gon na. Try it off not off road next and see exactly what it will do off road that’ll, be fun link in the description, as always.