124 019. So it’s here it’s from wa toys, guys should drive 55 kilometers an hour it’s brush motor 2.4 gigahertz four wheel drive ready to ride let’s open the box, yes menu charger and the hex nut tool. So let’s get this thing out: Music, damn what a beauty guys can’t believe it look at this color style everywhere, metal bottom plate for a metal yeah in germany. We need to see each sign the lucky guys everywhere out there. So yeah shocks are working well, let’s. Make a test yeah! Oh it shocks, such a big difference, great and here’s. The transmitter wow looks super cool really fits very well, so here’s the on off switch and here’s the mode buttons. I don’t know what it is for guys. Please leave in the comments yeah. It feels super grippy, the steering wheel, yeah here’s, the throttle trim the steering, trim everything we need. It feels really good i’m. Very impressed really nice transmitter from wl toys feels so good in the hand, yes and that’s what’s, always interesting guys in the manual. So the upgrade parts or the spare parts, so you can get everything as soon as you can see, there’s so many parts – Music, yes and here’s. Our 550 huge brushed motor, brushed, esc, it’s, a yeah t block and a very nice and big servo silver horn. All from metal and adjustable and let’s take a look very nice really so it’s the battery step.

Huge huge lipo 2 is lipo, so there’s more space for some upgrades later i’ll be doing yeah. The metal shock, towers and uh looks over really great, so the esc is a 60 amp esc, so it should normally work without any problems to upgrade on 3s. Normally, yes and a huge 22 hundred milliamp 2s lipo. Very nice really looks good fits well to the car, so here are some metal parts i got before, and these are for the rear. I have so many metal upgrade parts i’ll be doing like uh. You know my w head toys, a979 we’re doing a lot guys. Let’S, take a deeper look Music, yes guys so now, it’s time for some speed run some speed check so, first on a stock tools, lipo and after that for sure three years you know i can’t let it on uh, two s normally so uh! Yes, we know uh, some people have problems with the ec. They are burning and get damaged after three is run, so we will see Music Music. Oh, did you hear that guys sounds so nice really so let’s see guys what our gps speed checker says: it’s about 46 kilometers, now whoa it’s, very nice! Really you say about 55, so it’s, okay and now on three is lipo speech, guys: Music, Music. Damn did you hear that so much faster on swedish anyway, guys it’s all on your own risk. You know many people have problems with the ec.

Get burned, let’s see what our gps speed. Checker says 58 kilometers an hour, wow it’s, really good, yeah and now it’s time for doing some little jumps to test it. Music yeah guys jumps great. What should i say, wow drives really good tires. Is super grippy it’s, a very cool day, Music, Music, so Music yeah guys hope you liked the video and had some fun. So please, like subscribe, leave a thumb up if you like too, and thank you so much for your support.