The goal really in my starting a channel is, i want to document the process in which i’m trying to get my son interested into rc’s. The ultimate goal would be to have him compete in robotic fighting competitions, but if he never makes it there at least we’ll have fun along the way and it’ll be a good way to bond with him. I figured this model would be a good starting point for him and that’s really how i want to take this review from the perspective of someone trying to teach a small child and how good this car is. It’S, really a beginner level. Car it’s, relatively cheap, has replacement parts available and the remote control has dual rates, which i think will really help him i’ve been waiting for a sale at banggood, but it keeps hovering around 129 dollars. For me, i’ve seen, other people include coupon codes in their reviews and sometimes coupon codes show up, but it doesn’t seem to work in my region. I live in california. I ended up finding it cheaper from a place in england called maker fire and they have an affiliate program, so i’ve signed up and i will include links below and that should help me out and also help you guys out, get a discount if you’re interested in Buying it too, a surprising benefit was that it actually shipped faster than i normally get stuff from banggood. I ordered it on july 28th and i actually received it about a week later.

The manufacturer date on the lipo battery was actually the 12th of january, so it was only made 16 days prior to my ordering it. So i think they have a pretty good supply chain. Well, that’s enough shameless advertising. For now we’re gon na go bash the cars. Why don’t you guys go bash like subscribe and bell? Okay, arthur you see this little knob here where it says. Well now that says: thdr that’s the throttle dual rate that allows you to go slow, so right now, it’s all the way to the slowest. So the full speed is only that fast, okay, okay after you get the feel for it and the slow mode we’ll put it in fast mode. Okay, all right go for it wait isn’t there medium mode, yeah that knob you control. It is that too slow drive around the stuff, see if you can control it. Do you go up the side of ramps. Don’T turn it to a faster mode. Why aren’t you wearing shoes because i’m, weird, okay, just checking? Okay, you really got ta, send it. I wan na see it flying that’s flying, i think, it’s time for high speed mode. There we go what’s better. Why don’t you give it more of a run up start on the driveway it’s too fast? No, you can do it. You can hit it. I got so fast, okay, take it down a little bit or don’t squeeze the trigger as hard nice already keep an eye on it.

It does. You have to press forward twice forward once is to break uh it’s. My turn i’m telling you it’s hard uh um uh i’m, making it look towards the jump. I think you should go a little slower, oh nope flipped over all right, so the battery fell out a couple times and jumps and got kind of dented there. So i think we’re gon na have to find a better, more secure way to mount it. Okay, arthur which car. Do you like better? Why you can change the speed? You change the speed. You change the speed on that one too, but only in two two modes right like fast and slow, is it more fun, yeah all right, here’s, the wl toys next to the traxxas mini e revo. This is one scale, and this is 1 16.. So this one is predominantly made out of plastic. This one has a lot of metal parts. I paid 250 plus tax for this in california, and i bought this one online from england. It was actually cheaper to buy from england than to get it from banggood. So i’ll put a link to that if anyone else wants to get in on that price. Overall, i had a lot of fun with this. I think it’s, a very good value for for its price. I prefer the mini e revo, but that’s more than double the price. I think it’s a very good beginner rc, as it has the the um, the dual rates that you can choose from a potentiometer, so my son had a easier time driving it all right.

Does it live up to its claims? Is it powerful check? Is it fierce check, z06 yeah sure z06s? Is there speed and shock it’s pretty speedy and the big one? Does it conquer the world and control the future? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Stop got it nice in the next video we broke, the buggy’s right front, axle carrier and we redesign it in fusion 360 to 3d print out.