Well, it just showed up in the mail. This here is. This: is a wl toys number one, two, four zero one! Nine, and not only do we have this – we also got this to put in there the easy run max eight and the easy run 4274, and also my three ecoboost servos showed up first time. I used them. Definitely try them out, see if they’re any good and then also i’ve got this thing here. This quick run fusion brushless system for a crawler. I don’t know which crawler to put it in yet whether the um trx 4 sport or the other crawler that started out as a red cat everest gen 7 pro. I haven’t really made my mind up on it. Yet hopefully you guys can help me figure it out, which one would you like it to see test it in and then guys point eight percent subscribe. I know you guys can do better than that 99.2 percent of you, aren’t subscribed it’s free, it’s, easy and it keeps you notified and up to date on all the content that’s coming up and we got some crazy stuff coming up. Not only this but i’ve got um an 8s build coming up too, and we got some racing coming up and we got some serious speed stuff that we’re doing um we’re going to get back to bashing here real soon. Launching those uh bashers up in the air. Breaking them, you know all the fun stuff.

So just let me know what you guys want to keep seeing and don’t forget subscribe, it’s free. So, unlike anybody else that has done a video on this particular car we’re not trying to set records we’re not trying to do it only on 3s we’re not trying to do it without mod 1 gearing we’re not trying to build this particular car to any spec. I’M building it for me to have fun, and hopefully maybe you guys will have fun watching it just to see how cheap of a car i can build. That does 100 miles per hour because right now to buy a 100 mile an hour car out of the box, the only one that i know that advertises it is the traxxas x01 and last time i checked, i do believe it’s 800 in between the box, the Esc and motor combo i’m, not even half that yet is it going to run 100 mile an hour after i put in the hobby wing, i don’t know but that’s what we’re here to do, build it and find out some gearing changes. This runs all the way up to 6s, so uh 2200 kv with enough gearing 6s. This small of a car i don’t, see. Why not? I mean the infraction runs 90 mile, an hour on 6s with the right gearing with no problem. So i think we can do it anyway. Let’S get to the unboxing all right, so these are for the armas i’m hoping they fit.

If not, somebody was nice enough on reddit to let me know that they make an adapter for a servo saver from the armas from the 20 23 tooth to a 25 tube, so i’m, going to definitely have to check that out, but in a box it’s uh Get a charger get a little plastic wheel, wrench in these boxes. Radio uh we’ll probably end up doing away with this and going with a dumbo rc uh this just it feels kind of cheap, but for the price of the car it is what it is and we get the car um open, diff open, diff. The only thing i do want to do, i can’t, i think there’s, our oil filled shocks um. The only thing i do want to do with this particular car is, i want to leave it stock drive train for as long as possible. Like i said, this is as cheap as possible of a build we aren’t trying to go all out if i wanted to go all out. I probably wouldn’t have even started with this platform, but it does come with a lipo which that’s cool. If you like, the these style of plugs little 3s lipo nope, i like 2s lipo, so i don’t use those plugs, but i’ll keep the battery completely brushed system. Uh, a five wire servo, uh, esc receiver, combo, so we’re gon na have to get rid of that because this is the esc that’s going in there.

This is the motor that’s going in there. So we’ll see how well it does, but there’s quick, unboxing, guys, it’s uh metal drive shafts. Even the center drive, shafts metal, uh, metal, shock towers, metal, coilovers, metal chassis and it looks like a really solid car for what it is for the price of it. Servo seems really smooth um, but i mean there. It is we’re. Definitely gon na have to put some droop screws in it lower way down. Uh pry, something like that. I i don’t know we’ll we’ll, get there guys i’m going to go ahead and run it. The way it is right now just to get a baseline speed test on it and then we’re going to run it until these tires come apart and then we’re going to change tires, because i know these won’t hold up to 100 miles per hour, all right guys. So clearly, i did not run a baseline test with the original powertrain in it. I got a little excited wanted to see what all i needed to start modifying this thing. As you can see, when we are quit arguing with this dremel we’ve converted to mod one and we’re running the hobby wing system, i feel like we’re getting real close uh. The only thing i’ve done is the mod one conversion and mount the motor, and i have this esc – that i’m trying to figure out how i want it to mount right now.

I don’t know if i want it right here. You know like that. Leave plenty of room right here for the servo or, if i want to mount it right here, but then i’ve got to get a new body for it. Um i’ve also and i’ve also got to figure out how to mount this servo in here. I’M. I’M. Not quite sure, yet something maybe like that. I i don’t know yet but it’s starting to come together and i’ve got these little 3s lipos that fit in here perfectly now. I don’t want to run these in series and make this 6s. I want to run these parallel to give it twice the milliamp, because right now it’s only at 1200 milliamp and i want to try these and see what it does. Speed wise. I don’t, i don’t, know it’s either gon na i love the same it’s, either gon na go or it’s, not so the gear mesh is set, the motor is mounted. I still need to put the esc. I wan na put it right here. It just makes sense and it keeps it low and that way i can find a way to mount the steering servo right here and then my batteries back here and the receiver either up here or down there i’m, not quite sure yet guys, but it’s coming along Uh, as you’ve seen before it hold on i’ll, show you that’s what came in it that’s, what we’re putting in it the max 10 sct uh, 120 amp, i mean guys.

This thing is a these hobby wing systems are awesome for the price of them. I mean they’re relatively cheap that’s, exactly what i have in it there. I think this esc motor combo was a hundred and forty nine dollars. The car was a hundred and thirteen dollars and the receiver i’m putting in there was forty dollars. You do the math that’s, not that expensive, for this fast of a car clear we haven’t ran it yet so i can’t say it’s going to be that fast.