. Today we have this new toy here. It’s, the WLtoys or Wei Li toys; 12402, A RC monster truck. From its packaging it’s pretty decent.. This car is scaled at 1 over 12. It’s, a four wheel drive. And it can goes up to 45 kilometer per hour, which is impressive for just 110 USD. Guess: we’ll have to check out later and see. Now, let’s unbox it and check out what’s inside Ok, We’Ve got a yellow car here.. It comes with a USB battery charger, a tyre changing tool, a manual which is written in English, so you guys can read it and also a 2.4Ghz standard, WLtoys gun type controller. The car itself is around 38 cm long 27cm, wide and 19cm tall. I would say its indeed quite big for its scale. It’S got a lexan shell, a cockpit with some details inside and a hard top cover.. Its tyres are soft Seems like it can crawl over some rocks, But let’s test that out later and see For its suspension. It has these independent suspension for all the wheels, But it does seem a bit bouncy since it’s. Just using these friction shocks. Well, let me give it a test. Well, I’d say these suspension are not too bad, but they could be better. What it has inside this car is a full size, servo with metal, pulling rod for proportional steering It has the 550 brushed motor and a metal radiator included. It also has a metal, driveshaft and metal wheel differential.

You see The ESC and receiver of this car is actually sealed inside this little black box. Here You can also see the antenna over here Ohh. It actually has a port ready here for you to plug in your own, LED to serve as the car’s headlight That’s. Pretty impressive Guess: I’ll do that later as well. The battery of this car is actually placed in a pretty strange location, It’s actually accesible only from the bottom of the car. So you have to lift the car and open it from here. You just pinch that thing and go and open the cover And yeah that’s the battery. For me, this location is really convenient, since I don’t have to open the car shell just to change the battery The stock battery of this car is actually a 2S 7.4V. 1500Mah Lithium Ion battery Now let’s get it charged before we go for our first run So I’d say this. Car in overall is pretty much worth its price.. It has enough power and its parts are good enough. It has metal parts. Just that its suspension will need an upgrade for better performance.. If you are interested to get one, you can check out the link in the description.. Do not forget to like this video share it and leave your comment. Below. Also subscribe and ring the bell to stay tuned for more RC videos.