Guy i went how fast it went. I think it went like 23 24 miles per hour, i’m, not sure, but uh really nice budget 112 scale. Um four wheel drive short course vehicle man and i thought about when we get it out here run i was kind of feeding it. I was kind of feeding um to run something so like get the w toys i’ll run that all right. We get that boy out run. There definitely get that boy out running then with a new camera set up, so you guys got ta forget anytime. You get used to this. The way i got my camera money, bring it on back this way. Yeah for the price, though guys you really can’t beat it 12 scale short course truck. Has a nice lights up front, you really can’t beat it guys quite quick too what a price, but let me get adjusted, give me one minute back yeah for the price of this thing, though guys you really can’t beat it. I thought i’d bring it out here for y’all, since it was kind of a windy day. I see this boy run if y’all like me, i like seeing these rc cars run. I love it right into the water right in the water. Well, guys, don’t know this. Thing’S got ta ride again. It flipped right over to the water, got all this crap up into it. Look at this junk, ah right into the freaking water that puddle over there, man, ah well we’re gon na, definitely see if we can take some water still running i’m surprised.

I mean this thing was submerged upside down in that puddle over there guys got all this hook up in it. Don’T want to hit it again after you hit it again, throwing the dogs running pretty good, though after the fact we just got dunked in a puddle. Oh man i’m not happy about that at all. Getting my car dunked in the water, all my electronics you’re running pretty good, though these bugs are bothering me get away from me. That thing could get going pretty good too, that wasn’t, even fourth out of there toys one two four two three second counter abuse today: oops, sorry guys, i didn’t see you there Music, you got ta, be aware of pedestrians, guys when you’re that would have been bad. You ought to be like throwing the dogs you’re wrong for that hitting people right there. Yes, he’s running pretty good, though he’s got drunken water, pretty good, all right guys. This is a quick run of this wl toys. One two four two three see she’s plenty durable. She just got dunked in water, took a couple big uh, bashes so and she’s still running so great budget vehicle, especially for a short clutch truck i’m, going to continue running this thing and enjoy it some more and my boy drove the dogs. Thanks for watching don’t.