Well, today, guys we got another good, unboxing and it’s another good unboxing of hopefully another good rc car. This one is the wl toys, one, two, four two three now i said i know it says xk right here, but it’s, the basically the w toys one, two, four, two three and it’s, actually the sister car of a very popular car that i know some of You a lot of you may know the wltoys one, two four two eight and i’m actually been kind of uh looking into picking this one up too, because this is a very popular car that’s been out for years now, a lot of people love it very, very Highly recommended, you know what i’m saying, but this one is just a short course version. Yet a short course version of this it’s, basically, the same chassis same build and everything, but just this has the short course body on it. This one has the uh led lights up top and all that and a different, the more like rugged frame. So this one looks pretty good and definitely interested in picking this up. This has a ton of great reviews on it um, but today it’s all about this guy it’s supposed to be 50 kilometers per hour, so 1.12 scale. I don’t know about that 50 kilometers per hour. You know what i’m saying wltoy is usually pretty close to what they claim, but not too sure about that, because this has only got a brush motor in it, but we’ll see what it does remote climbing over obstacles: king man.

This is my first short course vehicle in my arsenal. You know what i’m saying see: i’ve been getting my collection up, as you can see in the background never trying to get my rc collection up man, so i thought i might add a short course vehicle. In my arsenal, man, this is my first one and hopefully you know wf toys. They have not. Let me down yet so fingers crossed man. Hopefully, this should be another good one man without too much jabber jar man, we’re gon na get this guy out of the box, see what it’s all about. I have not got this guy out the box, yet i’ve been having it for a few days, but we had a good day. We had a good day yesterday, man, so i had to get that drone up. Man y’all see that ishii drone that i put it up in the air man little bug phone. That drone was awesome man, you know what i’m saying so see. Right away looks like we got our box with the transmitter in it. Let’S go ahead and take a look and see what we got in this box. Real, quick, take a look, let’s, take a look all right, basically like the same style transmitter that they’ve been having for a while man. You know nice phone grip on it, not too bad. I haven’t had any complaints. I believe it’s going to take four double a batteries: yup yup yup, four double a batteries so yeah.

This is the same transmitter that i believe that’s with my wl toys. One two. Four: zero one nine i haven’t had any problems with that. You got your throttle dual rates right here. You got your steering trim right here. I don’t know what this one two, four one, two three four button is but that’s on and off switch right here, not too bad man, nice remote, for what it is uh, so that’s. Basically, everything that’s in a little box was just the remote let’s see what else we get here. Pull this vehicle out man, because it’s looking pretty sweet, yeah it’s, actually bigger than i thought for a 12 scale vehicle, so yeah man look at that! Man looks pretty nice digging that already so, of course, here’s our instruction manual. You guys go over there that’s going to have all your parts it’s going to go over the truck and everything you need to know how to get it started. It’S going to give you a little brief parts list and an exploded view if anything should break and what you need to fix. It has a plastic tool there to change out your tires or, if anything, you have any problems, screwdriver right here and, of course, your charger man for your battery and it’s a balanced lead to usb so that’s cool hooked. It up man so i’ll get into that later, because i have plenty of chargers, especially them w toys, to look like.

We have some some ties there that we got to get out so i’m gon na have to switch over to my scissors switch over my these are the most handy dandy things to have. Oh boy scout knife, man, you know what i’m saying old swiss army joint. So now i got ta switch over to my scissors switch over and see if we can snip these guys up out of here with these little ones and not i’ll go get my big scissors. You know what i’m saying, because i don’t want to bore y’all we’re trying to get this stuff out. Give me a second. Let me go get my scissors all right, guys, we’re back so three, quick snips with my big boy scissors. Now we should be able to get this boy up out of here. Wow we go man so a little bouncy, not bad, though no oil fill shocks not like that. Okay, chuck looks good, though man so let’s take a look underneath let’s give you a quick, quick run around of it. Doesn’T have the plastic film over it gon na leave it on, though, for my first run. First couple runs kind of protect. That body, like i usually do but here’s a quick run around, look like we got some leds up front here, check that out nice looking little vehicle, though man for 12 scale. Look at that look like i have like the fake looking fans in the back.

The across is what it says: check that out man, nice looking little vehicle, so so yeah go ahead and check this boy out real quick. So we got four body pans up top to remove this body and i’m going to take a quick look underneath charge. This battery up battery up because i don’t want to bore y’all too much with the mumbo jumbo. So first of all, let’s look at this body. This body, shell, actually like it might hold up for a nice little minute for a few, runs. Look at that it’s. Nice shell check that out. So here is the vehicle, like, i said, it’s, basically the same chassis as the one two four two, eight man, but you got your 540 brush motor here you got these these kind of different shocks, it’s like almost like the traxxas e revo, or how they’re, like The inline shocks up front so it’s kind of using, like you know what i’m saying it’s kind of different it’s using this bar here to actually push in on the shocks. As you can see, it’s kind of a different design using this little bar here, so it’s kind of like the track to e revo design. You got your esc esc right here on and off switches. Where’S, the oh, the on off switch is actually underneath. I believe yeah on off switch is actually underneath right. Here got your battery back here: dean’s connector, so that’s, pretty nice look like that’s a lithium ion battery instead of a lipo – and i was right – you do got leds running to the front here: that’s, pretty cool that’s, pretty cool there so got the double wishbone front.

Suspension up front double wishbone front suspicion, so that’s, pretty cool um, solid, rear axle here’s that solid rear axle here underneath got a aluminum plate right here straight plate up front. So look at that man look at that yeah man! I actually got a sway bar right. There too, so that’s, pretty cool man, that’s, pretty cool let’s, see what this battery looks like. So you move the the pan right there that be able to get this battery out and we have 7.4 volt, 15 100 milliamp hour battery. You guys can see that there, so this is a lithium ion. Yet so we got to get us we’ll try to i’m going to lift the iron and we’ll, try it on the lipo battery as well man. But this is a pretty nice looking setup, to say the least man i’m kind of kind of surprised, this guy’s about 100 bucks off amazon. I will drop the link for you guys, of course, if you guys are interested but i’m actually ready to run this guy. So i’m gon na get this battery charged up. You know what i’m saying get the body back on get this battery charged up. Look at that man, that is a nice looking car guys if i can get the body shell lined up. That is a nice looking rod, so yeah i’ve got the battery charged up guys and we’re going to give this wl toys across aka the wltoys one.

Two four two three i’m gon na give this guy a run guys as soon as i get this battery charged up and we back i’ll catch. You guys outside all right, all right guys. So we got the car all charged up got my batteries in the remote i’m gon na go for a quick run of this wltoys one two four two three see if this guy’s any good. You already know how we do this we’re running on the street running on our gravel. Do a couple quick ramps and we’re gon na see how this boy run. Let’S, do this thing, so i got the on off switch underneath just turn that on probably should have touched on the first, so let’s see we got steering, trim throttle door rakes all that so there’s, no like speed or nothing like that. So this should just be all the way to the max oh yeah, she’s already bigger. Let me turn her up. A little bit hold on Music a little bit more Music Applause, anymore, Music, uh, Music, right, Music, a little straighter. Oh yeah, Music, oh Music! Oh right! There Music right here, Music, so i’m, curious to see how she performs on a lipo battery throws the box around real good. Though, look at that, though, real quick, Music monkey, Music, Music, Music, pretty good Music Applause, Music, don’t forget to like and subscribe because you got the next video. If you guys like this, let me know if this guy’s worth the 99 bucks.

You guys get a judge. Let me know, but as for right now, i’m gon na keep some more having some more fun i’m gon na ramp.