Rc cars. You can buy Music Applause Music. Oh, i landed welcome back guys, two five one nine. This is the wl toys, two here’s, some other models you can get. So we got that one. It is four wheel drive, it says: it’s waterproof, it is one small scale. It has two lights in the front, all right, let’s get out of the box. If you guys want to buy it. I’Ll have a link in the description down below so go check it out. I had this car before on the channel, but i never did a review on it. So i got ta say this is probably one of my favorite double toys. Well, this car is really flexible. Look at that the shocks are not oil filled but i’m. Pretty sure you could fill them up. We might do that in future videos, but just the car itself is amazing, dang, so there’s the motor right there. I believe it’s a 540 motor, so it’s a pretty good sized motor i’ll just bend this plastic back so here’s the manual book. You got a couple tools. You got a charger and here’s the remote nice thing about the manual. It also has all the parts everything you need to know about it, so that’s pretty cool. If you break any parts, just look it up order it really nice battery is included. You just need four double a batteries for the remote, so we’re gon na plug that in here’s the battery.

It runs a 7.4 1500 milliamp and it just goes right in here. So it says it’s a rock climber, but honestly i think it’s more of a rock racer, because it is pretty quick, all right so we’re gon na plug in the battery and do our first run. Music. Oh got ta fix the steering. Okay, nice thing about it: it has a throttle, trim so here’s on the lowest setting Applause that’s, pretty cool. Maybe if you want a rock climb Applause that’s, what you can use let’s, try it out not so much. Okay, now let’s go full throttle. Yeah Applause, easy Applause, Music – i got ta say i love this shirt. This thing i mean, even if you already have rc’s, this thing is just something to have around the house. It is bumpy let’s see if we could do some rock Music Applause, climbs Applause, Music, yeah, this one’s, so fun Applause yeah! You got to be careful on the turns because it will flip Music. Oh almost a backlit honestly guys. I find myself playing with these smaller, cheaper cars more than my big ones, because you know, if you wreck it it’s not that bad it’s, not expensive me play with the bigger cards a little different Applause. There we go. If you guys want this. I’Ll have a link down below see if we could jump off that cliff. Oh, i landed Music, okay guys so the battery just died on it uh.

I would probably recommend getting two battery because the battery didn’t last that long, but i love this thing. This thing, like i said, it’s, probably one of my favorite just all around cars it’s under 100 bucks and it’s, just a really really great little car to have all right time to read. You guys comments from the last video, which was the 11 unboxing. So let’s read the top five comments on that video. All right, guys. First comment by iconrz by the way guys go check out his channel. He makes some really cool car videos all right, my guy great review on this rc. This thing is fast. It is pretty quick. I was surprised myself all right next comment by our dash kingsman you are the best when it comes to reviewing rc cars and your footages just awesome keep up the good work. Man your channel is so underrated man. Thank you. I appreciate it for the nice comment. Man a lot of times when i make reviews, i forget a lot of stuff. You know before i make the video there’s so much stuff i want to say, but when it comes to filming, i just forget a lot of things, so i tried my best, but you know a lot of times like just cut out a bunch of stuff. So i appreciate the nice comment all right next coming got ta say i love that hat thanks man, great video man, a lot of the rc youtubers are underrated.

You guys make great content, never forget again guys thanks for the nice comment, and i agree, there’s a lot of youtubers small channels that are underrated a lot of times, there’s, maybe like two big channels that i watch rc channels. Most of them are just small channels that you know follow me from the very beginning, and i just keep watching them so there’s a lot of channels, rc channels that are just underrated. Alright, next comment by cinematic rc: i love this video. Keep it up thanks for sharing no problem. Man you’re welcome all right and the last comment: big and cool rc school. That thing looks so fun funny name, but it looks good great video. Do you know what the top speed is? Part list is really helpful for people like me that always break things and don’t know the part names uh. I don’t know the top speed, i think i’ll say it’s, probably like 15 miles per hour. It is pretty quick, uh and yeah it’s pretty nice that it has a partner. So all right guys thanks for watching this video.