Uh besides lock the rear, diff i’m gon na put that over besides lock the rear, diff front dips open and the reason i did that so it kind of dripped better. Another thing is, i put this rear dry shaft on here, because it’s a stock one. So the stock one here is made out of this. Really, you know weak plastic uh. Another thing is the little spring thing came off, so i kind of had to rebuild it using one of these actually use this one because the cv joint came off and every and this thing you know it just kept breaking so every time i drive it, you Know it’d always snap and always be a front wheel drive. So if you got one of these things, if you got one of these uh crappy draw shafts, i recommend you get this nice cv shaft. It holds up a lot better and put a little bit of lock tack on the screws, so it ain’t gon na come off. So so far it’s been holding up perfect. I got two of them because i’m, sick and tired of this problem. Another thing is there’s, not really any oil in the shocks uh these shocks yeah, if you’re trapping fluid in them there’s gon na leak out so maybe in the future – might be some better shocks in here. This thing does have plenty of power uh the tires have actually really good grip for you know a car like this as these inboard shocks at the front.

Oh yeah, this cb shaft over here out there you can’t, really see on the camera, but that one’s bent a little bit. I straightened it back out and but it’s still bent uh the motor. If we uh turn this wheel, that’s a 540 size motor uh, the transit over here only has a ‘0 size motor. So this thing does have a lot more power, as a transit has a little bit more torque because of the low range gearing i run. This battery on pretty much everything all right and this i run it in this. I run it in this, but you know for this one: you need an adapter, you can just cut it off and solder on the connector, so these batteries are perfect. We’Re going to put this thing in, and hopefully we’re going to drive it around so we’re fixing to plug this thing in Music all right. Another thing is guys if you do buy this battery, and you know you want to fit in here, because the stock battery some kind of 1500 milliamp hour with ion battery or something this is a 2s lipo 2200 milliamp hour. But if you do fit this battery here, you’re going to need to cut a little bit on the edge, because otherwise the wire is just going to get cut every time you crash and all that kind of stuff and speaking of crashing, this thing is so flexible. It is unreal, look look at look how flexible this is.

Like you know, you can jump this thing off the empire state building like three times high and it will not break well. You know the rear cv. Shaft will, but you know other than that. I hadn’t really broken anything on this, so we’re gon na plug this thing in it has lights. I’Ve never touched the front diff by the way you know i don’t really know what this mode one two three four Music button is, i don’t know i think it’s just a button. You could push by your board um, you got ta, throw us room or throw deal rights and you got steering trim and the steering is pretty fast. So let’s put this on the ground and drive Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. The good thing about this controller. Is you can actually drive one hand and it’s pretty comfortable? So i said before the reason i locked the rear. Diff is so i can actually drift it around a bit uh, oopsies, Music, so and it moves the carpet all right. So now we’re trying to do a hill climb test with the wl toys all right, so that made it so that’s not going to matter hey foreign, so Music, Music, uh, ah Music, Music. So, oh what why is it only front wheel drive what happened? What that is my second cv shift? How did i break that? Ah, you got ta be kidding me that’s, my second cb shaft. What is it literally, a piece of metal? Ah, all right so i’m gon na turn you off i’m gon na find the rest of the cb chef.

I found the cb shaft look at that from all the way over there to right here. Look at that that just broke it instantly ah come on now. At least this part’s fine, i mean this is the thing aluminum or whatever i think it’s aluminum, or maybe still i can’t remember, but how did it break a ding metal cv shaft? I thought the plastic monster crap, but it’s going to break this that’s. What drives so yeah that’s stupid, i mean at least at least you can still drive it when it’s a front wheel, drive, but it’s kind of annoying, so i’m gon na go put the spare in, because i said previously, i bought two of them so i’m gon Na put the second one in all right, so i’m gon na do a little bit better up close for you, but yep just completely snapped. Is it right here just completely snapped it right in half? Well, this part at least at least i got another one or just here. This is the other plastic one uh. You know i lost the other piece on the plastic ones, so you know i’m gon na put this in and if it does break then i don’t know all right. So this is gon na, be the nice new cb shafts, but seriously these things should be able to then hold up more. I mean these are stock electronics on the 2s lifeboat. These will be able to hold or hold a lot more than than stock little plastic ones, so i’m, a bit disappointed with this i mean two of them.

Both of these were, like i don’t, know, 12 or something so yeah. They do feel a lot better quality. So i’m gon na put this in and i’ll put you back on all right, so i got that new cv shaft back in and that looks really good, but i don’t know how long you know that thing’s gon na last. Also, if you look in there really close, looks like the bearing went bad in the differentials, so that could that might could have been a problem, but i don’t really think i think so all right. So sorry that was a bit of a short video, but you know when you got crappy draw chefs that don’t want to work, then yeah that’s, just all you got so hope. You like this video, if you did click all the buttons other youtubers say to click.