This is my only one four four. This is the one i use for on road speed runs and um. I decided today i’ll try the um off road challenge: that’s uh there’s, a grip on facebook, so i’ve got a 2s on this guys, it’s a stock 2s from wltoys. You know the one two, four zero one: nine zero one: eight uh 2s! Let me just show you it’s, just in there: okay, the 2s uh plug is just in there, so it’s a 2200 i’m going to try it on 2s. First, i believe, looking at the leaderboard so far, um the 2s fastest tourist is around 35 mile an hour, and i think in the 3s category 45 mile an hour so uh they’re they’re, the um there’s speeds that i’ve actually got a. I guess uh is a baseline, that i’ve got to see what this one can do now. I haven’t tried it before this is going to be the first time i’ve put a wheelie bar on the back bigger tires um. You can you’re allowed to do that um as long as you’re on a a field uh running off road, okay, so i’m gon na give it a go guys. I’Ve got it all set up. I’Ve just got my gps reader here and hopefully you can hear me. Okay, because i’m wearing a mask, so we have to wear masks outdoors, so uh we’re out of lockdown. Now so i’ve got 12 gps satellites locked on to my um skyrc bluetooth, gps, reader and uh we’ll.

Give it a go i’m just going to start a screen. Recording on this app all right, um and then let’s see what we can do here. So i’ll go to track press start now. This does cog, so i’m gon na have to give it a bit of a helping hand. There let’s see what it can do got my steering race turned right down. I’Ll bring it over this way, a bit because it’s going to rub on the body, otherwise that dog’s interested in it there’s a lot more dog walkers here today, so run 2s guys. This is in the 2sr category, looks like it’s going around over 30 mile an hour, but we only see when i bring it in. We get the gps reader uh status. Looking pretty stable, she’s running against that body, i got jake servos. Finally, guys uh, they came in the other day, so i finally fitted some decent servos, so let’s bring it in look pretty free at fast. Okay, let’s check the uh. My phone here i’ve got it in kilometers at the moment, 65 k’s an hour guys awesome. Hopefully, you can see that on the camera too, i’m gon na try to show on the camera, but i’ve got a screen recording there. Okay, let’s uh translate that to mile per hour, okay uh we’ll go to units and we’ll go to mile per hour for use guys in the usa, go to read 40 mile an hour, guys awesome so that’s.

My very first uh attempt at 2s guys 40 mile an hour awesome: okay, i’m, pretty happy with that i’m going to stop this speed. Uh screen, recording i’ll just show you guys that i’m, not you know, there’s! No trickery, i’m running the uh stock 2s. Out of the uh wltoys, you know the standard to us. You get with the uh with a wltoy zero one. Nine zero one, eight see there’s a 2s balance plug there right all right, guys, i’m, going to rip it around. On 3s now i’ve got a 2250 milliamp hour 3s, which enabled this car to do 109 on road. That was my pb on on the uh. On my you know, my favorite speed run road on road, but all right, so i will see what i can do on this grass, all right, guys, i’m gon na just end this video i’ll swap the batteries out and we’ll try the 3s speed run, but anyway, At the moment, i think i might have the uh the fastest so far recorded on on road. I believe it was 35 mile an hour, so that’s 40 mile an hour off to us pretty happy with that guys, that’s the pb and first run of the one. Four: four: zero: zero one on uh 2s off road. Okay, guys i’ve got my 3s in there just want to show you guys, 3s balance plug. Can i just fit this one in here? Actually, the velcro straps that i got here i’ve just had to knot it up so hopefully it’s in there pretty tight, all right guys so uh my receiver got a bit loose here, but it doesn’t matter all right, so i’m gon na give it a go now On this and we’ll see what we can get on uh 3s 65 on 2s we’ll see what we can get on 3s, alright, so i’m, just going to pop the the shell on it’s a really tight fit.

This is off a zillihong buggy that i had a a few years ago and it’s very similar to the 144 uh canopy except it’s taller, so it fits perfectly on this car all right guys, i’ll be with you in a sec. I just wanted to show you that i’m running a 3s on this uh pass. Okay, guys i’ve got it powered on we’ll, go for the 3s speed run now and i’ll start another screen. Recording okay, that’s started go to track start now. This cogs quite a bit as you can see so needs a helping hand so head out this way. First now, i’ve got a wide. Ah i’ve turned the dual rates right down, so i don’t want to catch the body you can hear it catching. The body already looks like it’s slowing right down all right, so maybe that lipo the sword was fully charged. I’Ve got another lipo here that i can use, so maybe that wasn’t fully charged swore it was, but maybe i maybe i yeah my fault, maybe so i think that’s going to be a good pass at all, looks like that went totally flat, yeah, so obviously didn’t Charge it when i thought i did this are i got some uh smaller 3s packs in my lipo bag there so call that one a test run all right so anyway, i should have checked it with my lipo checker. I just didn’t because i uh i assumed it was fully charged.

Okay, let’s see what i got anyway. Stop read 63 k’s an hour, so a couple of k’s less than uh my 2s run okay, well, uh i’ll um put my other lipo on it and we’ll give it a wrap on that guys. Well, out of curiosity, i wanted to see what the charge was. Uh in this lipo – and i was right – i did charge it up, um, so it’s at 84, as you can see here, if i cycle through the cells i’ll go to total it’s at 80 percent, now right so um what it is guys, i think the esc Itself, basically, as you can see, it does light up the receiver and that – and there is a red light on, but it doesn’t do that musical tune. You know when you turn it on so turn it off turn it on and it doesn’t do that. You know that the esc’s usually do so running without a fancy uh, i think the bigger tyres on that run, cooked it so um it doesn’t smell burnt, though that’s a funny thing, but this this heatsink was pretty it’s warm it’s cooled down now, but it was Pretty hot to touch a couple of minutes ago, so i think that’s it. I think that’s my day done, i think the esc, the 60 amp esc failed i’m, not too worried about that, because i’ve got 120 amp ones on the way. This was fun regardless uh.

You know this speed run. I did get uh what was it 65 k’s out of uh or 40 mile an hour out of um 2s, and it got pretty much the same on that 3s run so i’ll. Let it cool down a little a little bit more, but i think it’s. I think the esc’s gone guys all right. So thanks for watching and i’ll catch you on the next one guys so um yeah, if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe. Like comment, all that good stuff i’ll be posting this in the wl toys um off road speed challenge group. So if you guys are interested in that one, just look it up on facebook and uh. Do some off road speed runs on these uh sports fields? It’S a lot of fun so uh thanks for watching guys, i’ll catch you on the next one.