Rc got the little review for you today, like i promise it’s the wl toys, one four, four: zero: zero one. You actually got that right. I’Ve had this buggy. For a couple of weeks now, um it’s held up great uh. The only little hiccup i had was thanks to my brother uh, the very first run he decided to crash head on into it did a little bit of damage to it, but i’ve still been running it with the damage, and it has been great guys so i’ll Show you what it’s all about this is it here check it out, Music, all right, so it’s, the 114 scale, little mini buggy as i like to call it um. It comes with everything you need to run, except for batteries in your controller is normal. You need four double a’s for that now it does come. With this standard battery. I paid a little bit extra to get the lipo battery, which is this one here. What is it it’s? Only a 1 500 milliamp. It goes quite good, but these these ones here guys you can just throw these away. These are crap. You get full power for about 30 seconds, maybe a minute, and then after that you just lose that full power. So i throw these away. They crap i’ve ordered these ones. These are the 1500 milliamp 3570c. I run this in the little mini buggy and i also run it in the wl toys boat as well.

Now this guy’s this has that has the 550 motor in it. Now, the the across rock crawler that has a 540 motor in it. This one has a 550 in it that’s 112 scale. This is 114 scale. This is got the bigger motor in it guys. This thing is just awesome: has full metal shocks, aluminium shock towers has metal turnbuckles in the middle, but with the plastic cups at the end, has a steel um dog bones front and back has an aluminium shaft in the middle um has the brush spray controller and Receiver, all in one, has everything needed ready to run and, as i said earlier guys, my brother did crash into this straight off the thing and all we did was bend this a bit, so he bent it back put some hot glue, so it holds up quite Nicely and we’ve been bashing, this around we’ve been going for it and it absolutely loves it now. I’Ve watched quite a few youtube videos and it says how the shocks um are overfilled i pulled mine apart. I had no troubles at all with mine. Mine were perfect, but you can see it’s a little bit there. You can probably put some bigger shock oil in there if you want to be thicker stuff, but it seems to work. Great it’s got the tyres on it. These are a five mil bolt here, guys, not your normal. Seven mil it’s got a 12mm hex for the five mil bolt so that catches out a lot of people, because if your normal ones, i just got a five mil uh seven mil hole there.

This one only has the five, so you can’t go putting bigger tyres on there, because the diameter is quite smaller, but these tyres i’ve been running these for a couple of weeks now about two weeks and because they’re quite soft, i thought that i’d easily shred these Tyres but they’ve held up quite well. I need tiny little bit of wear on them now we need to talk about the diffs watched a lot of videos, and this is how the diffs have no oil grease in them. I pulled mine apart and they didn’t guys. I had very minimal grease in there, so i pulled them. Apart, put new grease in there i put in five thousand wizard or 60 cc d foils. I put this front end back and it seems to be running great it’s a lot smoother you can. Actually, you can start to hear it. I was running it without him at the start and you can actually hear the bit of the grind. So i’ve done all that and it runs like a tree. I absolutely love it for the 114th 114th scale. This thing is just it’s, so quick, my brother hates this thing. It goes wicked down. The track goes good on the grass does. Everything’S got quite quite good clearance too, for a little buggy let’s stick my whole hand in there still a bit to go. So i quite enjoy that so i’ve got the rams here, i’m, just going to do with a few jumps now for you to show you guys how this goes and then um yeah all right.

I hope you enjoyed all right. It’S all powered up check the speed of this servo guys. That is just crazy. I love that. Let me see for power Applause that was so close. This is my fat boy. Well, it’s, pretty windy outside um. I was gon na. Do some jumps out there it’s pretty windy, so i thought i’ll just come in here: got the puppies and just show you guys: Applause, okay, sorry guys, but i’m gon na have to leave it there it’s too windy to do anything outside. I just can’t film out there there’s not enough room here in the little carport here to do anything. So what i’m gon na do is tomorrow, i’m gon na take it out down the oval. Do some jump still full speed run that so you guys see how quick it is in that so i’ll an upload, a video for that tomorrow. Hopefully the wind’s a bit bit a lot less than what it is now. So all right, don’t forget like subscribe and look out for that video tomorrow.